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Rodrigue Tremblay



Throughout a busy professional career that got underway in the early '60s, Rodrigue Tremblay has functioned as economist, professor, statesman, writer, columnist and, increasingly, as philosopher and humanist. His versatility in all of these areas has resulted in well over 300 articles written under his name and 27 books dealing with economics and finance, some also tackling moral and political issues.

Rodrigue Tremblay has obtained diplomas from three universities: B.A.(Arts), Laval University, 1961 B.Sc. (Economics), University of Montreal, 1963 M.A. (Economics), Stanford University, 1965 Ph.D. (Economics), Stanford University, 1968 Rodrigue Tremblay is a former Woodrow Wilson fellow, a Ford International Fellow and winner of the Condorcet Prize. He is now professor emeritus of economics and of international finance at the University of Montreal, after having occupied the positions of full professor of economics at the University of Montreal, president of the North Economics and Finance Association, president of the Canadian Economics Society, and advisor to numerous organizations and governments. He has travelled extensively in the Middle-East, in North Africa and in sub-Sahara Africa.

In 1968, Dr. Tremblay was adviser to the Bank of Canada. In 1969, he wrote the basic textbook "Economics", which has been reedited many times since. In 1969-70, he acted as chief economist of the Commission of Inquiry into the Quebec liquor trade, whose report proposed that wine be sold in private grocery stores in addition to the Quebec Liquor Board stores. In 1970, he proposed the creation of a North American Common Market in his book "Ind

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Rodrigue Tremblay
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