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Class Struggle and Revolution Take Wing in America
Wednesday, 22 August 2007 23:56
by Dave Lindorff

Scientists are puzzling desperately over the reason for the disappearance of honeybees across most of the continental United States, talking direly of a collapse in agricultural production. All manner of theories are springing up - microwave radiation, pesticides, genetically engineered plants, global warming and what all.

Yet what seems most likely is that the bees are simply revolting at their exploitation by management.

Consider this: Beekeepers have been increasingly overworking their "workers," shipping them hither and yon, even cross country by semi-trailer, to boost their profits, all the while siphoning off ever more of the bees' surplus value--the honey they make. I suspect that as long ago predicted by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the contractictions finally reached a point where the worker bees are revolting, just leaving the hive and going out on their own in what amounts to a "fly-out" strike.

So I say good for them. There's a lesson for us all in this militant response to a national "speed up."

Meanwhile, we should also note that honeybees are in fact interlopers--the insect equivalent of the immigrants that US capitalists ship or lure across the border to work for cheap wages here in the US. Just so were honeybees imported from Europe to be used by agribusiness here to boost production.

Meanwhile, the domestic workers of America - the native bees - have been pushed to near extinction by the wave of honeybee workers. Now that the honeybees are going native though, perhaps the local bees - ground bees, bumblebees, wood-boring bees, etc. - will come back to reclaim their natural niches. That won't help agribusiness, which needs the industrial-strength honeybee, but it will keep our forests and fields healthy.

So, here's to the rebellious honeybee workers! We should honor their bold action, learn from it, and endeavor to copy them ourselves

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a guest said:

bees and politics
Yeah gotta love the sisterhood for saying no to bad beekeeping. You're right when you say the bees are being exploited--mainly by huge, commercial beekeeping firms who have thousands of hives that they truck around the country fed on corn syrup and worked to death.

As a lefty beekeeper myself I'd like to suggest that we need to keep honeybees if we'd like to continue to enjoy the bounty of our family farms. Feral honeybees don't generally live past a season due to the parasitic mites and diseases that have opportunistically invaded. The native bees are hurting too, so there may not be enough pollinators to get the job done without domestic honeybees. We need them.

The good news is that we don't need to follow the industrial model of beekeeping which is the source of most of the trouble. Keeping bees can be done without chems, according to a biological model which respects the bees' ability to care for themselves. As with the rest of the food supply, down with agro-industry and up with local, organic.

August 26, 2007
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