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Remembering John Lennon
Tuesday, 09 October 2007 23:15
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

John Lennon would have turned 67 years old Tuesday were it not for the agitated roar of yet another madman's gun. If he were still with us, I think he might well ask when we, as a society, will outgrow our wars and weapons, and cultivate diplomacy and compassion instead.

To those, especially, who call themselves "Christians," like John McCain, and then advocate more violence on the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan, and arguably in Iran next, he might also ask: how can you try to pass this counterfeit religion off as true faith? John had a sixth sense for mendacity, and there's even more mendacity now than when he was here.

And, a final word to all those who continue to support the National Rifle Association, oppose gun control, as well as "give money to people with minds that hate," you prove one thing, and one thing only: this world doesn't deserve the likes of Mr. Lennon any more than it deserves the likes of you. Go back to the cave you crawled out of. This world doesn't deserve to lose one more ounce of innocent blood to protect your flag and your so-called constitutional right to bear arms.

We are all a little smaller by virtue of the heinous act that took the life of John Lennon. Rest in peace, John, as peace is what you wanted most, and peace is what most eludes us to this day.

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Carson said:

The world doesnt deserve....
"This world doesn't deserve to lose one more ounce of innocent blood to protect your flag and your so-called constitutional right to bear arms." Your freedom to post such non-sense was forged by the innocent blood of millions who have come before you. "Your flag" and "Your rights", which is your flag? and which are your rights you so freely use? Why don't you crawl back into that ivory tower you crawled out of. As a Blue-Blooded Liberal I am repulsed by you. Your commune called, they are missing their idiot.
October 27, 2007
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