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Brainwashing the Hero-Worshipping Society
Tuesday, 14 August 2007 21:22
by Peter Chamberlin

According to the US State Department, anyone who believes that “vast, powerful, evil forces are secretly manipulating events,” is a conspiracy theorist. [1] Belief that our government answers to a secret higher authority is an “extremist belief system,” according to the authors of the “Prevention of Homegrown Terrorism Act – H.R. 1955.” [2] Spreading these beliefs to “advance political, religious, or social change” is defined as “radicalization.” If you believe that the creators and dispensers of fiat money and their corporations control our democratic Republic and manipulate events to outcomes favorable to their control, then you are an extremist. If you are trying to educate your fellow countrymen, to democratically change this equation, then you may find yourself accused of “facilitating ideologically-based violence.”

If you seek to break the back of the debt-based financial system, you will find yourself up against seemingly insurmountable odds, trying to awaken a demoralized society, that has been broken over many generations by the psychological warfare tactic of “learned helplessness.” [3] Total economic control over people provides the controllers of the essential borrowed money with the means to indoctrinate with the psychology of hopelessness. Fear of further economic losses is a powerful motivating tool. After nearly one-hundred years of this domination and control, Americans have been robbed of hope. Today’s sleepwalking zombie population of “sheeple” is a product of the world’s longest running psychological warfare operation.

The brainwashing by the secret rulers of America extends into every conceivable area of possible indoctrination or control. Learned hopelessness is taught through every communications medium. In a world of mass-hypnosis and mass-seduction, entertainment has proven to be the most effective psychological weapon. Television serves that purpose twenty-four hours a day, by providing both negative reinforcement of the idea of the fragility of the human condition (through the “news”), coupled with positive subliminal suggestions of hope in the idea of intervening heroes.

Organized religion is probably the most entertaining and the most debilitating form of mass entertainment, because along with the show comes a false sense of hope, that can only be obtained by surrendering the free will to a “higher power.” This is the comforting element of the conflicting teachings (knowing that you will be saved by some superior force), providing a counterbalance to the rest of the teachings of personal inferiority, unworthiness and helplessness, which are designed to make you know that you are incapable of saving yourself.

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“Christianity” was the official Roman state religion created by order of Caesar. It was an amalgam of all the popular “pagan” religions within the empire. [4] It was designed by “priests,” to make the subject peoples easier to control. The beauty of this religion’s craftsmanship is that people seduced by this man-made religion, want to be misled. They are enslaved by its teachings of their own inferiority and “unworthiness,” in relation to the only worthy “One” (who will save their wretched hides). The dual message of helplessness and hope makes believers susceptible to this form of spiritual/psychological dictatorship, masquerading as the One True Religion.

The best that the faithful can hope for is to accept the teachings about their innate helplessness, to get access to the accompanying “out” clause. By signing on to the contract, they give up their free will to a more evolved superior, in exchange for promises of eternal rewards. For Catholics, the pope is the most superior human being; they believe in his claims of infallibility. For American Protestants, faith in the magical one, who “will come with the clouds,” is a more intangible belief and a more illogical one. This belief, that blind faith in an invisible superior brings fantastic magical rewards, makes Protestants even easier to manipulate. A populace that is conditioned to look for salvation to come down from the sky (whether it comes in the form of a god or an alien), will believe in anything that is done in their hero’s name.

A nation of demoralized lost sheeple is easy to lead further astray by the introduction of false heroes through the twenty-four hour indoctrination box. Television brings the time-tested formula of learned helplessness and false hope into the lives of everyone, even the non-religious. It is here where the perfected art of mass brainwashing reaches the peak of perfection.

Escapist entertainment conveys the suggestive brain-numbing message of hope from hopelessness to the hollowed-out minds of the American people. Here our elitist masters entertain us with pretend heroes, while we “suspend disbelief” and become desensitized to the violence that is necessary to extend the empire beyond America’s shores. Using imaginary heroes, like Jack Bauer of “24,” illegal acts (ranging from illegal wiretapping, to torture and even cold-blooded murder) are made acceptable and justified as necessary for “national security.” [5]

To reach even bigger audiences, a larger indoctrination screen is required. The big screen brings us heroic figures of messianic proportions. Comic book super-heroes come to life and save everybody from certain utter doom. Even more heroic than these “super” types are the heart-wrenching exploits of seemingly ordinary people, who rise above their own hopeless circumstances, to lead other ordinary citizens in mass uprisings against tyranny. These are the most loaded of all the contrived plots, intended to mislead the real heroic types among the disillusioned masses to believe that violence against corrupted authority is humanity’s only hope. This is where movies like the “Matrix” series and “V is for Vendetta” become integral parts of the conspiracy to eliminate the last barrier to total permanent dictatorship.

In both of these heroic films, we find elements of the actual conspiracy on display for all to see, leading to a climactic finish where horrendous acts of violence are justified in the end. “Neo” rages against the system of enforced hopelessness, where society is docilely anesthetized by an unreal “Matrix” of an illusory world, and humans are reduced to a mere commodity (“copper top” batteries), to power the corrupt system. “Zionism” is equated with the superior humans, who are bold enough to take up arms and have faith to the bitter end, in the process humanizing the inhumane ideology of God’s “chosen people.” In the movie “V is for Vendetta” (by the same Jewish film-makers, the Wachowski brothers), “V” uses multiple acts of horrific terrorism, in a decimated post-Bush apocalyptic world (including blowing-up the British Parliament), to spark the non-violent revolution that allegedly will free mankind.

This theme, that violent acts of terrorism are justifiable in defense of freedom, is the final piece of the conspiracy puzzle. We have been bombarded with this message through the hypnotic mediums for many years, for a reason. Our corporate masters want us to provide the spark of antiwar violence that will justify the final crackdown on American democracy. Everything that has been done by the current administration to finish building the framework for an American police state has been done in preparation for the anticipated spark of violent resistance.

The American antiwar movement is deeply concerned about the conspiracy’s henchmen the Bush Administration and their next move, intended to complete the transition from democracy to dictatorship. Many of us are most worried about another “false flag” terror attack initiating the end of freedom, even though the end is more likely to come in response to homegrown terrorism from the disillusioned masses.

Everyday on the Internet we see proof of this growing tendency to answer violent repression with acts of counter-violence, committed in the name of “pacifism.” Accompanying the many excellent articles and blogs seeking to advance political, religious, or social change by educating the American people about our Constitutional power to change our government, we read commentary that promotes violent revolution. Whether these comments are made by provocateurs or those lost souls who are simply misled is irrelevant. What is important is that these ridiculous comments do not go unanswered. If we want to deter those who urge violence in this manner, we have to refute every comment urging violence and destruction. We cannot provide the secret government with the justification that they seek.

Effective opposition to the coming police state requires that we become self-policing in our efforts to “radicalize” by spreading the truth. To become the acceptable source of credible news we must dedicate ourselves to finding the hidden truth, wherever that search takes us. If we find the hidden truth about government complicity in the many cover-ups, then we must boldly proclaim it to the world as clearly as possible, in truths that are simple to understand. If that simple truth is that our government promotes a bi-partisan campaign of terrorism and planned genocide in the name of freedom, then we must clearly say just that – no matter the personal cost of that ugly expression of truth.

[1] http://usinfo.state.gov/media/Archive/2005/Jul/27-595713.html

[2] http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h110-1955

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