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Between Barack and a Hard Place
Wednesday, 27 February 2008 06:57
by Jayne Lyn Stahl

Just when it looked like things were finally starting to stabilize, and the Democrats were about to have a nominee, along comes Hurricane Ralph. To paraphrase the Stones' hit, with the news of yet another last minute Nader incarnation, we now find ourselves "between Barack and a hard place."

This isn't about whether one "likes" Ralph Nader or not, or even whether he has good intentions. The road to hell, after all, is paved with good intentions. And, frankly, Nader's motives for wanting a piece of the action are at least as suspect as any other of the contenders.

Make no mistake, this is about one thing and one thing only—his inimitable timing. Like a shark in the water, Ralph Nader smells blood, and blood to him means victory.

Just when it looked like Obama was getting close to having the nomination locked up, when Edwards walked out for the sake of Party unity, and we're finally down to a two person race, along comes our Nader to virtually ensure that whatever momentum Obama picks up between now and November won't get in the way of a decisive McCain win.

The Democratic Party must do whatever it takes to keep Nader off the stump. Forget about Al Gore's role in "brokering" the convention. The stakes are too high. Instead, the former vice president's time may be put to far better use by paying a visit to the former consumer advocate to insist that he withdraw from this crucially important race.

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Comments (4)add comment

PF said:

What the...?
And what will 4 years of Barack bring us? More war, more domestic spying, more torture, economic depression, and more corporate pillaging of the national economy. Oh, but now we get a "black face in a high place," as Malcolm said. Great.
February 27, 2008
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Kordo said:

Both of you, get a grip.
Jayne, calm down and take a deep breath. Go to your happy place. It's not 2000 anymore. Mr. Nader and his boundless self-regard are going nowhere. Obama/McCain will not be anywhere near as close as Bush/Gore, so his 3% (if it's that high; I think he burned all his goodwill up last time.) will not make much of a difference. "Hurricane Ralph" is now nothing but a slight, if monstrously egotistical, breeze.
What the... - Are you sure you don't have Obama confused with someone else? I seem to remember the man coming out, quite strongly, against all those issues you mentioned. Are you backing Nader? it's cool, i respect his position on the need for an active and energetic third-party. When I find a third-party I can agree with, I'd be happy to join on one condition: That they run a candidate who can actually win. Sadly for Nader, sanity and an objective veiw of reality are indispensable when trying accomplish that. Trust me, there are people who share his veiws who don't have their heads up their asses. Try running one of those folks next time....

February 28, 2008
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Jimmy Montague said:

Jimmy Montague
Nader is a good man.
Nader is not an egomaniac. He is a true champion of the little guy and he's in this thing ONLY because he hopes to exert what little pressure he can to pull or push the Democratic nominee as far to the left as possible. It will be a good thing for the country if he is successful in doing so.

Funny thing about the Democrats who cry that Nader spoiled Gore's chance in Y2K: It never seems to occur to the Democrats that they could cut the ground from under Nader by taking one or two steps to the Left. Instead they fight to move farther Right, and then they bitch and blame Nader because they keep losing elections.

One fact is that Republicans don't have to defeat the Democrats and Nader can't spoil things for the Democrats because the Democrats keep defeating themselves. Another is that neither Clinton nor Obama is a shoo-in this year. If they keep running in the direction they're headed, McCain may very well be the next president of the United States. Far stranger things have happened.
March 01, 2008
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badri said:

more obama kool-aid it seems
kordo : ..Are you sure you don't have Obama confused with someone else? I seem to remember the man coming out, quite strongly, against all those issues you mentioned ..
hi kordo have a look at this summary of obama's time in meaningful power ( road to senate and time in senate ) . his actual deeds . not vague sweet nothings . only thing he has been consistent is speaking from both side of mouth .

here is from an old hand ( my guess old time liberal in orientation ) in black political scene ..
White Boys and Barack Obama : Do They Hear Something Blacks Don't?
by Glen Ford / February 21st, 2008
... The white liberal/left, ineffectual and geographically scattered, are drawn irresistibly to the Black man who regales them with sweet nothings - literally, nothing in the way of the concrete policies for peace and social justice they claim to champion. His presence in their midst is enough. Besides, Obama is someone who is “capable of forging a progressive majority,” they say.

That’s a strange concept, since Obama doesn’t act like a progressive, or claim to be one. But he has no problem with folks gathering around him. He’s a real party guy. ...
March 01, 2008
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