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Please, Please, Please.... Don't Do This to Us - No Hillary Rodham Clinton
Thursday, 22 February 2007 21:38

by Stephen P. Pizzo


Do  40% of Democrats really want Hillary? Really? That's the question I ask myself each time I see polls that say that Hillary Clinton is the choice of 40% of Dems polled. If that's true I have just one thing to say to those folks:

What the hell's wrong with you people!? Are you the Democratic party's version of the GOP's red state morons – the ones who put George W. Bush in  the Oval Office – TWICE? Because by  supporting Hillary you are vying for precisely that sort of infamy.

Listen... and listen well – Hillary zombies – pay attention for damn it!

Hilary Clinton is Tom DeLay on estrogen.

And that's neither a sexist remark or the slightest exaggeration. I'm not talking about her politics, I'm talking about her stone-cold, calculating, triangulating soul.

That woman is not worthy of your support. Hillary is just as mean as Tom DeLay, just as self-centered, and even a more shameless, principle-free conniver. And, as David Greffen told Maureen Dowd, she's a liar.

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Just like Tom DeLay, Hillary has surrounded herself with advisers, handlers and sycophantic gofers that can best be described the poltical equivalent of a mob. Like DeLay's former political mob, Hillary's gang are mean, play dirty and play for keeps.

You think I'm kidding? Okay, then put your mind where your vote is and go to this web site. Watch Chris Mathews interview yesterday with Hillary's chief spokesman, Howard Wolfson. I'll wait here until you return:

(Scroll down and click on this character's photo to start the video)

Now, is that what you want to replace the Bush presidency with?  Is that the kind of slash and burn politics we need for another 4 or 8 years? Do you really want to replace Tony Snow's obfuscation and lies with Howard Wolfson's mean-spirited insinuations and transparent connivance? Really?

Didn't you get enough of “depends on what the meaning of 'is', is?” Because that's precisely what you will get with a President Hillary Clinton. Did you watch the video? Chris Mathews asked Wolfson – the man Hillary has chosen to be her chief spokesman – if he, Wolfson, was speaking for Hillary when he lashed out at Obama. Wolfson replied with a version of “that depends on what you mean by “speaking for.”

And what did Hillary have to say about the Obama flap? When asked yeasterday she proceeded to prove David Greffen was right. She lied. She responded that she wasn't going to engage in “the politics of personal destruction.”

Right. Of course she wasn't. The Godmother never gets blood on her own hands. Instead she had sent her sleazy hit man, Howard Wolfson, to do the dirty work for her. (Hillary learned the value of deniability from Bill.)

So was Wolfson speaking for Hillary when he smeared Obama? If he wasn't she could have disavowed his anti-Obama smear. But she didn't. Instead she took a page from the Bush/Kerry race. You remember, when the "Swift Boat Vets for Truth" smeared John Kerry and Bush just shrugged and said he wasn't going to get involved. It worked. If Hillary is anything she's practical. It's all about winning and if something works, it's eithically neutral to Hillary Clinton. (Does she regret her vote for the war? No. Because, at the time, it was what worked for her.)

This Obama flap was just a taste of what a Hillary presidency would be like – a bitter taste.

I am not going to beat this mare to death. I just want to beg those Democrats that keep putting Hillary at the top of polls to think before they answer that question next time. Get off your Hillary fixation and make an effort to get to know the many other Democrats running for that nomination, some of whom are far more likely to win and be good Presidents than Hillary Clinton. And, far more likely to heal and reunite our abused and bleeding nation.

Because if your support for Hillary continues and she wins the Democratic Party nomination, there are only two possible outcomes and they are both too awful to contemplate: she'll lose to her Republican opponent or --  she'll win.
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a guest said:

I couldn't agree more!
February 22, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

They're a lot of sexists.
They're largely the same people who beat Pelosi's drum. She may not be worth a shit for anything, but she's a woman, and because she's a woman, she's brave, courageous and bold, the greatest thing since The Pill, and the last best hope for America.

A rational person would think the idea that women are somehow more virtuous than men went down the toilet after women like Leona Helmsley and Libby Dole wiped their nasty asses with it, but it just ain't so. It's still here, it's still brown, and there's a flock of sexists out there who just can't do without the smell of it.

There's no chance whatever that Hillary will win the White House. If she wins the nomination, she's sure to get beat in the November election. Too many Americans see her for what she is and despise her. But the fact that she could win The Nomination so thrills her supporters that they'll piss away the election for the chance to get a woman nominated. Like Pelosi as Speaker of the House, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be the First Woman to fly so high and no matter if she isn't fit for the job. When it's all over and she's defeated, she can sell her broom for billions.

What's happened to feminism is that it's no longer robust. Feminism used to be informed by headstrong women like Mae West and Sophie Tucker. Today it limps along behind a gang of nasty, lying, fascist soccer moms.
February 23, 2007 | url
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