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Un-President's Day - Until You Change How Money Works - You Change Nothing
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 20:27
by Carolyn Baker
Economics is the study of our optimization (creation, management, allocation and destruction) of our resources. To optimize something is to make the most of it. Our spiritual and intellectual resources are infinite. That means there is more of it than we could ever use up. Our resources in the material world — such as air, water and land — are finite. Most of us believe that we have a responsibility to take care of the land, to take care of each other, and to take care of ourselves. Economics is a body of knowledge that helps us do that.
Catherine Austin Fitts, “Economics 101: A Curriculum” (which may be read at her Solari website)

All too frequently I encounter activists who don’t like to talk about money. While they crusade loudly for “economic justice”, they resist talking about their own relationship with money as if it were somehow an X-rated topic on par with sexuality or bathroom habits. In other words, these well-meaning individuals have little or no financial literacy. For this reason I wrote a 2005 article Activists And Accountants: Absolute Allies in which I emphasized that economic IN-justice only happens when people sacrifice sustainability for profit and that whenever we attend to our own sustainability and that of our community, we are practicing economic justice, but we cannot do so without acquiring financial literacy.

My experience has confirmed this for me so profoundly in recent years that I have come to agree wholeheartedly with Catherine Austin Fitts that until we change the way money works in our personal lives, our communities, and our world, we will change nothing. I know of no one else on earth who has so clearly articulated the way sustainable and unsustainable economic systems work as Catherine has. For this reason, I place little emphasis on the role of presidents as I teach history to college students or in my thinking and discourse on the government of the United States and how it functions.

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“Tapeworm” is the name Fitts applies to the economic system of the U.S. which seeks to feed upon both its inhabitants and its neighbors, near and far, and at the same time, ingest them with toxins which cause them to crave the very elements which feed the Tapeworm, thereby establishing a perpetual search-and-destroy economic system. Inherent in Tapeworm economics is the primacy of centralized financial systems such as the Federal Reserve, national and worldwide banking networks, a complex global economic apparatus, reliance on agribusiness for food supply and distribution, and the privatization of resources — all without financial transparency or accountability.

Conversely, a sustainable economy is de-centralized and locally-focused, relying on small, well-managed local banks; food supplies which are grown, financed, and distributed locally; community ownership of land and resources; local commerce and industry; and above all, financial transparency.

Among the myriad advantages of categorizing economic systems in this way is the immediate exposure of federal election campaigns as unequivocally by, for, and about centralized financial systems which offer the illusions of “choice” and “change”. No sincere proponent of a sustainable economy has the slightest possibility of emerging victorious in a country where centralized financial systems furnish, finance, and in the current milieu, manage electoral outcomes. Or as Aaron Russo’s documentary “America From Freedom To Fascism” underscored, voting in a national election is essentially making a choice between two crime families who are ostensibly at war with each other but will always join forces when their mutual interests are threatened. The current “debate” on the Iraq War is one of countless examples, as the majority of “dissenters” in Congress are unwilling to illumine the fundamental travesty of the war, namely, that the United States should have never invaded and occupied the country, and instead are focused on how the war is being “mis-managed.”

For those residing in the belly of the beast, particularly when the overwhelming majority of those citizens is unaware of the Tapeworm and their role as its host, mass revolt or widespread dissent is unlikely, at least as long as the illusion of benefitting from the Tapeworm economy can be maintained. Only when citizens become as abjectly impoverished and desperate as our Latin American neighbors have become in recent years, will the neoliberal Tapeworm be rejected and sustainable economies replace it. What will insure the protracted success of these movements, however, is not top-down policymaking, but grassroots, place-based, local solutions. How countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Nicaragua each uniquely implement sustainable economies, remains to be seen, but in the meantime, I have not and will not lose any sleep over how they should be named. Call them socialist or Solari, the Tapeworm is being rejected and shriveled; to obsess on how to label the process is to lose sight of the economic transformation that must take place in the United States in order for humankind and the ecosystems to survive.

And what is that transformation?
  • It first begins with a commitment to financial literacy in concert with sustainable economics.
  • Next, one must increase one’s learning curve regarding the reality of corruption in the United States. American “exceptionalism”, the puerile illusion that other countries are corrupt, but the U.S. is not, must be shattered, and we must stop pointing our fingers, for example, at Mexico for being a blatant poster-child for corruption and recognize that the United States is merely Mexico with make up.
  • As a result of this recognition, it then becomes crucial to illuminate corruption and Tapeworm economics in one’s own community, i.e., narcotics trafficking, fraud, entities such as universities, foundations, churches, non-profit agencies, and media that accept contributions from the Tapeworm and serve its interests. Every town has “K” street, and we cannot liberate ourselves effectively from the Tapeworm until we shine light on its presence in our place. Likewise, we need to support media and government leaders who promote transparency and accountability.
  • Therefore, as activists, we have no business depositing our money in Tapeworm banks or using credit cards from those institutions. It is our responsibility to transact with institutions that keep the money in our communities, rather than drain it out.
  • Understand that personal debt finances the Tapeworm and ensures its continued success. Get out of debt, and if you must use credit cards at all, pay them off in full monthly. In teaching college students I am frequently and painfully reminded that most of them will graduate from their institutions in a state of debt servitude for decades of their adult lives and will not snag those illusory “dream jobs” their colleges and career counselors promise them because those jobs have been outsourced or eliminated. Investigate people-to-people lending arrangements such as those found at www.prosper.com.
  • Become involved with other activists in your community to block the privatization of land and resources and demand public ownership of them.
  • Recognize that “socially responsible investing” usually isn’t. Consult the Solari website for more information.
  • Consider investing in precious metals — silver or gold, and consult the Solari site for ways to begin doing so with small, affordable amounts. If you deposit money in a savings account, why not invest some of it in precious metals instead?
If we attentively read United States history, we learn that particularly in recent times, financial systems, not presidents, dictate policy and that “Chief Executives” are themselves at the mercy of those systems - before, during, and after their term of office. Electing presidents changes little, but changing how money works changes everything.
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a guest said:

british are the emain evil m=nation in manipulating other people.@s money and doing outright theft through financial institutions.
August 2002

It really is funny when the english media start telling to all and sundry that while it may be that U.S. has some reason to lose shares in the stock market and while the rest of world has lost stock market for so long it is some special god given right of london stock market not to fall or atleast not to fall as others have. Why?thses english propagandist who have been champion of globalization and have told others country that evrything in one country affects other country(though not aparently england even if england produces nothing of sort and her so called service industry is run by constipated looking arse faced low lif salesman and women), ; these people are now saying that england's accounting system and stock market is different than americas. Till other days they have been telling that their system is best because it is very much like american system.
Whole thing smacks of rats(in this case british) leaving the ship(america) when the rats fear of ship sinking.After it ion the strenght of american power that this thrid rate country called england has had such a boom time while the real industrial giants like japan and Germany have been in recession for years(no globalizatio effect there).In fact poplke should throw their economic book ab=nd theory and examine how a thrid rate country like england has nbeen able to survuive let alone propsper.ofcourse the english were fisrt to glee when they initaited downfall of japanese and far east market-no advice at that time to put money into equity as good value as they talk of in their case now. The english spies in form of jopurnalist put a lot (billion) of false paper money into Soviet russia during may-december 1900 to bankrupt soviets. ofcourse the englsh have been trying to thwart Euro for a long time-only when they are successful then they think of joining eueo-in fact europe should not allow britian to join euro.Also english media and govt. have been indulging in industrial sabotage of european countries thru the anglosaxon network of satellite and net , telephone spying and tapping-even E.U. rightly had complained about it-it was hushed just as it was in case of money laundering by british through their so called tax heaven off shore islands.
In fact for last 20 years and more so in last 15 years the english have shown their true clour-after cold war it is clear that the impotent english have been trying to piggy back pon american strength(americans in majority are not anglosaxons)and thru america england treis to bully other nations-install dictators their and then those dictators without peoples supprt are asked to bring the money to england and buy house in london-that creates housing boom and this nation of plumbers(graduation from pirates to shopkeepers then plumbers now) feels very happy with inflated house prices and low qulaity housing and infrastructrue-the money from abroad comes to london stock exchange and fuels the stock price. The london stock price should be forced to be lowered to one fourth of its present price becasue the rest is all false pumped up price with no real value. wht does england produce that any country would want? the real indutrial nations of the worls -Japan, germany have been in recesssion for last 10years while this england has been booming after gulf war for no reason other than becasue it falsley persuaded other countries and their dicataors to bring money to london and starve the rest of worrld. For God' sake the english plumber does not even eat healthy food.--atleast not non infected.england -which has preached globalization to evryone-must be forced to import better and healtheir food from other countries and make british farmers go to heaps because they desrve to be finished.After imf has ruined many farmers in the rest of world so what is special about dirty smelly british famers who produce infected smelly industrial food fit for pigs like the british farmers.

the accounting system and evrything in england is reeling with corruption with collusion amongst government, media and business class -inflitrating academia even and polluting every thing in the socail ,ecnomic and political field of this pirate turned shopkeeprs turned plumber country.In fact the corruption is so widespread that the stock market is not worth even ft100index of 1000 let alone 4000. The world must force the london stock market to fall below 1000 and more-first the dictator countries of the world and others must take money out from here and get it in some other country-though england have 98 percent market of off shore tax heaven for corrupt and money lanudered money there is no reason why england can not be forced to obey civilized laws just as the rest of world does and close all money laundery business through tax heavens.



Recently a reputed French National paper ''le Figaro'' in its 6th March ,'99 edition mentioned two different things but connected by important observation. First was that an american pilote who had caused killing of so many tourists in Italian tourist place by his cavaliar attitude , had been acqueitted of all crimes by American court at the same week when two German s had been put to death in state of Arizona in state prison despite of Germans' protest and in violation of international law. It was against international law because though the Americans had captured thse two German brothers way back in 1982 and put them to prison, thae had not informed the German authorities untill it leaked out only recently and only when death sentence had to be executed. Compare that with the royal treatment given to british girl-a maid servant_ when she killed an American baby born of Indian father and when murder case was first changed to manslaugher and then despite only mandatory 15 years' minimum sentence: the judge gave a pronouncement-alredy preknown to british propaganda media like b.b.c.-that that murderer girl should be released fothwith.Compare that with british propaganda departments like b.b.b. and others of theat lot moving their commentators to States for whipping up hatred against Simpson and thier disappointment at verdict; not only that british propaganda dept. has been very active in pushing for severe punitive mesures in u.S.A. against Blacks in name of crime or drugs. The same british media who is very armourous of anglo-american tobacco company-biggest drug dealer in the world. It should open eyes of the world and of Americans (majority of who are not 'anglos') about infiltration in American foreign, Domestic ,economic and juridiciary of British agents who are nurtured there by mainly racists people of south and who are doing harm to american interests at the benefit of british interests. Britain has undually benefitted from recent incresd stature of America because britain is a parasite on not only America but the whole world. It is not unsignificant that after Gatt and so called globalization under auspices of IMF(which had been created solely to benefit britain in 40's) the whole world is in deep recession except Anglosaxon countries especially u.s.a.and britain. That is when britain is not an industrial country-it does not not produce anything which others may want -but others are forced to buy rubbish low quality high priced british goods like kuwait and saudie arabia are forced to buy.While britain protects its own jobs by buying even rotten,viral infected beef and spurious drugs and a lot of rubbish low quality domestic products; it forces with the help of u.s.a.; other countries to destroy thier own economy and domestic industry.IT is very strange that even after so called crisis of Japan, the unemployment figure in Japan is 4 % , bank rate is 0.15% (yes you heard right) and export record level ; while American trade deficiet is record high but growth is 5% in three months at base rate of 4%! All this theory of export being growth engine is more false when you consider that Germany has had record export of all time and 25% of German's domestic product is exported but country has record recssion at the moment. In other word the whole world has been subjected to immense fraud and destruction by anglosaxon race in name of gatt; in name of nato and what not.

On the same day the aforementioned French paper mentioned that In since First world war, United States Congress has imposed trade and economic sanctions against foreign countries record 60 times and of this , half in las 5 Years! If you consider numer of times done in last 10 years then it comes to 75 5 of all sansctions have been done after break up of Russia. In other word the more America got bold after gulf war, the more countries were forced under its dictatorship. Today more than 50 % of world's countries are under America's economic sanction! Ofcourse it does not attack all at once. When enemy(which for america is all non anglosaxon counties) is wek it choose one by one. ANd the victim counties have also themsemlves to blame. If these 50 % of world's countries had the guts they would have boycotted american and anglosaxon goods and change over from dollar to EURO as means of foreign payment. BUt these countries rulers are american gaents and thy want to deliver thier country to america.
February 21, 2007
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a guest said:

Consider investing in precious metals?
I'm very skeptical of the "buy metals" advice. My pessimistic impression has been people who encourage others to buy gold/silver are those who have ALREADY DONE SO and such advice will increase the demand for their holdings. I agree with the "get of of debt" goal, and for anyone lucky enough to reach that goal, I say invest in anything that will reduce your cost of living in the future, or investing in community businesses which you value.
February 26, 2007
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Questionable financial practices
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csy211 said:

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October 10, 2009
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lycan said:

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