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Rod Amis



Rod Amis is a professional writer, editor, and publisher "...walking the earth like Kane in the television series 'Kung Fu'." (A tip of the hat to screenwriter Quentin Tarantino.) Rod claims that he lives entirely on the Internet.

He was a weekly editorial writer for IT Manager's Journal and wrote the first 382 daily editorials . He wrote for two years at Andover News Network on Web Design and Development in his "Working the Web" column. He is listed among the ten IT columnist's worth reading by About.com. His views on "New Media" have appeared in MethodFive's (now acquired by Xceed.com) "Hyper" newsletter. Earlier in his career, Rod worked for the Rocky Mountain News, Austin American-Statesman, and the West County (Contra Costa, CA) Times. He composed the FAQ for the San Francisco Bay Guardian Online BBS and was instrumental in its early beginnings.

G21 was the in-house Internet publication for the Bay Guardian and Rod wrote on political topics there. He has had seven plays produced, published numerous articles, a couple of short stories, some poetry, and a smorgasbord of candid expression in G21 'My Glass House' and the pioneering Web site NRV8. His latest column here is called "Smoke & Mirrors." We DON'T call it S&M.

Rod has published G21 in its various forms (print, BBS e-zine, and now Web magazine) for over sixteen years. He is celebrating ten years of editing The World's Magazine on the Web. He was a contributing writer for ACCESS magazine. He was the US-based Technology Reporter for Silicon.com, a division of Network Multimedia Television based in London, UK, until May, 2001. Rod was visiting lecturer (via the 'Net, of course!) for the Novi Sad School of Journalism. He lived, worked and played in New Orleans where he worked housing renovation jobs when he could find them. He was formerly Union Organizer for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN.) His assignment was to organize the Deputies of the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department, a thankless job.

Once a socialist, always a socialist. His "soul journey" (hejira) has most recently taken him to northern California, where he looks at the edge of the world. He is a regular columnist for IT Manager's Journal and NewsForge, dealing with technology topics and a contributing writer at EnterpriseLeadership.org on business issues, and provides un-bylines pieces for Slashdot.

Oh yeah! He's part of new California venture checking other journalists, and deciding what is good journalism, called NewsTrust... as well as here at Atlantic Free Press. He is author of the new book Katrina & The Lost City of New Orleans available from Lulu.com and Amazon.com. At the end of 2005 he released one additional title under the G21.net imprint, Africa Fresh: New Writing from the First Continent. He is still working on his oft-promised "My Glass House" book. He chases women like a fly chases a spider. He keeps hoping to meet one like Erykah Badu ...

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