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Defend Freedom on September 11
Thursday, 02 August 2007 11:32
by Peter Chamberlin

The insanity of the New World Order is indoctrinated into the American “sheeple” by more means than just through the medium of television. Although television is the great educator of today’s Americans, and the focus of all our “leisure time” awareness for most of us, we find that the “voice” of the grand indoctrinator makes itself heard through all communications media. Every entertainment medium “time-killer” has been harnessed by the controllers, to indoctrinate our children in the science of “learned hopelessness.”

“The News” speaks the disinformation and misinformation directly into our adult brains, as we take the word of the “talking heads” for what we should believe, and in which direction should we look, so that we will overlook news that is important to democracy’s survival. By turning our news sources into entertainment outlets, just like all other spectator sports, the value of press reports is demeaned. We cannot take seriously any news source that allots more time to Brittany Spears than it devotes to real threats to our Constitutional rights. Adoration of nubile adolescents and hero-worship, in general, are keys to brain-washing minds of every age.

The cheapening of important information, that is vital to an enlightened electorate, also extends deeply into our educational system. It is little wonder that Americans “graduate” school, without ever learning anything about our history, or our position in the world theatre. Children are better indoctrinated when they are distracted, like when they are watching TV, or playing games. Games become the preferred medium for the continued indoctrination of teenagers. Games help desensitize pubescent teens to violence and conquest, hero-worship and sexual obsession. It is not only movies and video games that communicate aggression to young minds, old-fashioned board games like “Monopoly” (indoctrination in basic merciless capitalist aggression) and “Risk” make economic and military conquest seem like fun.

For those of you who have never played “Risk,” it is a game of strategy, based on the idea of global military conquest. Think of it this way – the neocons are the ultimate Risk players, almost as if they were still locked in an all-nighter, plotting and killing their best friends, without mercy until dawn. These immature neocons believe that they have seized upon the perfect strategy, to seize everything from the Middle East to Irkutsk. Overwhelmed by the perfection of their grand strategy, they have forgotten how hard it is to hold all that territory, once it is taken, just like Afghanistan and Iraq.

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The neocons are true believers in everything that the great voice of indoctrination has to say. They are firm believers that the strong have a right and some kind of twisted moral duty to dominate the weak “inferior” masses. Neoconservatism is a corrupt ideology whose merciless adherents act as if only the strong deserve to survive. Neoconservatism is simply a more subtle version of National Socialism; or, is it more like communism, with corporations filling the role of the state?

In this foreign doctrine, America has a duty to the world to conquer and subjugate it, for the world’s own good. They believe that the elite class (meaning the neocon elite) deserves to be the master class, if they have the balls to seize the day. For them, the idea that America has a “manifest destiny” to fulfill, under their all-wise leadership still holds true. I prefer to think that the real “destiny” of the neocons has always been to serve as the catalyst, to so agitate the sleeping American majority with their outrageous audacity, that their actions jar the people to awaken. For us, the greatest danger remains that they will successfully take the war in the Middle East to the next level, before the people awaken to the true reign of terror that is waiting in the wings. At which time, we shall see just how far our war-weary troops will be willing to follow orders in the Middle East and here in the Homeland.

The neocon plotters have committed themselves to implementing the ideology of the master class in the Middle East, without regard for the steep cost in American and Muslim lives. The only thing that matters is that their grand scheme is implemented. After the American ruling families (the elite) successfully lay claim to all oil and gas reserves in the region (just as they have taken-over all American industry, financial centers and institutions, even government itself), their domination of controlling interest in the rest of the world will become a done deal. This is why the neoconservative plot to conquer the world must end there, in the Middle East, where they have drawn the lines against the world deeply into the desert sand. This is where the world dictatorship has to be stopped.

If the American people can be aroused to take a stand against a new war, then they can be made to see the many ways that the master class unfairly dominates their very existence. The neocon finish line is within sight; stopping them now may prove to be impossible. They are counting on us to continue doing nothing, as we have always done. If we accept this, we will deserve what is to follow.

I propose that we stand-up for freedom, on September 11. We must stand together, to make one last stand for freedom, before freedom swirls down the memory hole. On September 11, every American patriot must take the time to honor the martyrs for freedom that perished on that fateful day. In every major city, people must take time out to meet together in the city’s center, to defend freedom.

If we cannot do this simple thing together, then we will be witnesses to the end, together.
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