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Mike Ferner



Mike Ferner is a freelance writer from Ohio and author of "Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran For Peace Reports from Iraq."

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Mike Ferner
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10/31/2010 16:56:39Mickey Z: When Criminals Vote…
09/01/2010 05:42:24Veterans For Peace President, Mike Ferner, Responds To President Obama’s Rebranded Occupation Of Iraq
04/08/2010 05:30:38U.S Veterans' Agent Orange Delegation Meets With Vietnamese Premier
12/02/2009 06:44:4538 Antiwar Groups Unite To Tell Obama: No Escalation! Troops Out!
10/28/2009 19:54:30No One Else Will Stop The Killing - Veterans’ Group To Members: Multiply Resistance By Any Peaceful Means Available
10/10/2009 06:20:15Veterans For Peace Reacts To President Obama Receiving Nobel Peace Prize
09/22/2009 10:35:48In Praise of Senator Max Baucus
08/14/2009 04:48:09Strother Martin Nailed It! - “You gotta get your mind right!”
07/13/2009 04:33:34U.S. Troops (Sort Of...) Pull Out of Iraqi Cities Iraq now (sort of) sovereign (Sort of) pregnant woman makes medical history
06/07/2009 19:05:24We Don't Need the General Motors Corporation
05/29/2009 05:41:00Worth 1,000 Words After Memorial Day
05/21/2009 08:22:48Letter to Obama - President of Veterans for Peace
04/04/2009 09:50:29I’ll Have a Draught Dodger! Canadian Parliament votes again to let U.S. war resisters stay
01/07/2009 06:20:58A Few Days in Hyde Park, A Lifetime in the Empire
01/04/2009 10:22:40Obama's Hometown Kicks Off Camp Hope
12/30/2008 17:58:09Camp Hold Holds Obama to 'Change' Pledge - “From the people who put you in office”
12/16/2008 10:58:24It’s not about them…it’s about us - Why we must prosecute Bush and his administration for war crimes
12/11/2008 06:47:50With Shot and Shell, or “Modular Crowd Control Munitions”… We Must Bend to Empire’s Will
11/06/2008 07:45:55Let Us Shed Tears of Gratitude for this Moment of Grace - It will be Brief
11/02/2008 09:15:54It's Our Turn Now - Resistance as if it Really Mattered
06/18/2008 08:24:29Veterans For Peace deliver 23,000 impeachment petitions to House Judiciary Chair Conyers
06/13/2008 01:31:25War Inc.
01/01/2008 05:41:03Peace Activists Occupy Huckabee’s Iowa Campaign Office - Protesters ask former Baptist minister, “Who Would Jesus Bomb?”
11/11/2007 21:13:54Giuliani And Clinton Taste Occupation In Iowa


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