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Neal Romanek



...was born November 12, 1967, in Abilene, Texas, after 48 hours of labor, to a mother who survived the Nazi bombing of London and a father who was a B-52 navigator/bombardier in the Vietnam War. ...grew up in the idyllic suburbia of Kettering, Ohio. ...throughout his childhood, ran and ran on an amateur track + field team. It has been estimated that if all the strides he took between age 8 and 18 were added together, their combined length would stretch from one end of the earth to the other. Naturally he became sick of running and became a teenage national champion racewalker at 5000m distances. ...moved to Los Angeles in 1985 after acceptance to the University of Southern California. He was a National Merit Scholar and member of USC's Thematic Option honors program. ...graduated from USC's School of Cinema-TV Production with classmates John Singleton ("Boyz N the Hood"), Bryan Singer ("X-Men"), and Lee Unkrich ("Finding Nemo"). He also studied abroad at the University of Kent at Canterbury, England. ...was a driver for comedian Rodney Dangerfield during production of Rodney's animated film "Rover Dangerfield". ...become an animation editor and worked for childhood hero Ralph Bakshi on "Cool World". Yes, he met Brad Pitt. ...was an archivist at the Photograph Archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' Center For Motion Picture Study. ...began his professional screenwriter career by optioning sci-fi thriller "Carnival Earth" to Carolco Pictures. ...has written projects for legendary producer Dino Di Laurentiis - and has also written projects for producers you have never heard of, nor are ever likely to hear of. ...married writer/therapist Janet Walker, in 2004, in the Rotunda of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. ...is 5' 11" (180.34 cm) tall, or thereabouts. ...is tattooed. ...is solely to blame for the 12-part "Wretched Goo of the Imagination" comedy podcasts. ...currently has a home in Los Angeles, California, which he shares with his wife, three cats, six fish, and a snail.

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