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Iran's Elections 2009 and Western Hypocricy and Interference
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 04:36
by Brian Rayner

It is evident from the frenzied hourly reporting emanating from the mainstream media in Monarchical Britain, that the rationale of common sense and impartiality relative to the election results in Iran has been replaced with prejudice and hypocrisy of the highest order. The malice exiting the foaming mouths of Western media against Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei is an appalling example of sour grapes, humiliation and an affront to Islam.

Is it any wonder that the West’s belligerent conceit, deceit and double-talk aimed at aiding Iran will not be believed? Let me remind readers – The West wanted above all else for Iran’s elected President Mahmoud Amadinejad to be removed from office. Because it did not occur, the West is now shouting foul and reverting to one of its traditional responses: Sour Grapes and its associated raving rhetoric of Divide & Rule – this election result has been an unpalatable one for Monarchical Britain. If the outcome had gone the way that the Crusading and Imperialistic West had wanted, the coverage in the British media would not have been scornful and condemnatory, but rather the opposite. Typically the British media have rejected Ayatollah Khamanei’s peace-seeking stance and his denunciation of violence and blood spilling. What impertinence – it beggars the question “who are these hypocrits who have denounced in one breath while failing to censure the spilling of so much Arab blood” over the preceding years.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black when the Queen’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown, allegedly speaks of Iran’s “repression and brutality”. How can anyone forget the oppression and rejection inflicted on the majority of the British peace-seeking people, who campaigned tirelessly against a war with Iraq and who certainly do not want to wage war against Iran.

And yet the Queen’s sycophant failed to mention the repression instigated by the Queen’s military and its subjugating dominance in the Middle East? And as far as Obama’s abhorrence of the Ayatollah’s “tenor and tone of the statement…”goes, well that beggars belief! and is something millions would never categorise as a welcoming “soft power” speech from a US President. Indeed, the headline “The Soft Power Moment” used in some of the British media contains an underlying hard threat! It seems to many that as Britain and the U.S.A are clearly intent on putting Iran under the International media microscope yet again, that now is an appropriate time for Iran to respond and subject Monarchical Britain to an equally severe scrutiny in view of Britain’s flagrant misquoting of its own self righteousness; for example Britain’s arrogant assertion that Iran and therefore its people, not the West should be considered a power that “Rejects liberty, rejects human rights and rejects all respect for democratic freedom.”

I would have thought that the slaughter of untold numbers of Arab men, women, children and babies at the hands of the West’s military might, was sufficient proof of the West’s infamy. Perhaps the Iranian Government will now consider putting the foot on the other boot so-to-speak, by sending an envoy to Washington to question, albeit retrospectively, the “fair” election results that brought Bush to power and the rest of the world into turmoil; a result incidentally that millions of Americans doubted at the time, and to their shame still do.

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The Iranian Government could also if it so chooses send envoys to London to ask why does Britain the insolently self styled “mother of all democracies”, have an Un-elected Queen as its Un-elected Head-of-State, and as its Un-elected Commander of its military might, and as an Un-elected Defender of the Christian Faith? Incidentally, it should not be forgotten that the Queen’s grandson’s William and Harry were despatched to Iraq in her name (troops swear an allegiance to her) to maim or kill Muslims defending their own soil. Just look at the media coverage for confirmation; the Princes working lap-top directing bombs on to targets or triggering a machine gun sending death dealing bullets. Moreover, in the Political Second Chamber in Britain,- The House of Lords - we have the Robe wearing Lords Spiritual – five in number - who all wield political influence. Indeed many in Britain would like to see Disestablishment on the political agenda at the next General election.

Consequently the Queen’s media or anyone in Britain for that matter have no legitimacy to question the role of Iran’s Supreme Leader and his power, while Christian Bishops occupy seats in London’s Second Chamber.

Moreover in Britain, when the present Head-of-State dies, the public cannot choose – unlike in Republics. We in Britain have no choice but to accept the next in line to the throne as our Head-of-State and etc., because of undemocratic hereditary privileged birth. Moreover the next in dictatorial line we in Britain have to suffer, is that interfering numbskull Prince Charles as our Un-elected Monarch/King who will continue with untold political influence over a gullible British public.

And Britain’s Establishment refer to that as Democracy!!! It is a dictatorial catastrophe that keeps one family in power in perpetuity. So my friends, should anyone ever talk to you about the much flaunted “British democracy” as “The Mother of all Democracies”, firmly remind them that British democracy is in reality a myth. Consequently, Iran could, quite justifiably reply to these despicable comments perpetrated against their Supreme Head and the population of Iran as a whole by reminding the world that:-“Better for you in Britain to look to yourselves first – and get your own house in order before condescendingly, disgracefully and impertinently criticising and condemning out of hand other Sovereign Nations”
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beholdthedarkhorse said:

You cannot be Serious
I am always amazed at how far people will go to support dictatorship as a means of showing the west a petulant middle finger. The people demonstrating in Iranian streets were Iranians themselves who happened to be desperate for more tolerant democratic society. As long as people in the middle east are fed the crap of the outsider keeping them poor and hungry they will never find a solution to their own problems
July 05, 2009
Votes: -2

Roberto said:

Iran's Elections
Behold the VERY Dark Horse. Once again we have pro Western support for anything they do in the Middle East. Sadly there are many Ostrich like head in the sand people like you who fail utterly to comprehend that the USA and Monarchical Britain want domination of these people and their sovereignty at any cost. No thanks to that, and while I am at it, nd stop your crappy commenting about matters you do not understand in the slightest.
December 31, 2009
Votes: +3

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