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Katherine Hughes



Katherine Hughes was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland in the 1960s. She left Scotland in 1976 and had a wide variety of travel, educational, and work experiences before discovering clay in mid-life. She has lived in Syracuse, New York, since 1988 with her American husband whom she met at a Quaker study and retreat center in Birmingham, England.

She has a degree in Psychology and Religion (B.A. Syracuse University, 1991) and is currently studying for a BFA in Ceramics at Syracuse University. She has felt passionately about the defense of civil liberties since the age of fourteen when she saw a documentary of the Allies going into the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.

Over the last thirty years she has read hundreds of first hand accounts of 1930/40s Europe in an effort to gain understanding of how ordinary people could let something like this happen. This concern prompted her to respond to a call from the ACLU for court watchers at the trial of Dr. Rafil Dhafir. Dhafir is a man of Muslim faith and Iraqi descent and was held without bail for 19 months prior to his trial. On the day of his arrest Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that

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