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Veterans For Peace deliver 23,000 impeachment petitions to House Judiciary Chair Conyers
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 08:24
by Mike Ferner

Recently, a 17-member delegation of Veterans For Peace presented some 23,000 petitions to Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), demanding the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Conyers, chair of the House Committee on the Judiciary, is the Member of Congress with the authority to call for impeachment hearings.

Also Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to send the 35 Articles of Impeachment, submitted Monday evening by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) to the Judiciary Committee for consideration and hearings.

At their meeting with Conyers, several of the VFP members, each carrying a bundle of petitions, placed them on a table in front of the 21-term Michigan Democrat, and stated why they were in favor of impeachment.

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Elliott Adams, VFP president, told Conyers, who is a Korean War veteran, emphasized "it's not just about impeaching a President, it's about defending democracy. It is about whether we will continue to have a government of the people and for the people."

He warned against letting constitutional government slip into the dark waters of a unitary presidency, "...another name for a totalitarian state."

After listening to the veterans, Conyers said he was not prepared to comment on the impeachment articles Kucinich introduced, but would examine them carefully. He invited VFP members to meet with him again immediately after the Fourth of July recess to hear what he intended to do.

Later that afternoon, Congressman Kucinich met with the VFP delegation In a corridor off the floor of the House of Representatives. Kucinich said that if the Judiciary Çommittee did not schedule hearings by the time the Independence Day break was over, he would "be back with 68 articles the next time, and more after that until they are heard."

Debbie Tolson, a Washington, D.C. area resident who attended the meeting with Conyers said, "The next time we meet with him we want to hear when he intends to move these articles of impeachment in his committee. I'm not planning on being as polite as we were today."

VFP's Impeachment Committee attempted unsuccessfully to get a meeting with Rep. Conyers for over two months. They finally determined they would take the petitions to Washington on June 11, and sit in at the Chairman's office until they met with him or were arrested. The morning of the group's news conference announcing their intentions, Conyers' appointment scheduler called one of the VFP committee members and scheduled a meeting for that afternoon.

Mike Ferner is the author of "Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran For Peace Reports from Iraq."
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Ellison Horne said:

Justice is No Distraction!
When one considers all the evidence to date regarding events of the U.S. led Iraq invasion, including last week's Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's report, plus the many writings from those who worked inside the Bush White House, the scope and depth of the lying is staggering.

President Bush and his White House Neo-Con-men (who signed the Project for the New American Century manifesto for world domination at all cost) should be put on trial before the public for the atrocities they have caused.

And Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be investigated for aiding them, saying the impeachment issue over the Iraq War is "off the table", and as she states in a recent letter to me, "I believe impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney will distract us from our mission…". Well, to Ms. Pelosi and all those who are relentlessly enabling this epic tragedy of senseless death, shattered lives, broken families, mind-numbing abuses of our hard-earned tax dollars, savage corporate exploitation; I say, JUSTICE IS NO DISTRACTION! There is no justice without impeachment!

Many in Congress and the Senate had the same intelligence as the White House administration, yet their conclusions were vastly different and, as it turns out, shockingly correct.

The press, which as we now know from Bill Moyers' insightful PBS documentary, "Buying the War", rather than giving us the benefit of being watch-dog, instead served as lap-dog to the Bush White House—providing no real means for adequate public scrutiny.

The Congressional Black Caucus was, and is, a shining example of stewardship of the public interest and welfare. They stood in the House on the eve of the invasion on Iraq and made fact based, rational, and passionate presentations pleading with the President not to invade Iraq.

Sadly, most Americans to this day still do not know about those presentations because the mainstream press never reported that historic event.

Nevertheless, I shall forever remember that night in 2003, while watching C-SPAN—those powerful words, with truth and humanity from Rep. Maxine Waters:

"Mr. President, you cannot substitute a preemptive strike on Saddam Hussein for finding the terrorists. We want the terrorists to be found….

We want to secure the homeland. We are worried that you have been diverted, that you are about to do this preemptive strike without the documentation….

Yes, every country should be able to defend itself, but we are in no danger from Iraq. As a matter of fact, that is probably one of the weakest points on the globe for us to attack. We are not threatened by Saddam Hussein….

What we see and we are witnessing is the mismanagement of America. Someone today criticized Senator Daschle because he talked about the diplomatic disaster. Mr. President, it is a diplomatic disaster. We are watching before our very eyes the mismanagement of our beloved country. Our schools are falling apart. You said you wished to leave no child behind, but, Mr. President, you have not funded assistance to education that will have our children in the best possible situations where they can learn. Our health care system has fallen apart. In my city, in my county we are closing healthcare clinics. We are closing hospitals….

Mr. President, you are not able to tell us what this war is going to cost and what the cleanup, what the revitalization, the reconstruction of Iraq is going to cost. The American people need to know where our dollars are going. The American people need to understand the cost of this war and why….

Mr. President, we must raise these questions. We must raise these questions because we are patriots. We are folks who love this country. We are folks who have stood by this country no matter what, and we will continue to stand by this country. We will continue to stand by our soldiers. But, Mr. President, you are going to have to account for the leadership that you are giving, and I say to you and all those who are advising you, be it Wolfowitz, be it Secretary of State Colin Powell, be it Condoleezza Rice, be it Karl Rove, or any of those in the inner circle, you are going to be held responsible for what takes place in this world, what takes place with this preemptive strike, what takes place with our soldiers and our families….?

It is now time for us, all of us, to speak up in the name of justice. Our laws say we are entitled to impeachment proceedings, and our morality demands it.

Because we were fooled into war with Iraq, there are so many in this country who weep at the mere sight of the empty chair at the dinner table, knowing their loved one will never return to break bread in the sacred fellowship of family.

Indeed, justice is no distraction! There will be no justice without impeachment!
June 18, 2008
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jmn said:

VFP - lays petition on conyers desk for Impeachment of bush, and it is not reported by media in US
why is this not reported in US news media?
June 18, 2008
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