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Jonathan Cook



Jonathan Cook is a British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel whose articles on the Middle East have been regularly published in international newspapers, English-language Arab publications and specialist magazines since 2001. The Guardian, The Observer and The Times (London) The International Herald Tribune and Le Monde diplomatique (Paris) Al-Ahram Weekly (Cairo) Al-Jazeera English language website (Doha) The Daily Star (Beirut) The Middle East Report and Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (Washington) Przekroj (Warsaw) The Irish Times (Dublin) Electronic Intifada Counterpunch His first book, entitled 'Blood and Religion: The Unmasking of the Jewish and Democratic State', is published by Pluto Press in Britain in April and in the United States in July 2006. It concerns Israel's treatment of its Palestinian citizens during the second intifada, and the real reasons for the policies of territorial separation evident in the Gaza disengagement and the building of the West Bank wall. It argues that, threatened by predictions that the combined Palestinian population inside Israel and the Occupied Territories will soon outnumber the region's Jews, Israel decided to create an expanded fortress state, where only Jewish blood and Jewish religion count. To find out more about the book click here.

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01/31/2011 10:15:51Can the Palestinian Authority survive? 'Our leaders are negotiating the terms of our imprisonment'
10/31/2010 17:47:57Protest met with rubber bullets - Israeli police shoot ‘hated’ Arab legislator in back
10/19/2010 08:54:31Israeli police look to settlers to fill ranks First army, now police set for takeover
10/10/2010 23:51:38Lieberman speaks for all of Israel The dangers of ‘recognition’
10/01/2010 04:05:29Israel’s reasoning against peace Deal comes at high cost to Jewish privilege
09/01/2010 05:48:47Bedouin land fight Claim for native title threatens Jewish state
08/25/2010 05:02:48Israelis risk jail to smuggle Palestinians 600 sign up for campaign of disobedience
08/24/2010 05:44:55The secrets in Israel’s archives Evidence of ethnic cleansing kept under lock and key
08/24/2010 04:45:53No room for Arab students at Israeli universities - New rules favour former soldiers
08/12/2010 21:46:47US arms ‘bonanza’ in Middle East Israel and Saudis to buy advanced war planes
08/08/2010 17:46:28 > Suspected torturer gets key police job in Jerusalem > > Doron Zahavi accused of running Israel’s Abu Ghraib
08/08/2010 17:34:12Israel plans mass forced removals of Bedouin Negev village torn down for second time
08/06/2010 06:11:40Revered rabbi preaches slaughter of gentile babies - Settlers step up ‘price-tag’ policy
08/06/2010 04:46:17Israel’s secret police exposed - Settlers wage vendetta on Shin Bet
08/06/2010 04:30:49Israeli police outraged as impunity ends - Officer gets 30 months for killing Arab driver
08/06/2010 02:48:08One-state debate explodes myth about the Zionist left - Is the Israeli right a more credible peacemaker?
08/06/2010 02:17:36Netanyahu: I deceived US to destroy Oslo accords - Damaging video released
08/05/2010 06:14:40Israel stops listening to its judges - Palestinians suffer as courts’ authority hits all-time low
08/04/2010 16:35:42Israel's new 'video game' executions - Soldiers kill by remote control
08/04/2010 16:15:39Witch-hunt begins in Israeli schools and colleges - Minister to punish boycott supporters
07/02/2010 02:35:24Jerusalem politicians face expulsion Israel creating loyalty test, warn lawyers
06/30/2010 04:42:43Lieberman’s ‘peace’ plan: Strip Palestinians of citizenship - Blueprint requires pure Jewish state
06/27/2010 05:53:05‘Let them eat coriander!’ Blockade ‘eased’ as Gaza starves more slowly
06/14/2010 05:01:12Israel plans second dig in ancient Muslim graveyard Museum of Tolerance: Round Two
06/11/2010 05:14:48The moral failure of American liberals - A defence of Helen Thomas
06/10/2010 04:23:54Israel’s cult of victimhood - ‘Barefoot’ soldiers on the high seas
06/08/2010 16:13:32Israeli MP who joined flotilla faces witchhunt - Officials try to strip Haneen Zoubi of citizenship
06/04/2010 05:09:14‘Mad dog’ diplomacy - A cornered Israel is baring its teeth
06/01/2010 20:46:58Plan was to kill activists and deter future convoys
05/30/2010 20:23:35Israeli public sector's door closed to Arab workers - Affirmative action promises ignored
05/30/2010 18:27:21Israeli human rights activist: I was tortured Lawyers says spying confession inadmissable
05/15/2010 09:12:42US funds Israel’s apartheid roads plan - Settlers benefit from Israeli-only routes
05/15/2010 07:39:21Shin Bet arrests leader of boycott movement
04/27/2010 05:11:04Israel’s big and small apartheids - The meaning of a Jewish state
04/21/2010 05:22:59New York airport ‘blind’ to El Al racial profiling - Brothers win damages for abusive checks
04/16/2010 04:24:54Did banned media report foretell of Gaza war crimes? Publish investigation, Israeli MP demands
04/14/2010 05:27:13Mossad operation threatened against reporter Whistleblowing Israeli journalist treated as fugitive felon
04/10/2010 04:41:50The dark underbelly of Israel’s security state Anat Kamm: Spy or whistleblower?
04/07/2010 05:38:11Why there are no ‘Israelis’ in the Jewish state Citizens classed as Jewish or Arab nationals
03/31/2010 04:37:05Israel unveils 'green' strategy to defeat enemies Plan to make oil redundant in a decade
03/28/2010 14:45:52Israeli restaurant under fire for barring soldier Breaking of taboo splits mixed city
03/26/2010 06:07:39Israel’s provocation at al-Aqsa Rabbi plans ‘miracle’ at the Western Wall
03/25/2010 05:45:58The Jerusalem compromise - Obama still has no stomach to take on Israel
03/23/2010 05:40:39Israel’s ‘No renting to Arabs’ policy - Jewish couple lose court battle to help Bedouin friends
03/10/2010 23:08:43Rachel Corrie family finally puts Israel in dock. Court hears how army bulldozer killed peace activist
03/10/2010 22:51:26Is Europe planning seal of approval for Israeli settlers? Israel set to join club of richest nations
02/28/2010 20:11:36Do you have to be Jewish to report on Israel for the New York Times? Ethan Bronner and conflicts of interest
02/25/2010 05:58:25 The new McCarthyism in Israel - Human rights groups face crackdown
02/21/2010 18:59:20Arabs of Jaffa face settlers as neighbours
02/20/2010 13:37:08Israel’s war on protest - Army used to deport activists against the Wall
02/11/2010 06:15:05High price tag for settlers' eviction Jerusalem mayor to raze 200 Palestinian homes
02/04/2010 06:15:19Arab politicians face tide of ‘persecution’ in Israel Laws set to criminalise dissent
01/31/2010 17:11:47‘Lost tribe’ on fast track to Israel - Settlers seek to recruit Indian immigrants
01/31/2010 15:46:27Israel creates first ‘army-owned’ university - West Bank campus plans to double in size
01/18/2010 06:58:58Israel's new rocket defence system - The screw turns tighter still on Gaza
12/09/2009 06:56:18Israel’s Bedouin denied right to elections Law allows Jewish officials to rule local council indefinitely
11/27/2009 08:47:36Campus Watch copycats close in on Israeli professors > > Right hopes to silence boycott call from academics
11/27/2009 07:54:03A Comparative Review Of Flat Earth News And Newspeak
11/27/2009 07:48:46Tribute to Kahane planned by Israeli legislators Rabbi’s followers ‘terror cell in parliament’
11/23/2009 22:57:26Have Israeli spies infiltrated international airports? South Africa deports airline official after investigation
10/22/2009 05:46:55Israeli police don Arab disguise - army method to be used inside Israel
10/10/2009 07:27:02Israel mulls banning Islamic Movement - Leader accused of inciting ‘holy war’
10/01/2009 10:27:46Israel’s Palestinian soldiers - Army offers false promise of integration
10/01/2009 09:15:38Gaza peace protester is prisoner in own home - Lawyers denounce Israeli police crackdown
09/26/2009 20:45:56Israel’s fear of Jewish girls dating Arabs - Team of pyschologists to ‘rescue’ women
09/22/2009 10:31:56Boycott derails Jerusalem’s transit system - Rail firm pays price for link to settlements
09/17/2009 06:42:43How US tax breaks fund Israeli settlers - Peace group targets settlements' charitable status
09/11/2009 04:51:17Israel blocks money to Gaza’s disabled - Injured workers denied benefit payments
08/28/2009 06:22:11Israel turns up the heat to evict Bedouin from desert lands - Army’s West Bank tactics imported to Negev
08/28/2009 05:38:04The long struggle to reclaim Beersheva’s Great Mosque - Israel denies access to dozens of Palestinian holy places
08/24/2009 05:43:43Drones and Democracy in Afghanistan
08/24/2009 05:38:34The first Israeli Jew in Fatah’s parliament - Uri Davis says ANC should be model for Palestinians
08/18/2009 04:24:09US turns blind eye to Israel's new separation policy - Israel welcomes American Jewish settlers, bars Palestinian-Americans
08/17/2009 05:10:30Israel begins sell-off of refugees’ land - Privatisation to subvert Palestinian hopes of restitution
08/10/2009 09:00:34Israel’s school apartheid highlighted by court case - Arab family sue Jewish mum over ‘racist incitement’
08/07/2009 07:57:19Israeli rabbis ban marriage for Jewish ‘untouchables’ - 350,000 immigrants classed as ‘without religion’
08/07/2009 07:21:53Israel seeks ways to silence human rights groups - First goal is to stop Gaza war crimes revelations
08/03/2009 16:20:05Arab pupils expected to learn Zionist song
08/03/2009 05:21:10The reality of Israel’s ‘open’ Jerusalem - Ghettoes, demolitions and housing shortages
08/03/2009 05:04:29Twitterers paid to spread Israeli propaganda Internet warfare team unveiled
08/01/2009 10:15:36Israel’s plan to wipe Arabic names off the map - New battlefront over road signs
07/31/2009 23:10:42Israel offers Palestinians day shoppers, not statehood - Jenin’s model of ‘economic peace’
07/22/2009 10:14:38The two-state solution, Israeli-style - Charity, checkpoints and client rulers
07/02/2009 05:44:50Israeli doctors colluding in torture
06/27/2009 07:59:37Israeli firms accused of profiting from the Holocaust - Families battle in court to reclaim assets
06/20/2009 06:16:02Dedication site built from razed Palestinian homes
06/20/2009 05:36:23Beating and torturing children
06/04/2009 04:36:57How the media annexed East Jerusalem
05/21/2009 09:27:25Netanyahu adviser moves out of the shadows - US forced to rehabilitate former spy Uzi Arad
05/18/2009 20:59:02How many secret prisons does Israel have? UN torture watchdog demands access
05/14/2009 20:36:48Pope’s ‘pilgrimage’ mired in politics
04/11/2009 06:25:29Israel’s Arab students cross to Jordan - Academic hurdles block access to universities
04/06/2009 12:50:59Israel Railways accused of racism over sacked Arab guards - ‘Hebrew labour’ principle lives on
04/04/2009 09:40:33Slow demise of Israel’s great survivor - Olmert will be remembered for little but scandal
04/02/2009 05:47:38Remembering Land Day - Palestinians honour dead from 1976 clashes with Israeli army
03/26/2009 07:13:29Ottoman archives show land deeds forged
03/20/2009 06:01:30Bedouin baby’s power struggle with Israel
03/11/2009 11:59:32Group highlights ‘memoricide’ in West Bank
02/28/2009 11:11:41Officials claim unelected former general “running the country”
02/27/2009 06:53:33Arab parties faces most hostile Knesset in history
02/10/2009 11:29:32Israeli university welcomes ‘war crimes’ colonel - Attacks on Gaza civilians sanctioned by military lawyer
02/05/2009 21:14:54Religious extremists' rapid rise through the ranks
01/22/2009 00:03:06Israel’s doctrine of destruction - Bombs to ‘send Gaza back decades’
01/17/2009 11:35:29The plot against Gaza - From diet to shoah
01/17/2009 08:38:17Israeli assault injures 1.5 million Gazans
01/15/2009 20:06:56Left claims ban is ‘patriotic’
01/14/2009 23:29:05Is Gaza a testing ground for experimental weapons?
01/12/2009 16:07:54Blueprint for Gaza attack was long planned
01/11/2009 08:50:50We are very violent', says Israeli commander
01/09/2009 06:44:05Israel’s aim: To make the Gazan prison even more secure
01/04/2009 09:45:58The real goal of the slaughter in Gaza — Hamas cannot be defeated, so it must be brought to heel
12/30/2008 17:29:44Israeli electioneering with bombs - Livni and Barak pin their hopes on Gaza rampage
12/21/2008 17:36:09Arab town blamed for Jewish Pride march’s cancellation - Peace groups angry at police slur
12/08/2008 07:01:35Hebron settlers take their fight into Israel - Far-right plans march into Arab town
12/07/2008 21:00:49Jewish ‘refugee’ lobby seeks to eclipse Palestinian losses
11/27/2008 06:54:42Noise but no action from US over family’s eviction
11/23/2008 22:37:12The real goal of Israel’s blockade
11/17/2008 11:36:48Israel tightens chokehold on village of entrepreneurs
11/06/2008 07:57:10Travesty of tolerance on display - Museum lays waste to ancient Muslim cemetery
10/27/2008 14:43:46Israel’s ‘city of coexistence’ shows its true colours
10/26/2008 09:46:56Israeli best seller breaks national taboo - Israeli academic and historian says Jewish Nation myth
10/21/2008 11:15:20Archaeology becomes a curse for Jerusalem's Palestinians
10/01/2008 09:56:56Jaffa’s ‘renewal’ aims at expulsion of Palestinians
09/29/2008 09:04:47Israel's dark arts of ensnaring collaborators
09/14/2008 11:35:48Palestinian village faces army reign of terror
09/04/2008 16:22:48Israel's outposts seal death of Palestinian state
08/17/2008 14:23:08Palestinians face home demolitions spree by Israel
05/18/2008 14:16:48Nakba March
01/04/2008 22:45:44Evidence of Israeli 'cowardly blending' comes to light
09/27/2007 23:24:15Why did Israel attack Syria?
08/16/2007 23:41:57lebanon War Anniversary
08/03/2007 21:22:50Israel’s Jewish problem in Tehran - So why hasn’t Iran started by wiping its own Jews off the map?
07/23/2007 13:55:40The Saker interviews Jonathan Cook
06/27/2007 13:10:19Divide and rule, Israeli-style - Can the Arab world be turned into Gaza’s jailers?
06/06/2007 09:21:01Defending Israel from democracy - The Shin Bet and the persecution of Azmi Bishara
03/14/2007 10:22:19Olmert’s testimony reveals the real goal of the war in Lebanon
01/19/2007 12:30:36Lieberman and The Ethnic Cleansing of Israel
01/09/2007 17:43:36Israel’s purging of Palestinian Christians
12/19/2006 13:46:12End of the strongmen - Do America and Israel want the Middle East engulfed by civil war?


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