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Peter Chamberlin



Peter Chamberlin is an op-ed writer for the Herald-Dispatch newspaper in Huntington, WV. He has been actively opposing all non-defensive war most of his life. Peter's first petition (as a teenager) was a success in his local community, raising several hundred signatures protesting Nixon's scapegoating of Lt. Calley for the My Lai incident. He has been very active since 1982 writing letters to newspapers and magazines, as well as recalcitrant national leaders, speaking-out against war, nuclear war, and the impending violent collapse of the Western empire (that is now at hand). Chamberlin has had several hundred letter-to-editors printed in this time.

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Peter Chamberlin
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11/28/2010 11:43:49The Perfect Division of Pakistani Society
11/21/2010 18:40:03NATO/Russian “Strategic Concept” Hinges On Russian Designs In Georgia
10/27/2010 08:03:17Amerikan Perestroika
08/21/2010 15:55:41The Dominoes of Balochistan
08/06/2010 06:21:35When Limited Warfare Strategy Seems Like Treason
08/06/2010 05:14:01Dangerous Conspiracy Theories
08/06/2010 03:10:43The National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council - Rehabilitation... Whether You Like it or Not
06/18/2010 04:50:17Outside Agitation In Kyrgyzstan
06/05/2010 20:20:34Shaitan Is Smiling In Balochistan
05/30/2010 19:45:49Obama Trying To Make Rape Look Like Seduction
04/11/2010 05:47:18The Pipeline to Peace
03/25/2010 05:47:52America’s “Islamists” Go Where Oilmen Fear to Tread
03/10/2010 23:05:55Arresting Taliban To Cover America’s Ass
01/31/2010 16:41:56 What Is the Purpose of the London Conference on Afghanistan?
01/24/2010 09:06:27General Gambit
01/12/2010 08:54:36Image of the Beast
12/25/2009 14:54:07Fighting for the Family of Man
12/25/2009 13:25:56Committing Treason for a Piece of the Pie
12/02/2009 06:41:35Our Lie-Based Reality
11/28/2009 08:31:45Before Obama Escalates the Afghan War, He Must Tell Us Who We Are Fighting
11/15/2009 22:39:27American Jihad in Pakistan
10/17/2009 14:42:56Godmen and the Sheeple
09/09/2009 05:25:37The Myth of Inevitability - Using Our Emotions Against Us
08/28/2009 06:03:06Weaponizing Psychology - Treating People Like Dogs
08/19/2009 05:14:17Are We Really Cattle?
08/03/2009 18:28:43Putting-Off the Moment of Truth in Pakistan
08/03/2009 04:15:45Human Nature Is the Enemy of the State
05/21/2009 08:54:42The American War on Wana
04/13/2009 05:49:31Paramilitary Pretense, Who Controls the Predators?
04/02/2009 05:20:20Dissecting the Anti-Pakistan Psyop
03/17/2009 07:54:13Message to the Future
03/11/2009 11:51:59China is the Key to the America's problems
02/28/2009 12:04:47Sermon from the Corporate Church
02/05/2009 20:26:55Pakistan Showdown/Throwdown
01/19/2009 11:19:27Israel's Hands Around Our Throat Are Showing
01/04/2009 09:50:09The International Terror Network
12/26/2008 20:33:20Herding Humans For Profit
12/21/2008 17:29:45The Hatred That Seeks Solace In Oblivion
12/08/2008 07:44:07Sell Out or Die
10/27/2008 19:23:56World Peace is More Than Just the Silencing of the Guns
10/21/2008 09:54:12CIA Has Been Tickling People to Death for Years
09/28/2008 14:54:00The Red White and Blue Roots of Terrorism
09/19/2008 08:19:18Overcoming Human Nature: The Revolution of the Meek
07/24/2008 10:55:59The Supply-Side Plot to Overthrow the Welfare State
06/27/2008 21:01:14Don't Give Your Consent to Slavery – Fight Fascism!
06/05/2008 14:00:44Manufactured Reality - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
05/09/2008 22:57:46American Car-bombs Are Not Terrorism
01/27/2008 14:26:30Unimaginable Intentional Human Suffering
01/22/2008 13:58:35The American War Upon the World
01/07/2008 12:32:24CIA Agent Sees Dead People
01/03/2008 17:46:47A Grassy Knoll in Pakistan
10/04/2007 16:56:23The Ideological Struggle of the Twenty-first Century
09/16/2007 09:52:52Policies of The “Wolf” in Palestine = Ethnic Cleansing
09/13/2007 10:37:15Fighting a Ghost War Against a Spook Army
09/02/2007 01:43:10Helping Bush Secure his Legacy
08/26/2007 13:50:14Is Zionism anti-Semitic?
08/20/2007 14:41:11Neoconservatism - Fascist Zionism
08/14/2007 21:22:23Brainwashing the Hero-Worshipping Society
08/06/2007 17:25:12War is a Money Maker
08/02/2007 11:32:42Defend Freedom on September 11
07/29/2007 17:30:34Helplessly Hopeless?
07/28/2007 01:36:13The Truth Network
07/23/2007 14:07:11Protesting the War may be a Crime
07/18/2007 11:33:27Sleepwalking into the Apocalypse
07/10/2007 09:55:56"LET'S KILL 'EM ALL"
07/02/2007 08:51:59THE ANTIWAR
06/30/2007 09:19:38Failure of a False Visionary


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