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David Howell



David Howell was born in 1972 in Elmhurst, Illinois. He started drawing shortly afterwards. In 1998, he moved to San Francisco where he attended art school, accumulated a lot of debt, graduated with an MFA, fell in love, and got married. He now lives in Savannah, Georgia with his wife. His work can be found at http://www.davidhowellillustrator.com/

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David Howell
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05/17/2010 05:10:14Doomsday in Suburbia (Illustration)
05/15/2010 16:03:46Drill, BABY, DRILL (Illustration)
01/17/2008 05:23:29Bomb-a-Thon XXVII
01/08/2008 08:45:04Bomb-a-Thon XXVI
01/04/2008 09:20:55Bomb-a-Thon XXV
12/19/2007 12:52:25Bomb-a-Thon XXIV
12/10/2007 00:40:29Bomb-a-Thon XXIII
11/30/2007 08:33:33Bomb-a-Thon XXII
11/24/2007 22:26:11Bomb-a-Thon XX1
11/17/2007 15:39:04Bomb-a-Thon XX
11/08/2007 11:36:24Bomb-a-Thon XVIX
10/25/2007 12:54:58Bomb-a-Thon XVVIII
10/18/2007 12:17:46Bomb-a-Thon XVII
10/07/2007 20:46:09Bomb-a-Thon XIV
09/28/2007 15:48:02Bomb-a-Thon XV
09/22/2007 11:03:49Bomb-a-Thon XIV
09/12/2007 01:29:10Bomb-a-Thon XIII
09/02/2007 00:03:41Bomb-a-Thon XII
08/24/2007 23:22:25Bomb-a-Thon XI
08/16/2007 22:30:49Bomb-a-Thon X
08/08/2007 21:40:05Bomb-a-Thon IX
08/02/2007 19:57:23Bomb-A-Thon Part VIII
07/28/2007 00:41:53Bomb-a-Thon VII
07/18/2007 12:36:55Bomb-a-Thon Part VI
07/10/2007 13:52:54Bomb-a-Thon 5
06/28/2007 14:05:15Bomb-A-Thon Part 4
06/17/2007 16:49:11Bomb-a-thon Part III
06/10/2007 14:31:14Bomb-a-thon Part II
06/06/2007 09:39:47Bomb-a-thon
03/20/2007 14:00:37Support Eternal War
03/08/2007 09:06:53Have a Sticky St. Patrick's Day
02/16/2007 22:02:16St. George Slays the Dragon
02/13/2007 08:15:59Love is Never Asking Questions
02/07/2007 11:42:34Rush Hindenburg
02/05/2007 11:48:07Peace on You
01/28/2007 21:03:08Freedom Security
01/25/2007 09:45:29State of the Cave
01/19/2007 00:10:05Clockwork George
01/17/2007 08:38:28Arnold Takes Iraq!
01/14/2007 20:58:28Send More Troops!
01/13/2007 00:30:23Republicrats
01/06/2007 12:18:06Thank You Mr. Bush
01/03/2007 05:31:54Dangling from a high


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