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Ernest Partridge



Ernest Partridge, Ph.D, Lecturer-Consultant, Environmental and Applied Ethics. He is the co-Editor of the Crisis Papers and The Gadfly. He also blogs here.

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Ernest Partridge
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09/24/2010 05:56:17Fruit Flies in a Bottle
08/06/2010 04:56:01Property Rights and Public Accommodations
05/20/2010 05:48:10If It's Good For General Motors, Is It Good For The Rest Of Us?
05/08/2010 16:42:16Nolo Contendere
04/07/2010 07:30:41Morality as a Plus-Sum Game - Why Libertarianism Fails as a Social Policy
03/26/2010 06:08:52Stewart Lee Udall -- 1920-2010. A Personal Memoir.
03/07/2010 12:23:27Ayn Rand's Excellent Proposal
01/08/2010 13:42:35A Convenient Delusion
04/20/2009 00:33:00On Behalf of the "Tea Bag Brigades:" A Proposal
04/04/2009 09:42:15The Left
03/04/2009 21:47:39Take the Money and Run
01/09/2009 06:51:19A Battle is Won, but the War Continues
12/20/2008 17:06:15Theory vs. Reality: Why Market Absolutism Fails
12/07/2008 21:44:35Act Two: The Struggle Continues
11/27/2008 06:29:41Why Liberals are Not Libertarians
11/14/2008 11:50:15A Man for the Season
11/02/2008 13:50:28Election 2008: Who Decides? The People or the Programmers?
11/02/2008 08:54:17“Country First?” – The Question of Loyalty
10/27/2008 11:45:38The Road to Catastrophe
10/26/2008 07:27:23Can the GOP Steal The Election Again? You Betcha!
09/15/2008 09:22:34OmiGawd, Not Another Cold War! - A Letter to My Friends in Russia
08/18/2008 08:47:28The Fix is In – Again!
08/17/2008 15:40:50The Outsourcing Tragedy
08/14/2008 03:17:01Evil as the Absence of Empathy
06/27/2008 18:15:19That’s Just Your Opinion
06/18/2008 22:44:07Reverse Henry-Fordism
06/07/2008 22:00:35A New Day Dawning
05/17/2008 09:56:20Some Unsolicited Advice for Barack Obama
05/09/2008 23:01:12Pity the Poor Mainstream Media!
02/03/2008 00:08:44The Gulag Comes to America - The Don Siegelman Case


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