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Ugandan Gays Can’t Leave With Empty Hands
Friday, 12 October 2007 09:48
by Viktor Zimmermann
Recently, James Nsaba Buturo, the Ugandan Minister for Ethics and Integrity suggested that Gays will not be tolerated in the Ugandan society and that all Gays should leave Uganda, presumably to places where they will be treated in a less hideous way.
"Let them go to another country, and not here," the Minister was quoted by the pro-government newspaper New Vision.

If we accept this notion for a moment, than let us consider all the implications of such an exodus of Gays from Uganda.

To make it clear, we are not talking about the 10 to 20 individuals of SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda) who had the courage to stand up and speak out for their rights, no — we are talking about all the Ugandan Gays, whom the Minister apparently has in mind.

That’s a population segment strong of six to eight percent, which amounts to approximately 1.6 - 2.2 millions individuals. Those millions are as diligent and hardworking people as anybody else in Uganda, and many of them possess houses, land and businesses.

SMUG chairperson, Victor Juliet Mukasa, reports that many of those named are:

“... living under unbelievable fear of being arrested, ostracized by their families or sacked from their jobs. “...everyone who believes in the rights of human beings to stand up and protest along with us to put an end to such injustices against LGBTI and other marginalized people in Uganda.”

Now the minister can’t seriously assume that all those homosexual Ugandan citizens will leave the country, voluntarily abandoning their possessions to the very people who allegedly hate them so much? Let’s talk straight about the issue of property: what does the minister suppose to happen with it? In case he thinks of an involuntarily separation of Gays from their property, did he consider in whole what the consequences of such a measure will mean about the government of Uganda?

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Let’s not pretend such a measure would be something different from theft and robbery, simply because it is initiated by administration officials. Stealing property and businesses is a handiwork of thieves and bandits, not of democratically elected governments. Those governments who participate in theft and robbery are — logically — a gang of criminals, of the Mugabe’s sort of politicians. Or like Idi Amin... who in 1972, expelled 80,0000 Ugandan Asians and Europeans and expropriated their assets which proved disastrous for the already declining economy.
Since the Ugandan government certainly does not want to be viewed as a gang of thieves and bandits, they will wish to offer a suitable compensation for all those houses, land and fabrics Gays are expected to leave behind while being forced out of the country. Will the honourable Minister please tell us which part of Uganda’s territory he will as readily dispose of as he does with the Gay part of its population? For clarification, we are talking about some six to eight per cent here.

In case the Ugandan government is unwilling to negotiate about territorial separation of Gays from Uganda, it remains in the duty to provide just and responsible governance to all of its citizens, including the homosexual ones. Anything else will amount to a Nazi-style tyranny, provoking an (armed?) resistance.
Gay sex is currently punishable in Uganda by life imprisonment, under laws originally introduced by the British colonial administration in the nineteenth century.

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Comments (1)add comment

GayUganda said:

Bad news for the minister's plans of ethnic cleansing (or shall we call it 'moral' cleansing?)

We don't want to go. We want to stay.

We the gay people of Uganda want to stay in our country, Uganda.

And to hell with his view of 'values' whether supposedly Christian or not.

October 12, 2007
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