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Harvey Wasserman



Free Press dot org Senior Editor and "Superpower of Peace" columnist Harvey Wasserman is author or co-author of a dozen books including SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030; Harvey Wasserman's History of the U.S.; and, A Glimpse of the Big Light: Losing Parents, Finding Spirit.

With Bob Fitrakis, Harvey has helped expose the theft of the presidency. Their freepress.org coverage has prompted Rev. Jesse Jackson to call them "the Woodward and Bernstein of the 2004 election." Their books include How the GOP Stole America's 2004 Election & Is Rigging 2008, and What Happened in Ohio?, coming soon from the New Press.

Harvey's widespread appearances throughout the major media and at campuses and citizen gatherings have focussed since the 1960s on energy, environment, peace, justice, U.S. history and election protection.

In 1968 Harvey helped found the legendary anti-war Liberation News Service, and then Massachusetts' communal/organic Montague Farm, now home to the Zen Peacemaker Community, International.

In 1973 he helped pioneer the global grassroots movement against atomic reactors, then helped organize mass demonstrations at Seabrook, N.H., and New York City's 1979 "No Nukes" concerts and rally, featuring Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, CSN, James Taylor and others. In 1994 he spoke (for Greenpeace) to 350,000 semi-conscious rock fans at Woodstock 2.

Now based in Ohio, Harvey works to replace the Perry and Davis-Besse nukes with renewables and efficiency, and has helped his friends shut a trash burning power plant, a proposed radioactive waste dump, the Zimmer and Perry 2 nukes, a refuge-threatening housing development and a McDonald's. With Minnesota wind power pioneer Dan Juhl, he co-authored Harvesting Wind Energy as a Cash Crop: A Guide to Locally-Owned Wind Farming (http://www.danmar.us/), and is working with Farmers Green Power in Ohio and elsewhere to promote farmer/community owned renewables. Harvey is married with five daughters, two grandchildren and a grand niece. The Solartopian Superpower of Peace, he says, can triumph over the evil forces of the Bush Junta. Contact him at windhw@aol.com.

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