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Beware of Certain Unscrupulous 'Angonquins' and Arms Dealers seeking Profits
Friday, 25 January 2008 02:01
by Kahentinetha Horn

Just what is legitimate representation anyway? Certain unscrupulous “Algonquins” continue to try to make deals with Ontario over Haudenosaunee land. The land south of the Ottawa River is Haudenosaunee. They are just “visitors” in this area. This hasn’t stopped developers and those involved in the colonial land claims game from attempting to choreograph a strange dance.

On January 21st Brian Crane lawyer for Ontario and Bob Potts negotiator for the Algonquins of Ontario met with Harold Perry and Robert Lovelace, the chief and the negotiator for the Ardoch Algonquins, at the Holiday Inn in Kingston. They appear to be trying to figure out how to find “more Ardoch Algonquins” to bring into their dance, to make it look a lot more convincing. They even signed up those who think they might have “Algonquin” ancestry somewhere back in time. They are desperate to make their numbers look good.

Lawyer, Mike Swinwood, recently went to Pembroke in the hope that he could pressure the Algonquins there to sign on to something. It appears that Ontario has set a deadline to make a cash offer of about $20 million to the Algonquins for Haudenosaunee land. The more Algonquins the higher the price? This is “the sale ends at midnight” pitch!

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Frontenac Ventures Inc., the mining exploration company that wants to dig uranium or to find other uses for Haudenosaunee land at Sharbot Lake, has pulled out of these negotiations. Frontenac Ventures wants to either get paid off by Ontario or they are going to start drilling for uranium next week. Whoa there! Hold your horses! What’s the scam? Why should Frontenac Ventures be allowed to explore when Ontario’s authority over Indigenous resources has yet to be established? Who knows how this will turn out when all the evidence is put on the table? Another possibility floating around is that Ontario and those Algonquins in favor of development will mine the uranium themselves.

Frontenac Ventures has hired a private security company from Pickering Ontario to implement the heavy security that will be required so they can exploit the resources in this area. If it is Allan-Vanguard, it is one of the biggest and most ferocious security companies in the world [so we are told!]. They advertise Rotweiller dogs, high tech surveillance such as eye-in-the-sky cameras, mikes and all kinds of lethal weaponry. How’s that for a wholesome Canadian enterprise? Mohawks are offering to send skunk oil to be sprayed around the area to keep the dogs away.

Allan Vanguard deals with aspects of “terrorism” like chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear explosives. They’ve studied neutron bombs. In other words, they have a high tech military capability. Their subsidiary, MedEng of Ottawa, makes and tests protective gear and related products.

What do they need all this junk for anyway? Haven’t they heard that “might doesn’t make right”? The basic premise underlying their violence oriented approach to solving human problems is illegal. There is presently a security camera and mike behind the trailer at the protest site on Highway 509 near Sharbot Lake where the settlers and the Algonquins meet regularly to discuss strategy. There is already a trench all along the roadside indicating the beginnings of heavy duty fortification. [This was dug “to keep out marauding Mohawks” a few days after the Mohawks showed up at the Kingston “negotiation” on January 6, 2008.] It looks like trench warfare in the heart of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island. How can private enterprise set up such a private para-military “squad”?

How can we stop these monsters? Only the Shaabot Algonquins are at the protest site. The Ardoch Algonquins are not there because they do not have the manpower as they do not have the support of their people.

The “pro bono” [or contingency fee?] lawyers, Chris Reid, Steve Reynolds and Mike Swinwood, are apparently having all their expenses paid by Ardoch Council who get their money from Ottawa, Ontario, settler organizations, corporations and donations. Their hit play, “Piece de ‘phony’ Resistance”, appears to be making money. Besides contingency fees, the profits are being used to twist certain arms of government, the public and the Algonquins. They are all dressed in sleek and expensive duds that cost way more than anything “the Indians” they purport to protect are wearing.

Last July 2007 the Alongquins called the Mohawks to help them, which we did. Now it looks like certain Algonquins want to give the impression they represent us in the uranium mining and land claims negotiations. How can this be? We weren’t even informed of what’s happening. This whole thing is all very strange!

Randy Cota, the Ontario Provincial Police chief of the Ardoch Algonquins, asked certain Algonquins to help him get the Mohawks to “sing the Algonquin song” or to be “brought under control”. Randy thinks he can bring the Mohawks in line with his charm and his Haudenosaunee baseball cap that our guys gave him. Ontario plans to ignore our objections to their phony negotiations to steal our land and resources, which violate Haudenosaunee law, Canadian law and international law.

The leading anti-Ongwehonwe racist agitator at Six Nations has an ally in Randy Hillier, member of the Ontario legislature, who lives at Lanark near Sharbot Lake. Gary “Who-gives-all-corpulent-people-a-bad-name” McHale is urging him to be more openly “anti-native”. The wife of a Hillier supporter said that, “Something is going to happen here and it is going to be a big surprise!”

Is an over the top conflict being set up? Local hot heads and the Shaabot Algonquins are being used. The instigators want to bring in the army. Who knows what could happen. Martial law! One of these hot heads could step on a booby trap. Of course, the Ongwehonwe will be accused of planting it. Someone could be hurt. Robert Lovelace recently stated at a Queen’s Park, Toronto, press conference that “blood will flow”. What is this? Why is Canada supporting promoters of violence?
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