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Get Putin
Wednesday, 29 November 2006 15:52
From Erinys website. Kalashnikovs for sale or rent.

As Beatroot notes, the crescendo of Russophobia has climaxed into the international press declaring a new Cold War.

Are we at war with Russia? Well, with Putin, certainly, in case anyone hadn’t noticed. Ever since he started throwing his oil weight around.

It’s a war which puts some very strange bedfellows on the same side. Martin Kelly, who has dug up any number of iffy relationships in the Litvinenko affair, yesterday connected Boris Berezovsky, Erinys, Bell, PR and Iraq. And by association, The Blairs and Richard Perle. Er, what?

The story so far.

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Berezovsky is the man who has vowed to remove Putin by armed coup. He and his former lieutenant Litvinenko are linked with Erinys - ‘Mercenaries’R'US’ - their liaison dangereux corroborated by traces of polonium 210. They are also client bedfellows of Bell PR as is Mark ‘Coups’R'US’ Thatcher. The man who warned Berezovsky against coup talk, Jack Straw, was promptly fired by Tony ‘RegimeChanges’R'US’ Blair, whose wife Cherie Blair appears to be instrumental in keeping the former gangster turned armed insurrectionist, Berezovsky from facing justice.

Well. If you want any more dirt on Erinys, it isn’t hard to find. And Richard Perle? Well. this is where the story really starts. Or started.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the deconstruction of Russia has been termed by neo-cons as ‘The Ultimate Prize’. Dick Cheney said as much in his 1999 speech to the Institute of Petroleum.

F. William Engdahl of Global Research noted:

For obvious military and political reasons, Washington could not admit openly that its strategic focus, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, had been the dismemberment or de-construction of Russia, and gaining effective control of its huge oil and gas resources, the ‘ultimate prize.’ The Russian Bear still had formidable military means, however dilapidated, and she still had nuclear teeth.

In the mid-1990’s Washington began a deliberate process of bringing one after the other former satellite Soviet states into not just the European Union, but into the Washington-dominated NATO. By 2004 Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia all had been admitted into NATO, and the Republic of Georgia was being groomed to join.
Well, it was all going very well until the dramatic arrest of Russia’s oil magnate, Mikhail Khordokovsky.

The Khodorkovsky arrest followed an unpublicized meeting earlier that year on July 14, 2003 between Khodorkovsky and Vice President Dick Cheney. Again from F. William Engdahl

Following the Cheney meeting, Khodorkovsky began talks with ExxonMobil and ChevronTexaco, Condi Rice’s old firm, about taking a major state in Yukos, said to have been between 25% and 40%. That was intended to give Khodorkovsky de facto immunity from possible Putin government interference by tying Yukos to the big US oil giants and, hence, to Washington.
Well. to cut a long story short, the bastard Putin scuppered Cheney and Perle’s plans for the New American Century by eliminating Khordokovsky, who was a tad too friendly with George Bush senior and the Carlyle Group.

Even if you don’t click through the links, you will realise that, at a stroke, with Khordokovsky’s arrest, Putin ensured that Perle and Cheney’s ‘New American Century’ would be energy strapped and horse-drawn. Which is why ( sorry for the suspense ) Richard Perle is a mate of the coup co-conspirators at Bell, Blair, Berezovsky and Erinys. Erinys has a contract to . . . umm . . ’secure energy supplies to NATO bases’ on behalf of Richard Perle.

So, even more embarrassing for the US? Those shiny new NATO bases in Eastern Europe are short of cheap energy too, now Putin is raising the stakes. The lights around the ‘lilypad of bases‘ that Rumsfeld built to encircle Russia are going out.

That Bastard Putin! Let’s get him.


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