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U.S. Policy in the Drink
Friday, 13 April 2007 07:29
by Larry C Johnson

There were two significant bombings in Iraq today but only one is attracting media and public attention, i.e. the bombing of the Iraqi parliament within the supposed safe confines of the Green Zone.  Taking a backseat was the bombing of the Sarafiya bridge in Baghdad.   But as time goes on we will begin to realize that the attack on the Sarafiya bridge was more important strategically and tactically then the bombing inside the Iraqi parliament building.

The bomb inside parliament is a major psychological blow to the Bush policy and will heighten anxiety inside the Green Zone.  However, it will also lead to a short term improvement in security practices and procedures controlling access to the Green Zone.  It will be tougher to get any work done inside the security ghetto over the next month.  Not so with the Sarafiya bridge.  The downed bridge is a downer on most counts.

There are eleven major bridges that unite west Baghdad with east Baghdad.  They are:

Tigris River bridges
1. Aimma Bridge
2. Adhimiya Bridge
3. Sarafiya Bridge
4. Tamuz Bridge
5. Shuhada Bridge
6. Ahar Bridge
7. Sinak Bridge
8. Jumhuriya Bridge
9. 14th of July Bridge
10. Jadriya Bridge
11. Dora Bridge

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Consult the following map to orient yourself:  

{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='33.328233'|lon='44.400172'| zoom='3'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='0'|mapType='Satellite'|showMaptype='1'| overview='0'|text='Baghdad'|tooltip='Iraq'|marker='1'| align='center'|key='ABQIAAAAr1I7MW78hgGObloGKO3wzRRDpmMZxxqZV8fOQQZ_U63XUjRjwRQ1orJhqp0meqdzcsb5w-hVWKqR-g'}

The effects will be immediate and significant.


Moving around Baghdad already is a logistical nightmare.  The loss of a bridge in north central Baghdad will reduce commercial activity and increase traffic jams.  This will damage, at least for the short term, economic recovery in Baghdad.

It also creates new and dangerous challenges for moving U.S. troops within the city.  U.S. forces have one less route available.  They cannot quickly move reinforcements across the river in that sector.    

The destruction of the bridge is a significant technical accomplishment for the group that planned and carried out the attack.  I do not buy the explanation that this was a mere "truck" bomb.  I am not familiar with any truck bomb in the world that takes out two ends of a bridge simultaneously.  In fact, if it was the result of a truck bomb you would expect a hole in the pavement,i.e. a crater.  While it is difficult to tell from the picture it sure looks like the bridge was sheared at two separate points and an entire section of the bridge fell intact into the water.  That is not what one would expect from a blast from a truck bomb.

Can't wait to hear John McCain and Lindsey Graham describe the bombing of this bridge as just another sign of success with the Petraeus surge.  I'm not sure how much more success like this we can endure.

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a guest said:

What a load of absolute reeking bullshit! The loss of the bridge is a major tactical victory for the Bush administration's plans to divide the city into bantustans. Eye witness reports detail closure of the bridge prior to the attack, re-opening of the bridge immediately prior to the attack, and missile being fired into the bridge. There is no evidence of any suicide bomber in the parliament cafeteria. It is simply more "collateral damage" as the American Psychos continue on their merry propaganda-paved way towards whatever-the-fuck they believe they're aiming at.
April 13, 2007
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a guest said:

What happened to the map?
April 13, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

What happened to the map?
April 13, 2007
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