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Mike Whitney



Mike Whitney graduated from St. Michael's College in English Lit in 1975. Since then he has been running his own landscape company in Snohomish, Wa for the last 23 years. He has two children, both of whom are attending Western Wa University in Bellingham, WA. Currently, he is Program Director of the Snohomish County Democrats but, he admits that his interest in politics only began with the appointment of GW Bush as President.

Like many other regular Americans, he has understood from the very beginning the global aspirations of the Cabal that presently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the threat they pose to the world. It is a threat that is as real and as far reaching as any we have seen since the rise of Fascism in 1930s Germany (The author's description of himself).

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Mike Whitney
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08/25/2010 04:34:55Iran's Jews are Better Off Than Gaza's Palestinians - Living in Dignity With the Benefits of Citizenship
08/04/2010 16:38:42The EU Banking System Is In Big Trouble
01/28/2010 06:45:14Why is Nasrallah demonized in the western media? An interview with Franklin Lamb, PhD
04/29/2009 21:15:51Harold Pinter to Obama. The US has supported every right wing military dictatorship in the World since World War II
02/28/2009 10:55:50It's Time to Break Up the Big Banks - The Geithner Put
09/24/2008 08:23:37Grasping at Straws - Full-Spectrum Breakdown
06/07/2008 21:23:00Sleeping in Cars in the USA
06/06/2008 03:27:43The Remorseless Algebra of a Deflationary Death Spiral
01/18/2008 01:33:20The Deflation Time Bomb
01/12/2008 09:06:05Primary Smell: Vote Machine Scandal Brewing - The Winning Ticket: Hillary and Diebold in 2008
12/22/2007 12:50:13Who Salute the Butcher's Apron
12/03/2007 09:03:09An Interview with Nir Rosen "Iraq Doesn't Exist Anymore"
11/18/2007 11:08:51Pentagon Fudging Its Casualties Numbers
10/20/2007 14:17:50It's Time for the Banks to Face the Hangman
09/21/2007 20:52:13The Era of Global Financial Instability
09/18/2007 16:08:43U.S. Banks Brace for Storm Surge as Dollar and Credit System Reel
09/13/2007 10:44:30Soup Kitchen U.S.A.
09/10/2007 10:25:38Are the Banks in Trouble?
09/03/2007 01:25:52Information Warfare, Psy-ops and the Power of Myth
08/13/2007 23:30:08Stock Market Brushfire; Will there be a run on the banks?
08/11/2007 21:42:42The Grim Reaper pays a visit to Wall Street
08/07/2007 19:16:56Judgment Week on Wall Street
07/27/2007 10:26:20Trouble in Hedgistan: “Its gonna get a lot worse”
07/20/2007 10:27:15Kissinger’s Secret Meeting With Putin
07/18/2007 11:07:11“What are we supposed to do with our Dead”: Odds n’ Ends in the War on Terror
07/13/2007 18:51:12Demonizing Putin: The Summit in Kennebunkport
07/02/2007 09:04:45The Fed's role in the Bear Stearns Meltdown
06/27/2007 23:54:29The Jose Padilla Case: Screenplay by Mel Brooks
06/23/2007 09:26:26Iraqis to Bush: “You have left us with nothing”
06/22/2007 10:45:46The CIA and Fatah; Spies, Quislings and the Palestinian Authority
06/22/2007 09:42:22Putin’s War-whoop: The impending clash with Russia
06/18/2007 09:38:25The Battle of Gaza
06/12/2007 09:23:30Putin’s Censored Press Conference: The transcript you weren’t supposed to see
06/06/2007 09:13:24The Global Liquidity Crisis
05/30/2007 14:30:52Bush's New Middle East
05/29/2007 16:40:48The Swan Song for the Democrats
05/29/2007 15:23:14How Will They Destroy Ron Paul?
05/23/2007 09:02:45Paulson’s Kabuki: Integrating China into the Neoliberal System
05/10/2007 20:35:58"Are We Headed for Another Great Depression?" My talks with Elaine Meinel Supkis
05/03/2007 15:12:13Post Mortem for the Stock Market
05/01/2007 09:46:23Jose Padilla and the Zucchini Prosecution
04/26/2007 11:34:02Housing Bubble Boondoggle: "Is it too late to get out"?
04/18/2007 10:05:17Trouble in Squanderville
04/12/2007 19:28:31Doomsday for the Greenback
03/19/2007 16:35:17Velkomin to the United States of Foreclosure
03/12/2007 09:28:01The Rise of the Rove Reich
03/09/2007 21:48:28Global Realignment and the Decline of the Superpower
03/08/2007 09:18:06“Black Tuesday” - Après le deluge
03/05/2007 11:27:38Juicing the Stock Market; the secret maneuverings of the Plunge Protection Team
03/01/2007 08:48:57Tuesday's Market Meltdown; Greenspan's "invisible hand"
02/27/2007 13:50:25“Doomsday Dick” and the Plague of Frogs
02/26/2007 20:50:02Operation FALCON and the Looming Police State
02/22/2007 23:17:18The Second Great Depression
02/16/2007 21:55:49Blackmailing Bush - How the "Dear Leader" Duped "The Decider"
02/13/2007 12:42:41The Bombing of the Golden Dome Mosque; one year later
02/08/2007 20:51:00Bush Caves in on North Korea
02/07/2007 11:23:50The Great Dollar Crash of ‘07
02/05/2007 12:20:51Quarantine U.S.A.
02/04/2007 10:40:15Why the Surge will push us into a War with Iran
01/31/2007 22:07:29The Media Cover-up of the Najaf Massacre
01/30/2007 21:40:36The Mother of all Bubbles
01/28/2007 16:50:15Why Fisk is wrong about Lebanon
01/25/2007 22:42:31Jim Webb's Barnburner
01/22/2007 20:00:12A Fool's Errand in Baghdad
01/20/2007 10:06:47Bush’s War on Perception; the bombing of the Golden Mosque
01/16/2007 21:12:38John Murtha: “It’s a whole new Ballgame”
01/15/2007 23:02:40When will this Nightmare End?
01/14/2007 10:49:01Housing Bubble Bloodbath
01/08/2007 19:05:26The Fed’s role in the Housing Crash of ‘07
12/31/2006 13:47:30Hanging Saddam
12/24/2006 16:31:31Washington’s Game in Turkmenistan
12/15/2006 03:23:19Bush makes a “Clean Break” with the Baker Plan
12/15/2006 03:07:02Bush’s Mad-dash to History’s Dustbin
12/13/2006 04:41:24The "Iraq Memorial" should go on the White House Lawn
12/06/2006 15:08:05The Rumsfeld Memo: “I was just about to change everything….Really!?!”
12/05/2006 01:39:00Another Bloodbath in Lebanon?
12/02/2006 08:22:41Powderkeg
11/27/2006 17:42:52The "Gaza-Solution" and the Ongoing War on Islam
11/25/2006 02:08:05“America’s moment in the Middle East is about to end”
11/22/2006 13:48:52Iraqi Guerilla
11/20/2006 03:31:38Housing Bubble Smack-down
11/17/2006 15:59:09Iran turns up the Heat
11/13/2006 15:01:35Rumsfeld’s long walk into Political Oblivion
11/11/2006 15:57:27Cheney’s Revenge
11/10/2006 14:07:53Cheney in a Box
11/08/2006 15:26:34Bush’s Chernobyl Economy; hard times are on the way
11/06/2006 03:58:55Bush’s Carnival of Blood
11/06/2006 03:17:59Rough Justice; prowling Baghdad with a sidearm and a defective bulletproof-vest
11/05/2006 05:42:34Baghdad is Surrounded: “The American Era in the Middle East has ended”
10/30/2006 14:26:28The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown
10/25/2006 04:00:58Stealing the Midterms and the Power of Myth
10/24/2006 04:13:11One Crime Too Many
10/24/2006 03:51:46Putin Gets Mugged in Finland
10/18/2006 10:54:54Stewart in Leg-irons; the latest victory in the war on terror
10/12/2006 03:08:58The Mushroom Cloud over the U.N.
10/06/2006 07:35:37Why does Thailand have all the Luck?
10/02/2006 13:44:28More “Culture Wars” Gibberish from nutcase David Brooks
10/02/2006 13:29:51Barking Mad
10/02/2006 04:07:23A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?
09/30/2006 09:08:44The Breaking Point


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