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Mel Seesholtz



Mel Seesholtz, Ph.D., is a Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University. He also teaches in the American Studies and Science, Technology, and Society programs at PSU.

Email: mcs2@psu.edu

The US Traditional Values Coalition calls Mel a "Leftist" Web Site Writer and Homosexual activist who sees the Traditional Values Coalition and other religious organizations as a major threat to freedom in the United States for some of his past writings which simply called for equal rights for all American - including gays.

B.S., Pennsylvania State University M.A., University of Hawaii Ph.D., University of Essex and Cambridge University

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Mel Seesholtz
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08/17/2011 06:50:20“I Pledge to Discriminate and Support Bigotry, So Help Me God…”
02/17/2011 09:39:15Scott Lively and Bryan Fischer: Sinking to New Lows
10/27/2010 08:15:31More Anti-Gay Rhetoric, Misogyny, and Another Hysterical Attack on Halloween
10/06/2010 05:14:56"Tyler Clementi's Suicide, Fifty Cents Worth of Illiterate Hate, and More Homophobia from the Christian Right."
08/21/2010 15:57:56The Master of Anti-Gay Bible Babble Strikes Again
08/06/2010 05:34:05“The Solution to Gay Marriage”: Kill Them
07/07/2010 03:44:56Demeaning Educated Women: A New Tactic from the Christian Right
07/02/2010 02:41:57Tainting Textbooks, Abolishing Academic Freedom, and Maligning Gay Americans: Tales from the Texas GOP
06/27/2010 05:29:38Promote Ignorance, Malign Gays, Kill Animals: Messages from Christian Fundamentalists
06/14/2010 05:23:11The Christian Right’s Latest Anti-Gay Efforts and Claims: From “Activist Judges” to “Gay Sex = Domestic Terrorism”
05/30/2010 21:04:16Frauds and Fiascos: How the Christian Right is Defeating Itself in the “Culture War” It Started
05/11/2010 05:11:25Anti-Gay Crusader George Alan Rekers Gets Caught with a Male Prostitute (You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!)
04/20/2010 19:33:38America’s Christian Right and the “Traditional Values” of Lying and Distorting
04/18/2010 03:55:54The Vatican and America’s Christian Right: Spreading Homophobia in Every Which Way They Can
04/07/2010 05:12:21Blaming Gays and the Devil, Playing Victim and Trivializing Decades of Molestation
03/10/2010 06:46:02For Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves – Part II
02/28/2010 22:12:03For Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves…
02/21/2010 18:46:19Biblical Literalism and the “Redemption Racket”
02/20/2010 13:47:51NOMsense
02/11/2010 06:02:37Stupid Statements, Bigotry and Hypocrisy, and America’s New Civil War
01/12/2010 08:43:50Logocide and the Profit Incentive in Anti-Gay Theopolitics
11/15/2009 22:24:28Corruption and the Hurting of Many to Deny Equality to a Few
09/03/2009 05:12:19Christian Nationalists: America’s Homegrown Terrorists
08/10/2009 08:24:03Anti-Gay and Anti-Family with a Smile and a Snarl and the Usual Absurdities
08/01/2009 10:54:58The World According to Religious Fundamentalists and Biblical Literalists
06/04/2009 04:16:00The California Supreme Court’s Decisions: America at Its Best and Worst
05/28/2009 02:58:01This is what’s wrong with “religion” and politicians who pander to it…
05/17/2009 17:27:49Twisted Logic, Twisted People, and the Same Old Gay-Bashing Song: Part II
05/17/2009 17:25:30Twisted Logic, Twisted People, and the Same Old Gay-Bashing Song: Part I
04/11/2009 07:53:43The “Ex-Gay” Sham Goes on the Road… to Uganda
03/30/2009 09:56:15Sex, Drugs and the Religious Right: Part II
03/30/2009 09:31:31Sex, Drugs and the Religious Right: Part I
03/11/2009 11:30:24CPAC and Other Dark Messages from America’s “New” Conservative Religious Right: Part II
03/11/2009 11:10:40CPAC and Other Dark Messages from America’s “New” Conservative Religious Right: Part I
02/22/2009 12:25:23The Religious Right’s Continuing Wrongs: Part II
02/22/2009 12:03:09The Religious Right’s Continuing Wrongs: Part 1
01/17/2009 09:34:32LDS, Rick Warren, Benedict XVI: 2008's Wholly Hypocrites, Part II
01/17/2009 08:53:59LDS, Rick Warren, Benedict XVI: 2008’s Wholly Hypocrites, Part I
12/26/2008 12:31:09The Infamous Among Us: Part II
12/26/2008 12:12:49The Infamous Among Us: Part I
12/13/2008 19:52:55The Christian Right: Hysterical, in Both Senses of the Adjective
12/01/2008 07:03:02And those Sanctimonious Christians Continue to LIE - The Christian Right Reacts… with the same nonsense and even more hypocrisy
11/10/2008 19:23:04America Voted for Equality and Discrimination
11/02/2008 10:03:25On the November 4th Ballot: Religion versus Reason
10/29/2008 23:21:03On the November 4th Ballot: Religion versus Reason
10/16/2008 02:30:58The American Family Association: In the Business of Deception and Hate
09/28/2008 14:29:39Sarah Palin: Heroine of the Christian Fascist Movement
09/12/2008 01:22:34A Hallmark Moment: America’s Christianist Fascist Attack Greeting Cards
08/28/2008 00:19:27America’s Christianist Evangelical Leaders-Insidious Buffoons with a Sinister Socio-Political Agenda
08/06/2008 15:51:49The “Pulpit Initiative” and other Dominionist Machinations
07/24/2008 11:06:15Christianist Boycott King Assaults Ronald McDonald
07/09/2008 03:17:38The Theofascism of James Dobson
06/27/2008 12:46:58Chicken Little has Nothing on the Christianist Right
06/13/2008 03:47:43The Christianist Right and their “God” are Dying
05/31/2008 02:29:28Same Old Santorum: A response to the Elephant in the Room
05/23/2008 08:51:18The California Supreme Court Decision: Civil Equality Trumps Religious Bigotry
01/23/2008 12:38:41Dominionism’s Huckster
01/17/2008 05:52:32Campaigning and Litigating Against Equality: The Christianist Way
11/24/2007 23:13:08Profiles in Pathological Piety: The Case of Rev. Ken Hutcherson
10/28/2007 12:19:09Old Guard, New Guard: From Here to Jesus Camp
09/25/2007 23:04:14The Thomas Project: A study designed for specific results
09/02/2007 23:58:53He’s Back… and asking for money, again
08/20/2007 14:33:31Why Did They Do It? Excuses You Won’t Believe…
08/12/2007 23:48:41Using Kissing to Inspire Fear and Exploit Guilt
08/01/2007 12:26:49Dominionists vs. Harry Potter
07/20/2007 10:13:23From the Pope to Fundies: The self-righteous speak
07/02/2007 08:21:22“Bringing Harm to Themselves and Their Families”: What “ex-gay therapies” really do to people
06/18/2007 12:55:19Sometimes All You Need Are the Headlines…
06/08/2007 19:12:50Logocide: The Latest Christianist Tactic
05/29/2007 19:09:45Litigating for All the Wrong Reasons
05/21/2007 21:28:04The Picture of Dorian Falwell
05/15/2007 11:07:07Polluting Politics, Perverting Religion, Degutting Education: The Dark Agenda of the Christian Right
05/07/2007 08:41:29Hate-Crime Laws Should Not Be Necessary, But…
05/02/2007 09:47:21Bill Maher Was Right, sort of…
04/13/2007 13:10:11Dominionism: Funding the agenda, spreading the word, by whatever means necessary
04/02/2007 13:08:56When Will the Sheeple Wake Up and Learn?
03/27/2007 13:33:26Schadenfreude, prepared with half-baked Gramley and hard-boiled Creech
03/21/2007 17:14:50The New Eugenics: Theofascism in America
03/04/2007 16:17:07Ann Coulter on Global Warming and Faggots: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"
02/27/2007 22:20:02The Hypocritical Christian Right is being “Left Behind”
02/19/2007 10:24:32The Wisdom of Youth
02/13/2007 08:06:31Ted Haggard and the S.S.A.D. “Ex-Gay” Fraud
02/05/2007 11:45:33Rush Limbaugh for the Nobel Peace Prize?
02/02/2007 08:47:47The Case of Donnie Davies and “God Hates Fags”
01/22/2007 13:09:39Using Religion to Justify Discrimination: The Ungodly Work of Rev. Don Wildmon in America and Archbishop Peter Akinola in Nigeria
01/14/2007 23:21:59Agape: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”
01/07/2007 14:27:48A Pathetic Ploy, Another “Signing Statement,” and that “Goddamned piece of paper”
12/25/2006 15:21:45Bush, Brownback and Benedict
12/15/2006 02:43:42Satanic Soy and Shrinking Penises
12/12/2006 08:31:55Homo Hunters: Portraits in Pathology
12/04/2006 14:13:42When religion loses its credibility,” dogmatic sophistry is sure to follow
11/21/2006 16:07:11The Lighter and the Darker Sides of Religious Fanaticism
11/18/2006 04:22:57Determined to Discriminate in the Name of “God”
11/10/2006 15:14:54“Times they are a-changin’…”
11/06/2006 14:46:25Rev. Ted Haggard: “A deceiver and a liar,” exposed
10/29/2006 11:41:28What’s in a Word: Wal-Mart and the New Jersey Supreme Court
10/24/2006 14:48:06Herding the Sheeple, Voting on Justice
10/14/2006 01:43:00From Liberating Spirituality to Oppressive Dogma: The Politics of Religion


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