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S. Artesian



The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor http://thewolfatthedoor.blogspot.com/ Address comments to: sartesian@earthlink.net * Gender: male * Industry: Transportation * Location: New York : New York : United States About Me Learn or Die Interests * Urban Decay Favourite Movies * Blade Runner * Alien * Wolfen * The Proposition Favourite Music * Anarchy in the UK * extended salsa version Favourite Books * Capital * Theories of Surplus Value * Sans Culottes * History of the Russian Revolution * The French Revolution * Rescue by Rail * Berlin Noir * DanceDanceDance * Railroads in the Civil War * Revolution in the Veins * Anything by Paco Taibo * Grundrisse * Results and Prospects * Detroit: I Do Mind Dying * The Sorrow of War * Paco's Story * Close Quarters * Long Ride Back * etc.

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