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My two claims to Guinness World Records
Thursday, 12 July 2007 17:35
by Burton H. Wolfe
The Guinness Book of World Records Six Landmark Square
Stamford, CT 06901-2704

Re: My two claims for Guinness World Records

To whom it may concern at the Guinness Book of World Records:

Herewith I submit two claims for Guinness Book of World Records. The first claim is under the record title "First writing that proves Jesus did not exist." The second claim is under the record title "First universally blacklisted book by known author." In submitting them, I do so in accordance with the criteria listed on the Guinness World Records web site.


— "First" - This is not a record that is breakable. The claim that the "Jesus Christ" of the New Testament did not exist has rarely been made, and those few who have made it have not provided any evidence to back up the claim. Mine is the first and only writing that proves the claim, and it will forever by definition remain the first writing that did so.

— "Basis" - My claim is based on my unique talent to prove that "Jesus Christ" did not exist and on the fact that I am the first person in the 1900-year history of Christian religion who has been able to present the proof. No writer, no journalist, no investigator, no researcher, no historian, no scholar, no theologian, no lawyer - nobody of any description other than myself - has ever been able to produce evidence, as in a court of law, that "Jesus Christ" did not exist.


— I am a well known, established author. You will find references to me in Who's Who in California, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Business and Finance, International Dictionary of Biography, Outstanding People of the 20th Century, Contemporary Authors; and in profiles that appear on the Authors Den, Bowker, Search Warp, and Zoom Info web sites. My previously published books include The Hippies (New American Library), Hitler and the Nazis (Putnam), Pileup on Death Row (Doubleday), and Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language (Wild West Publishing House). Those four books not only drew reviews in periodicals all over the world, but also drew the top spot in the book review sections of such periodicals as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Sun Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The San Francisco Examiner. My other books, though not drawing the top review spot, were reviewed in hundreds of periodicals, from the popular to the literary. But my book The Case Against 'Jesus' (Wild West Publishing House), in print since 2004, not only has gone unreviewed, but also has not even been mentioned anywhere except on my own web site and the web site of Wild West Publishing House. It has gone totally unmentioned in the print media and broadcast media, and on the internet (again, other than my own and Wild West's web sites). Not even a blogger has mentioned it.

— This result is not because the book has no credibility. In fact, I have received letters from distinguished scholars praising the book for its scholarship and undeniable accuracy. The famous writer Gore Vidal calls it "a brilliant case" and says my work is "first rate." Moreover, the evidence I have presented has gone unchallenged by all scholars everywhere in the world.

My experience in all phases of publishing extends over a period of 60 years. In all of that time I have neither witnessed nor heard of such total, universal blacklisting of a book by a well known, established author. Therefore, I state the following in regard to the Guinness criteria.

— "First" - This is not a record that is breakable. Nowhere in the history of publishing does one find the total, universal blacklisting of any prior book by a well known, established author. And even if that event should occur at some time in the future, this total and universal blacklisting of The Case Against 'Jesus' will remain the first time that an incidence of such universal blacklisting occurred.

— "Basis" - The basis for my making the claim is contained above in the description of my 60 years in publishing, and upon my awareness of every unique kind of occurrence in the history of publishing.

Yours sincerely,
Burton H. Wolfe

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