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Brian Rayner



Brian Rayner was born in Isleworth, England and is now retired after working  many years in the  Antiques business. Educated at Cardiff University Wales where he graduated  with a BA hons in English Literature. His first book, Monarchy:Politics of Tyranny & Denial  ISBN 0954757505 a colourfully illustrated satirical critique of the absolutist British Monarchy, was published  in 2005 under the pen name of William Gladys. His second book Mouse Immortal - Fourteen Short Stories, ISBN 9780954757519 was published in 2009.Enjoys reviewing poetry and reading most 20th. Century poets, particularly William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost and T.S.Eliot. Is a keen amateur trumpeter and  enjoys playing  along with Miles Davis CD's. An active peace campaigner and politically involved in  total reform of the  undemocratically named House of Lords in England, and abolition of the anachronistic British Monarchy. Now lives in the south of England with his wife and  dog Daisy

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