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Viktor Zimmermann Profile Page
Viktor Zimmermann



Viktor Zimmermann is a chemist and a member of the pink think tank Gay Homeland Foundation. He also is a self-educated scholar of Gay nationalism and international law, and advocates for establishment of a souvereign Gay political entity ('Gay State') as the ultimate safeguard of interests of the Gay people. He socially engages in the local Gay community of his city and can be usually found each Friday evening in Cologne's Gay community center RUBICON.

His key political inspirations are Karl-Heinrich Ulrichs, Harry Hay, Theodor Herzl, Hannah Arendt and Michael Denneny.

Born in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1972, he grew up under the dictate of the Soviet system and learned to resist the brain-washing technics and oppressive indoctrination used by totalitarian regimes. These experiences sharpened his perception of organized religion and other instruments of mind-controlling technics widely used also across the so-called free world.

In 1991, he went to Germany and attended various courses to qualify himself for a university career, which he started in 1994 in G

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