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Andy Goodall



Andy Goodall is Co-ordinator of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in Britain (VSC). Andy also works as a Staff Nurse working in an ITU department. Andy has been active in the trade union movement for 20 years in Britain's largest Trade Union UNISON.

Amongst the elected positions at branch, regional and national level he has held, he was the first UNISON West Midlands Regional International Officer. In this role he initiated groundbreaking delegations of over 150 frontline members and activists on delegations to France. These enabled joint discussions on protecting public services and fighting racism and fascism.

The events surrounding the Coup in 2002 brought Venezuela to Andy's attention. Following this, and following events ever more closely it was obvious that the developments in Venezuela had international importance for trade unionists and workers worldwide. The global work of Hands off Venezuela (HoV) produced very important information in English to people who are regularly kept in the dark by the mainstream media. This work has grown substantially and their contribution has proved invaluable in the trade union movement internationally.

We recognised there was an urgent need to get support from the British Trade union movement to stop any Blair support for illegal intervention in Venezuela. With his background in trade union international campaigning Andy helped launch the Venezuela Solidarity.org.uk web campaign which quickly obtained much wider trade union support within TUC affiliated Trade Unions.

2006 proved to be pivotal in building and developing solidarity within the British trade union movement. These include most of the major trade unions now expressing support for the Venezuela revolution. VSC has received support from numerous trade union bodies and has organised highly successful public meetings. These have included live international link ups between Britain, Venezuela and the US using the Internet. http://www.venezuelasolidarity.org.uk/

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