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Zeitgeist Zone: 9/11 Propaganda - Bush Spin - American Ideology - Conditioning - "Daft Punk"
Monday, 30 July 2007 22:12
by Ed Strong

Master Propagandists Use 9/11 to Indoctrinate Us

The State media are hard at work concocting the trigger-happy bogeyman Americans are always too eager to declare war upon. They use their control of the print, radio and television media, to condition us into accepting their version of reality.

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Yet another 9/11 anniversary, when Americans are fed the fiery rhetoric of imminent danger, a cocktail of fear, terror and warmongering to satisfy enemy-addicted knee-jerks.

The State media are hard at work concocting the trigger-happy bogeyman Americans are always too eager to declare war upon.

They are working overtime, using their control of the print, radio and television media, to condition us into accepting their version of reality.

Staying on message, the big lie is repeated over and over by this army of manipulators, attacking the airwaves, and thus our brains, in a constant stream of appearances.

Ignorant, ideological and delusional Machiavelli’s, this legion of propagandists is given free rein to saturate both televised and written media with their talking points.

They appear as “guests” on news shows, making the rounds, regurgitating the message their group wants disseminated, never being challenged, always having a loudspeaker from which to reach the masses.

Without merit, these operatives are placed as opinion writers, reporters and editors in America’s most influential magazines and newspapers, free to manipulate and condition the minds of readers, free to shift the nation’s discourse in a particular direction.

It was 9/11 that would forever alter the course of American history, along with the psyches of her people, becoming an untouchable, almost religious myth whose original story was sacrosanct, an untouchable story no matter how unrealistic it was.

Of course, 9/11 became a most fortuitous event to several entities, benefiting, first and foremost, the military-industrial-energy complex.

They were desperately in search of an enemy and a region to exploit, as well as those seeking American hegemony around the globe, and fitting perfectly with the master plans of the Likudnik neocons and their Project for a New American Century.

Thanks to 9/11, America had her new enemy, one evolved to suit the best interests of America’s warmongering class, one designed as a failsafe entity that could be counted on, in relative confidence, for a perpetual stream of conflict, war, destruction, hegemony, profit and power.

9/11 and its myth was needed to militarize the American masses into supporting the invasions and occupations of Middle East nations.

In that sense, 9/11 rapidly became a hyper-real event, staged specifically to manipulate the emotions and psychology of us in the expectation that we would march lock step with the warmongering aspirations of the state.

Its horrors were heightened and exploited to act as conduit between calls for revenge, hatred of the Muslim world, and acquiescence to pre-9/11 invasion plans.

9/11 ushering in a new American Century, just as the neocons had predicted, just as they had fortuitously envisioned.

Using the power of the State media and its battalions of propagandists, the psychological war was only just beginning.

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Will Bush Still Be Spinning in His Grave?

Never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong. We'll believe a big lie sooner than a little one. If you repeat it frequently enough we'll sooner or later believe it. Above all, keep on spinning.

Bush Spins Al Qaeda in Iraq

Remember what Bush said at the beginning of the neocon campaign of imperial conquest: “You are either with us or against us.”

If he can only convince the people that everyone who opposes us is Al Qaeda, then the neocons will have accomplished their primary goal: perpetual war.

The president speaks and we no longer hear his words:

“The facts are that Al Qaeda terrorists killed Americans on 9/11, they’re fighting us in Iraq and across the world and they are plotting to kill Americans here at home again.”

No, the Islamic radicals who planned 9/11 are still in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan — our sometime ally.

They are plotting to attack us more than ever because we are responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost.

Their numbers are growing because we chose the path of blind vengeance, invading a nation that had nothing to do with the original crime.

They are planning to attack us because we have implanted permanent military installations in the oil rich land of ancient Mesopotamia — just as they attacked us for planting military bases on the holy lands of Saudi Arabia.

Capitalism: America's 'Hidden' Ideology

Capitalism's success is due to popular support or ideological consent. Rather than using force to make workers submit to degrading jobs, corporations can call their wage-slaves “associates” or give them prizes for selling the most french fries.

Capitalism, Ideology & Indoctrination

Right-wing propagandists use 'ideology' to describe 'islamofascism', communism, or 'authoritarian' regimes. These capitalist hacks infer that there is no such thing as an American ideology. As if capitalism weren't an ideology!

Those who benefit most from capitalism - the ruling class- feed the fears and ignorance that provide a foundation for the ideology.

As the mass media are part of the ideological structure [the 'ministry of truth'] the ideological word is easily spread.

Capitalism always provides a scapegoat. Capitalist propaganda encourages poor members of the dominant group (e.g. poor whites or poor Christians) to hate some other group, so that their real enemy will be safe. Poor people have good reason to hate rich people.

If Jews can stand in for rich people (as part of some international bankers’ conspiracy), then poor people will hate Jews, and Judaism, rather than hating rich people, and capitalism.

When this happens, the elite can smile and be at peace: they are safe from the anger of those they exploit.

It is rich white people, the capitalists and government elite, who become rich from slavery, immigrant labor, and other forms of exploitation, but it is the working-class whites who must play the role of police.

They get little material benefit, but fool themselves with psychological benefit, by pretending they are powerful and superior as members of some mythical white race.

The rich whites can laugh all the way to the bank that they have made so many working-class whites into their tools so easily, and so cheaply.

Fear, War & Conditioning

For many years, American society has lived under a state of siege. We have constantly been bombarded, every minute of every day, with psychological conditioning that is meant to lead us into a state of hopelessness. We've become Pavlov's dogs.

Fear & Conditioning

When a dog encounters food, saliva starts to pour from the salivary glands located in the back of its oral cavity. This saliva is needed in order to make the food easier to swallow.

The fluid also contains enzymes that break down certain compounds in the food. In humans, for example, saliva contains the enzyme amylase, an effective processor of starch.

Ivan Pavlov became interested in studying reflexes when he saw that the dogs drooled without the proper stimulus.

Although no food was in sight, their saliva still dribbled. It turned out that the dogs were reacting to lab coats.

Every time the dogs were served food, the person who served the food was wearing a lab coat. Therefore, the dogs reacted as if food was on its way whenever they saw a lab coat.

In a series of experiments, Pavlov then tried to figure out how these phenomena were linked. For example, he struck a bell when the dogs were fed.

If the bell was sounded in close association with their meal, the dogs learnt to associate the sound of the bell with food. After a while, at the mere sound of the bell, they responded by drooling. More...

Replace the bell with endless TV 'news' telling us to be fearful of the next terrorist strike and you realise that fear is a conditioned response.

We're programmed to be scared. The essence of a modern warfare State.

Fear-Inspired Propaganda

The Bush Regime has used propaganda to impress its policies on the American people.

They have utilized one of the most easily-controllable human emotions - fear.

They have used fear to overstate terrorists threats, driving American taxes into defense contracts, while at the same time ignoring relevant issues on home soil (see Hurricane Katrina).

They have even used fear to engage in a war which is of no benefit to United States safety or diplomatic relations.

The administration has manipulated its citizens' fear of death and has unjustly used it to promote its agendas, hiding behind a guise of patriotism.

This regime uses fear to vilify people of the Muslim world and equate Islam with fascism.

This enables us to support war, under the impression that if we do not extend our imperialist might over these countries and smash their governments and ways of life, we are all going to die.

"Daft Punk" - Herbert Marcuse's Love Child

Daft Punk’s reputation is based on their colossal influence, their peerless agenda-setting, on the dance floor and in the charts. Can they also usher in a new era of credible, pop-based cinema as they unveil their 73-minute arthouse film, Electroma?

Advanced 'techno' civilisation:

The rational character of its irrationality.

It doesn’t take a great deal of grey matter to decipher what Daft Punk are mulling over here.

In many ways Electroma [the Daft Punk movie] seems an outgrowth of Daft Punk’s third album, 2005’s Human After All, wherein the songs suggested a tension between being liberated and dominated by technology.

In Electroma, there’s an obvious and simplified nod to Herbert Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man and his tract that modern-day technology has helped regiment and stifle our humanity and freedom.

In particular, the suburban robots seem to play out Marcuse’s notion that "individuals identify themselves with the existence which is imposed upon them" and that "the subject which is alienated is swallowed up by its alienated existence".

The two hero robots attempt to break out of such ‘one-dimensional conformity’ by attempting to be more real and human, playing on much of the counterculture ethos that Marcuse’s book influenced.

While it might appear that Daft Punk are endorsing over-familiar themes here, the film’s closing scene suggests a critique of such ideas that has chilling contemporary resonance.

As the hero robots become obsessed with being different to the suburbanites, their only way of fulfilling this desire is by being altogether estranged from them - hence their isolated hike across the desert.

But rather than this providing fulfilment and meaning to their existence, they eventually become suicidal and blow themselves up.

While it might be screamingly obvious to think of Islamic jihadists here, the murder/suicide pact in Electroma echoes that of other loathers of modern society: deep greens, perhaps, some of whom believe that voluntary euthanasia is a dignified choice in the name of saving the planet.

Ed Strong
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