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Jeffrey Goodger



Born February 21st, 1984 to a drug-addicted mother and a father who was among General Electric's top electrical engineers, Jeffrey offers a unique perspective on life and the world that surrounds us. He grew up not-so-quietly in Southwestern Michigan, constantly challenging the validity of authority figures, preaching libertarian values to classmates long before taking an interest in the political realm, and playing his electric 6-string all along the way. His stable childhood life was torn away at the age of thirteen when his parents divorced.

Since then, Jeffrey has been homeless twice (both times in violent neighborhoods) which forced him to drop out of school in the eighth grade; married to his first wife and fathered his first child at the age of sixteen, separated by seventeen; earned his GED by the age of 21; and enrolled in community college at the age of 22.

Jeffrey is currently working full-time as a nurses' assistant at a local hospital and is still taking college classes part-time. He is majoring in electrical systems technology and hopes to one day have a position repairing electronic medical equipment. In his spare time he juggles several hobbies, the most prominent of which include playing and composing music on his guitar, trail running, weight training, writing, and studying (among many other things) government corruption, elitists agendas, and world affairs.

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