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Robert Weitzel



Robert Weitzel is a freelance writer whose essays appear in The Capital Times in Madison, WI. He has been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Skeptic Magazine, and Freethought Today. He can be contacted at: rweitz@tds.net

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Robert Weitzel
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12/07/2008 16:32:28Israel’s Settlement on Capital Hill
11/17/2008 14:51:51Obama Owes Diamond Real Change Not Perfection
11/06/2008 08:39:05Focus on the Family’s Toxic Corn Pone Letter From 2012
10/27/2008 19:40:14Nader and McKinney: “Wasting” a Vote for Lincoln’s “Radical” Ideal
08/18/2008 08:57:42Can Obama Bridge America’s Wall of Ignominy
07/24/2008 12:56:44Middle East Democracy: Blowback Through the Looking Glass
06/27/2008 07:59:44A MAD Foreign Policy: America’s Irrational Defense of Israel
06/13/2008 01:28:55U.S. Military’s Middle East Crusade for Christ
05/23/2008 09:16:09A “Holey” Instrument of Peace in Iraq
05/17/2008 01:08:27Hillary Clinton’s “Final Solution” to the Persian Problem
01/27/2008 14:37:36Christians Should Fear a Christian Nation
01/20/2008 13:12:20The Rapture Can’t Happen Soon Enough to Suit Me
01/16/2008 12:46:06The Comeback Cry: Hillary Reconnects With Her “Feminine Side”
01/03/2008 09:59:18Philip Roth’s “Our Gang:” A Satirical Purgative for the Last Seven Years
12/16/2007 23:34:21Mitt Romney: Tabernacle Choirboy or Blackwater Mercenary
12/02/2007 16:16:09The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act: A Tutorial in Orwellian Newspeak
11/08/2007 11:53:46Attacking Iran: The Defining Moment of the Foolish Generation
11/01/2007 01:42:29An Open Letter to the Christian Right
10/15/2007 10:46:08The Realpolitik of Article VI: Religious Test Required for Public Office
09/24/2007 14:51:28A Pitiless Plan A: Denying Plan B Emergency Contraception to Victims of Rape
09/17/2007 14:50:03When George Bush Smiles People Die
08/06/2007 17:16:43Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris: The Unholy Trinity . . .Thank God.
05/30/2007 10:59:34How Cynicism Will Save Us From A Date With Extinction
05/15/2007 10:28:30The Trouble With The Entire World Is A Guy Named Ron


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