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Remi Kanazi Profile Page
Remi Kanazi



Remi Kanazi was born in a small town in Western Massachusetts surrounded by crazy white people. He moved to New York City six years ago after the stock market bubble burst and recognized that his narcissism and republican nature just wasn't cutting it anymore. So he traveled to the Big Apple to be an actor. After six months of failure (goddamn 8 am auditions) and eating pasta everyday, Remi came to terms with being poor. Coincidentally, he fell into progressive politics. Then 9/11 occurred and he realized, "Hey, those guys kinda look like me."

The more Remi delved into American and Mideast politics, the more enraged he became. So he picked up a pen and pad to express himself. All the while, Remi's slacker brother Ramzi became more fascinated and involved with web design. One day, Ramzi said to Remi, "Hey, we should start a website." And that's how Poetic Injustic was born. Two and half years later, the site is thriving. Today Remi lives in New York City as a writer, poet, and performer.

Ramzi Kanazi. founder and webmaster: ramzi@poeticinjustice.net

Remi Kanazi. founder and main contributer: remi@poeticinjustice.net

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Remi Kanazi
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