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Bush Provokes Britain's Terrorists With: "THIS IS AMATEUR TIME!"
Monday, 02 July 2007 08:28
by Linda Milazzo

With Great Britain under extreme alert after three car bomb attempts over the past two days, George W. Bush and his high level White House cohorts are doing their utmost to goad the terrorists to try harder next time.  To be more "PROFESSIONAL" in their planning.  To detonate bombs that are certain to cause harm.  

By all accounts, the failed detonations of the two cars in London and the blazing SUV in Scotland weren't huge or impressive enough for Bush and his buddies.  They didn't do enough damage.  They didn't produce real harm.   They weren't "PROFESSIONAL" enough to get America's attention.  

The underlying message: to be worth your salt as terrorists, you'll have to do better next time!  Another case of: "Bring it on!"

Rather than supporting the Brits and their new Prime Minister by publicly commiserating with them on the tragedies that were averted, Bush and his buddies have once again chosen the most irrational, incompetent course.  They've called the terrorists "AMATEURS" to encourage their devising more sophisticated methods next time.

Bring it on!

In the six and a half years George W. Bush has been President, he and his Administration have never had a logical, well-reasoned, legitimate or successful response to any situation.  He failed miserably after 9/11.  He attacked Afghanistan, but failed to capture the orchestrators of the World Trade Center's demise.  He unnecessarily invaded and occupied Iraq, destroyed its infrastructure, killed thousands of Americans, and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who survived Saddam, but succumbed to him.  And he's made America the most reviled nation in the world.

Now once again, in the aftermath of a critical incident that requires a sound leadership response, George W. Bush makes another illogical and counter-productive choice.  He faults the terrorists for failing, giving them impetus to improve their attacks.  

Could he be more inept?  Could he be more dangerous?  Could he be more ill-suited for his job?

In lieu of goading for more successful terrorism, George Bush should contact the new Prime Minister to offer moral support.  He should state publicly to the Brits that he's pleased no innocents were harmed.  He should instruct potential attackers that all human life, including their own, is too precious to sacrifice in so heinous a way.  In other words, George Bush should deliver an adult, reasoned, moral message - and not antagonize the frey.

But naturally Mr. Bush isn't doing anything of the sort.  

Instead he's playing with his boat and his bicycle in Kennebunkport, looking into the eyes of Vladimir Putin to once again "know his heart," and childishly snubbing the new British Prime Minister for taking his Tony's job.

How long will our nation permit this grievous incompetent to remain in office?  Every second he's there our nation and our world fall further apart.

I. I. I. I. — Invoke, Impeach, Indict and Imprison George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.  It can't happen a moment too soon!

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a guest said:

This mythological war on terrorism is all about terrorising the population into submitting to wars on forign lands.
George Bush, the crimes against humanity and secret society agent obviously feels the British public arn't frightened enough to commit themselves to a war on resources because whats needed in Britain is another undercover murderous
sept 11 attack (of that magnatiude) upon the majority to really create fear
(fear = hatred) amongst the local cosmopolitan communities.
These recent undercover attacks in Britain were in my opinion designed to push through a proposed parliment bill of detention without charge from 28 days to 90 days.
So if the recent false flag terrorism operaton proves a success in parliment in passing the bill then the police can detain and question you for upto 90 days!!!!
July 03, 2007
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