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This, Pat Robertson, Is How a Nation Gets Punished for Its Sins
Friday, 04 May 2007 10:33
by Andrew Bard Schmookler

You’re right, Pat, that nations pay a price for their sins. But – even disregarding the question of which sins are most weighty – you’re wrong about how these punishments work and about what forms they take.

We could do an empirical study, I suppose, to check your theory that God sends hurricanes and earthquakes and other natural disasters to smite those places where the people have turned away from what you proclaim to be God’s way. All we’d have to do is set up two independent sets of judges, one evaluating nations and communities according to your standards of what God rewards and punishes, and another to comb through the records of natural disasters.

I can’t claim to have done it, but I would bet my fortune against yours (Ha!, great bet for me, in view of which of us has really been serving Mammon! But that’s another story.) that no such correlation is to be found. In any event, I don’t think that any natural calamity has yet befallen that American Gemorrah in Pennsylvania where the Court found that the teaching of Intelligent Design runs counter to the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against any government “establishment of religion.”

But as I said, you are right that nations do get punished for their sins. We can see this now with the price America is paying for entrusting the power of the presidency to the likes of these Bushites.

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This regime has been conducting a veritable exhibition of many of the sins most deeply condemned not only by the Bible but also by the wisdom of the classical world.

**They have refused to bow before the law.

**They have killed and stolen.

**They have been filled with hubris, and have over-reached.

**They have dishonored the truth.

**They have been indifferent to the plight of the poor, and have served instead the rich and mighty.

**They have not loved their enemies, let alone their neighbors.

**They have not walked humbly, but have swaggered and strutted.

**They have not feared the Lord, nor bowed to any authority higher than themselves, including the Constitution.
And tens of millions of Americans have all the while exalted these leaders.

**These Americans have followed false prophets, not seeing or not caring that they are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

**They have made an idol of the flag.

**They have applauded as their leaders acted toward other nations in a spirit the very opposite of the Golden Rule.

**They have been complicit in the dishonest and irresponsible disregard of the damaging of the Creation.
This evil, sinful regime was not imposed on America from the outside, by a conquering power. It was chosen by half the people. And if this Bushite band of criminals not only abused power but stole it as well, the nation did not rouse itself to expose that theft and to restore justice.

In all these ways, this nation has sinned most grievously. And for these sins, we can already see America is paying a most grievous price.

It is a price measured in treasure, perhaps a few trillion dollars worth. It’s a price measured in blood, a few thousand American lives (not including the lives lost in other countries). And it’s a price paid in less tangible ways– a price weighed out in the loss of national influence, a price in harm to our institutions and our political culture, a price in the degradation of America’s soul.

This damage will not be easily repaired.

Note, too, Pat –perhaps before you again pronounce sentence, in the name of the Lord, against someone you don’t approve– how it is that the moral order of the world works to punish the sins of a nation. The realm of earthquakes and hurricanes apparently lies outside the realm where the wages of sin are paid.

We are embedded in a moral order of sorts. But rather than relying on some kind of supernatural intervention, this order seems an intrinsic part of the nature of things. In child-rearing circles, this way of discipline is called “natural consequences.”

I’ve long thought that people like you, Pat, ought to have more appreciation of the Creation. You seem to think that the Creation can’t do anything to keep order without outside intervention. But America today, like many other a nation that has sinned in the past, is being punished by the way the world itself works– that those who do not know or respect their proper place in the order of things get undone by the disorder they’ve created.

It’s true at the individual level. And, as we in America are beginning painfully to learn, it works with nations as well.

**Pride does come before a fall.

**Cruelty begets enmity.

**Deceit breeds disbelief.

**Hubris is punished.

**Anger begets anger.

**Rending the fabric of human connection leads to social disintegration.

**Tearing down the structures of justice draws down the social capital of trust.
Evil is too twisted to align with the ways of life. And so, like the hand of the potter on the spinning clay, the order of life sweeps away what’s out of kilter with its circle.

This is how nations that choose the path of evil get punished.
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kai shiden said:

Blood in flowing on your hands Pat Robertson
You think that God is a republican for you are impartial Mr. Pat Robertson. why is it that when the democrats sin, you condemn & judge them. But when the republicans sin, you defend, protect & preserve the 'integrity' or of what is left of it. Sin is sin whether it committed by democrats or republicans.
Pro. 16:16 there are 6 things god hates
haughty eyes, lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush to evil, a false witness who pours out lies, & a man who stirs up dissenssion among brothers.

You have blood flowing on your hands Mr. Pat Robertson. you supported this president whatever the policies from tax cuts to iraq to 'faith based initiatives'. how much 'faith based initiative' money did you receive. you are serving 2 masters & praising the almighty dollar.
1 Timothy 6:3-5 you think that your 'godliness leads to financial gain'.
2 Cor 2:17 you are using god for profit.
your judgement has been clouded by money & you have become proud & arrogant.

Proverbs 17:23 a wicked man accepts bribe in secret to pervert the course of justice.
Prov 29:4 by justice a king give a country stability
but one who is greedy for bribe tears it down
Prov 29:12 if a ruler listens to lies all his officials become wicked.
1Tim 6:9-10 people who want to get rich fall into temptation & trap & into many foolish & harmful desires THAT PLAGUE MEN INTO RUIN & DESTRUCTION. for the LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVil.
YOU HAVE A SIN OF COMMISSION Mr. Pat Robertson for you supported this corrupt president.
May 08, 2007
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