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9/11 Blacklist: Using Our Dollars for Change
Thursday, 17 January 2008 04:53
by Peter Zaza

In the six years since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, the mainstream media in America has largely been a mouthpiece of the Bush administration. All of the major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and others had until recently, been silently complicit in the cover-up of the events of that day, the un-Constitutional wars that would follow, and the steady erosion of our Constitutionally protected rights.

When the “9-11 Truth” community grew to the point that it could no longer be ignored, these same networks that had ignored the issue for so long began to attack individuals and groups of individuals who were seeking answers to the lingering questions which still remain about 9-11. As the success of various truth movements continues to broaden, these attacks have now escalated to include Peace activists, monetary reform activists, and now even supporters of Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Recent attacks have suggested that the 9-11 movement, Peace activists, and Ron Paul supporters are terrorists, and some in the media have implied that we should be silenced.

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THEREFORE: We intend to compile a comprehensive Black List of the advertisers who support this anti-American programming and urge concerned parties to boycott these products and services until the product advertisements are pulled.

We take these attacks very seriously and regard them as a frontal assault on our freedom and liberty as Americans. The garbage coming from the talking heads makes a mockery of the First Amendment to the Constitution and MUST NOT go unopposed. We must take a stand against this kind of yellow journalism and we think we have a way to make these networks feel our presence. All network television and radio are driven by advertising dollars. We can get the networks attention by targeting their sponsors, and therefore, have an impact on their advertising revenues. The most effective way of doing this is to boycott the products and services of the advertisers which choose to advertise on these various networks. There is strength in numbers and we need to make ourselves heard by hitting them where it hurts, in the pocket-book. This site is dedicated to beginning that process. 911Blacklist.org

On the grand chessboard of the power elite in this world, we may only represent insignificant entities insofar as we are concerned as individuals. However, when considered as a group, we have the potential for considerable influence. Our strength in numbers only serves our cause to the detriment when we blindly live our lives as an economic engine for the ruling class - it is our ignorance that works against us. Our strength is the realization of millions of independent thinkers who can influence the cause of freedom by affecting change where we ourselves hold the most power - as in boycotts of key industries and products.

There is another philosophical aspect to this direction of thought - there is no point in fighting fear and violence with the same methods used by those set against you - in which case you risk becoming that which you oppose. When we are illuminated with the light of truth and understanding, we can then use that power to influence the course of events and effect change. How long could they last if a majority of the people started to boycott key industries and products the corporations are dependent upon for rising profits?

Too often people feel can feel helpless against the giant machine of corporatism. 911 Blacklist gives us the opportunity and the mechanism by which we can take back control. I urge everyone to get involved with this project - indeed, the only way it can work is if sufficient numbers of people realize the power we have collectively.
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