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Bolivia Rising



Bolivia's indigenous people are rising up and reclaiming a new homeland. An exciting national revolution is unfolding in Bolivia today, with its indigenous peoples at its core. The movement to refound Bolivia is an inspiration to many around the world. Bolivia Rising aims to bring news and analysis about this revolution to english speakers.

Bolivia Rising is maintained by Federico Fuentes, who regularly writes on Bolivian and Latin American affairs for Green Left Weekly. We also count on the help of others to translate important articles and documents coming out of Bolivia. To submit articles or help with translations email boliviarising[at]gmail.com

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Bolivia Rising
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08/06/2010 04:38:20Panama: General strike rejects killings, anti-labor laws
05/20/2010 05:16:09Bolivia’s mining dilemmas
05/20/2010 05:16:09Bolivia’s mining dilemmas
05/20/2010 05:01:33Bolivia: Between development and Mother Earth
04/10/2010 05:28:11Bittersweet victory highlights obstacles for process of change in Bolivia
03/25/2010 06:04:00For Venezuela, There is No Going Back: A Discussion with Federico Fuentes and Kiraz Janicke Ali Mustafa
03/24/2010 05:35:24Venezuela: New moves to build people's power
09/11/2009 04:28:15Interview - Bolivian Vice President defends MAS government’s record in office
08/03/2009 05:13:59Honduras: Anti-Chavez ‘free speech’ warriors linked to coup
04/29/2009 21:15:54Why the US still hates Cuba
12/07/2008 21:02:18Bolivia: The struggle for change
11/10/2008 17:53:41Venezuela: Crucial test for Bolivarian revolution ¨ [The article below has been translated
11/02/2008 10:42:30Bolivia: Right-wing push to stop change defeated
11/02/2008 10:28:17Venezuela: Between assassination plots and abstention
09/04/2008 17:08:07Social movements approve strategy: Evo Morales organises offensive to defeat the fascist right
08/14/2008 04:08:25Latin America's struggle for integration and independence
08/06/2008 15:05:16Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, on the WTO’s round of negotiations
07/11/2008 02:41:13The Rise of Food Fascism: Allied to Global Agribusiness, Agrarian Elite Foments Coup in Bolivia
06/03/2008 12:54:08Bolivia: Recall referendums open new struggle
06/02/2008 22:33:59Latin America has 'created its own neighbourhood'
05/17/2008 00:54:11Bolivia: Fraud, violence and mass resistance marks right-wing push
01/30/2008 01:11:22Indianismo and Marxism: The mismatch of two revolutionary rationales
01/22/2008 16:38:53Interview with Bolivian Vice President Garcia: 'Political crisis' a media beat-up
01/22/2008 14:23:01Venezuela's Chavez: Socialism still our goal
01/22/2008 13:12:19Qollauyo/Bolivia in the heart and struggle of the Indigenous peoples of Abya Yala/America!
11/21/2007 10:11:05Venezuela: The struggle for a united socialist party
11/14/2007 16:32:57Venezuela: Reform battle continues as Chavez ally splits
11/07/2007 09:13:56Bolivia: A Democratic Revolution Transforming Society
11/05/2007 22:45:58Bolivia: 'A project for the liberation of the poor'
10/12/2007 10:12:29 The Constituent Assembly that could not be


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