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Rod Lever



Veteran Australian journalist. My family migrated from England to Australia in 1856 and were pioneers in construction, banking and newspaper publishing in the state of Queensland. I was born in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1932. My career in newspapers began when I was fifteen years old and I worked on the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the Canberra Times and the Melbourne Herald and Weekly Times. I joined Keith Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation in 1956 and worked for that company for twenty years. During that period I created the popular magazine TV Week and served as its editor for six years. It was highly successful and produced a cash flow that financed the early expansion of what is now News Corporation. Later I was a personal assistant to Rupert Murdoch and worked on the development of the national newspaper The Australian. I was Melbourne manager of The Australian at the time of its launch and then served a managing director of the Centralian Advocate newspaper in Alice Springs and the Northern Territory News in Darwin and as founding chairman and managing director of television station NTD8 Darwin. I moved to Brisbane, Queensland, as general manager of the Queensland operations of News Corporation. I left the company in 1976 due to policy differences with Rupert Murdoch.

I have a strong affinity with and affection for the United States. My mother was an American citizen and is buried in Austin, Tx. My younger brother was also am American national and worked as an editor on the Denver Post until his death and is buried in Denver. I spent part of my life in Texas but retained my Australian citizenship. I have four nephews and nieces, all living and working in the US. I have a half-brother in Austin and a half-sister in Philadelphia. I have many friends in Texas, in San Antonio and Falfurrias whom I correspond with. During my time in Texas I made a study of Lyndon Johnson, the only serving US President I ever met, and the first serving President to visit Australia. I have spent hours in the Johnson Library in Austin, visited the Hill Country from which he came and toured the Johnson ranch. I have stood by his grave down on the banks of the Perdanales River under the live oak trees and have wondered about this giant of a man whose life was like a Shakespearean tragedy. So powerful in the Senate for so many years and destroyed by Vietnam in the same way that Bush is being destroyed by Iraq, and both servants of Big Oil.

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