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Doug Mitchell



Doug Mitchell spent a number of years working in the trade press with a small firm in LA and later freelancing. Currently, he is located in Germany, where he works as a project-oriented freelancer for large clients (i.e.: Mercedes, BASF, et al.). He is also renovating a family farm which, according to Mitchell, "is an occasionally intimidating DIY adventure of significant scale (cutting our own timber, etc.) requiring a certain amount of energy and emphasis." A lifelong dissident, he was the sort to read Howard Zinn in high school ('84)... that unplugged the television in 1990... that healed himself of mysterious ailments (read: "industrial disease") shredding his once-athletic thirty-something body using only newly won understanding of pre-industrial nutrition... and who bailed from the States in late 2002, knowing it was only a matter of time before an overly broad worldview and a good head for gestalt thinking became more than just the occasional social liability.

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