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More on Derrick Shareef, the "Air Grenadist" of Rockford, Illinois
Wednesday, 13 December 2006 10:26

by Winter Patriot

Derrick Shareef, about whom I wrote last Friday, wanted to be a "terrorist" so badly he couldn't see any of the signs that he was being set up, and he may spend the rest of his life in prison for his lack of ... what? ... awareness? discretion? common sense? ... or all of the above?!

Big Dan, who makes frequent and very funny comments at my blog, has taken to calling Derrick Shareef the "Air Grenadist", following a suggestion from Bluebear2, another regular and very funny commentor. It's a variation on the term "Air Guitarist", which of course refers to a person pretending to play a guitar that isn't there.


Shareef is charged with a crime which, had it taken place, would have involved weapons which -- according to some of the early news reports -- he never managed to obtain. However, according to an affadavit filed in the case, Shareef did obtain "weapons" (just before he was arrested), but they wouldn't have worked for him! So either he was playing an air guitar or else his guitar had no strings on it!

How do I know this? It's a long story, but I'll tell it as quickly as I can.

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Somebody left a comment at my blog on Friday, linking to a blog which bills itself as dealing in "Stories on 9/11, Worldwide Narcotics Trade, Russian/Israeli Mafia, Conflict Diamonds, Cover-ups/Deception, Al-Qaeda, and much more..." but which has only one post on it. Even I couldn't fail to notice that this was odd. Most beginning bloggers write a few items before they start posting links to their blogs elsewhere. And they usually write a few stories before they start advertising that they have stories.


So my BS detector was beeping even before I started reading the article, and yet the article seemed very good. But the layout -- white text on a black background -- was tough on the eyes, and between that impediment and the beeping of my detector, I didn't make it through the whole post, even though I found it very interesting.


But I kept my eyes open, and eventually I found the same piece elsewhere -- in black on white this time! -- and that led me to what appears to be the original, courtesy of The Polemicist.


In (En)trapping a Potential Terrorist: The Ghettoest Terror Plot in History, The Polemicist walks through an affadavit written by FBI agent Jared Ruddy, and traces the development of this so-called terror plot. And guess what? Great big surprise: It's fishy from one end to the other!


Ruddy's affadavit describes a confidential source (CS) who somehow has got hooked up with Shareef and who appears to have been "driving", not only "the mission" but also the car. That's right: Shareef and CS travel around in CS's car, CS is the one who suggests using grenades, CS is the one who suggests attacking a shopping mall, and on and on and on.


Even better: the "weapons" for which Shareef traded his stereo speakers are described in the affadavit as "non-functioning"! He couldn't have hurt anyone with them, even if he hadn't been arrested as soon as he got them!


I wish I had been able to find the affadavit (or The Polemicist) prior to posting my previous article about Derrick Shareef, but it wouldn't have changed my mind about anything: the fact that this "terror plot" was bogus was very clear to me, just from the Washington Post article I quoted Friday. The only difference it would have made was in the level of detail.


Speaking of details, three cheers for The Polemicist for finding the source document and working through it so carefully. I will share some of his observations [and a few of my own comments, too], but I really can't do his analysis justice in this way, so if you want a good, detailed picture of this so-called terror plot, please read his entire piece. Perhaps these excerpts will entice you:

Who is CS? How and why did he meet Shareef? Is CS an FBI informant? [Yes.] Is this the only case on which he has helped the FBI? [No.]


What are his links to the Muslim community in Rockford, IL? Is he even a Muslim? What is his ethnic background? African American, Arab, White, or South Asian?


How and why did he come into contact with Shareef? Did their acquaintanceship begin without links to the FBI, or was CS's befriending of Shareef precipitated solely by interest in Shareef as a potential terrorist? Was CS 'fishing' for 'terrorists' and saw Shareef responsive to his bait? Or did federal authorities alert CS to Shareef, and make specific requests for him to engage with the latter? If Shareef was on the FBI's radar prior to CS's meeting with him, then why and how? [All good questions, no? These are the sorts of things Shareef's attorney should ask at the trial. Patrick Fitzgerald might not find this case such a slam-dunk after all.]


[At one point in the narrative, Shareef wants to] blow up government buildings [at] a time in which they'll be mostly/completely empty. [But then...]

Without precipitation, CS asks Shareef if he thinks it's a better idea to "hit the mall." What the hell? Why is [the] government informant giving the "terrorist" ideas?


CS [...] says, "I mean, alright, we gotta look at it this way, we want to disrupt Christmas." We? [...] Wait, who's the terrorist? CS or Shareef?


[By the time they get around to discussing weapons] Shareef has been given a strategic goal, site, targeted victims, and specific objectives. Now all he needs is a means of attacking. And he thinks of it all by himself. Not. CS "asks" Shareef if he thinks they need grenades for the attack. Wow. They say we're in the era of big government. I didn't know it was that intrusive. Even terrorists can't decide the details of their plots!


Shareef the Compliant agrees on the need for grenades. He still needs more direction though. So CS continues to lead him, saying, "You go in there and toss a grenade, and no one's gonna know who did it." [...] In his typical yes man fashion, Shareef agrees/complies, replying, "No one's gonna be expecting no shit like that." Clearly Shareef didn't. It wasn't even his idea!

It looks like none of this was his idea. It wasn't a terror plot that failed; it was an entrapment plot that succeeded.

The government basically drove this plot. They got a big talking, broke, and dumb young guy to sell his speakers for [non-functioning] grenades. He had no money, knowledge, or pre-existing plot. He was guided all along the way by a government informant.


Look at what bureaucratic speak can do. Robert Grant, special agent in charge of the Chicago FBI office says, "We believe we've neutralized this threat." Listen Bobby, the threat never existed. You basically made it. It'll take a few days before the press gets on to the stupidity of this story. [If ever] And it'll start a little discussion on how the government is entrapping supposed terrorists. [Probably not] I'm not sure if things will change after this. [Uh... No, sorry!]

The Polemicist asks a lot of good questions, doesn't he? Here's one from me: Why would the FBI go to such lengths to corral such an incompetent "terrorist"?


That's a rhetorical question, by the way. There are plenty of reasons. Among them: it makes for "good" publicity. And the news can be spun in all sorts of ways.


Here are a few of my favorite examples (favorite in an ironic way, of course):


From Northern Star Online (a campus publication from Northern Illinois University, apparently written by people who are trying to learn to be journalists): Terror plot foiled

DeKALB | The suspect arrested in a foiled terror plot in Rockford late last week allegedly listed targets in DeKalb County, specifically the DeKalb County Courthouse, 110 E. Sycamore St. in Sycamore, and synagogues in the area.


Derrick Shareef, 22, was arrested in Rockford Wednesday and charged with planning to detonate four hand grenades at CherryVale Mall. The explosions would have turned garbage cans into flying shrapnel.

Actually, the explosions would have produced a good deal more shrapnel if they happened in the open, rather than in garbage cans. They don't call them "fragmentation grenades" for nothing. But Derrick Shareef didn't seem to understand this point, so why should an aspiring young student-journalist know any better?


In fact, the author, Colin Leicht, mentions Jared Ruddy's affadavit, but doesn't link to it (otherwise his readers might actually read it and get their own ideas), and (just like the so-called "real" journalists Colin is apparently being taught to emulate) he makes no attempt to explore the questions that fairly jumped out of the affadavit at The Polemicist (and out of the Washington Post at your nearly frozen typist as well).


Instead he quotes some law enforcement officers and then goes looking for "local reactions", where he accidentally finds some truth, from a sophmore accounting student:

For some students, it seems unlikely that another terror incident will follow this one soon, due to DeKalb's remoteness in comparison to metropolitan areas like New York or Chicago.


"Why choose DeKalb or Rockford?" wondered Justin McConkey, a sophomore accountancy major. "It just doesn't make sense."

Bingo! Justin has it exactly right. It just doesn't make any sense at all. But that doesn't mean it can't be spun in all sorts of nefarious ways.


Speaking of nefarious spin, I don't think I'll ever see anything more hopelessly spun than the piece from John Lillpop at The Conservative Voice: Terrorist Should Have Waited a Month

Derrick Shareef, a Muslim, has got to be one of the most unfortunate terrorists running around.


Twenty-two year old Shareef, from Rockford, IL, was taken into custody after a plot to blow up a Chicago shopping mall was thwarted by the FBI’s Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force.


Special-Agent-in-Charge Robert Grant said: “Once the threat Shareef posed was detected by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, his activities and movements were under constant surveillance and there was no imminent risk to the public.”


Shareef appears to lack the high-technology sophistication and abundant funding that many Islamofascists are noted for. He also seems to lack room-temperature intelligence because he was arrested when he met with an undercover agent to trade a set of stereo speakers for four hand grenades and a handgun.


As if that is not bad enough, Shareef seems to have a lousy sense of timing to boot. Had he laid low until January, terrorist wimps like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would be in charge, and Shareef would be a protected minority.


As such, Shareef would be immune from arrest because the FBI no doubt used racial profiling to nail this creep, and that will be a no-no when Pelosi et al. begin implementing their “kinder, gentler” version of homeland security.

Never mind whether there is any evidence indicating that the FBI "cracked" this case due to "racial profiling". Never mind that both "Islamofascist" and "terrorist wimps" are contradictions in terms. Never mind that "the high-technology sophistication and abundant funding" which we have seen in some so-called "terrorist attacks" always seem to have had their roots in the CIA, MI6, Mossad, ISI and/or all of these. And never mind that neither Reid nor Pelosi will be in a position to dictate homeland security policy anytime soon.


None of this matters, because Lillpot does all the "important" things right: He scares his readers and dumps on the Democrats at the same time, while managing to mention Shareef's religion in the lead paragraph. If you're The Conservative Voice, you couldn't ask for a better-spun piece of trash.


Pardon me for saying so, but the whole piece strikes me as impossibly funny. Of course it would be a lot funnier if there weren't so many idiots around, looking for stories like this and anxious to believe them.


But then I guess that's why there's a place for The Polemicist, and for yours truly as well. After all, somebody has to ferret out the details and tell the truth about stuff like this. And if so-called professional journalists aren't going to do it, why should we expect better work from students?


P.S. The Conservative Voice is now -- for a limited time only, of course -- giving away free copies of Bill O'Reilly's "best seller", "Culture Warrior". LOL. I could write a best-seller too, if somebody would buy a zillion copies and give them away!


At this price, it's certainly worth every penny.

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Bluebear2 said:

We are anxiously awaiting the World Tour of Derrick and the Detonators.
It is being billed as an explosive event gauranteed to bring the roof down!
December 14, 2006 | url
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cb parrish said:

Hey! I heard [not] those guys when they played in my town, and they were great! It looks just like they're really playing, and the garbage cans they place all over the stage when they [don't] get up to [not] play make it so atmospheric.
December 14, 2006 | url
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a guest said:

FBI WATCH Making cruelty visible

Interview with José Pertierra, Lawyer for Venezuela in the Posada Carriles Case
On the Cuban Five and Luis Posada Carriles
Sunday, Apr 08, 2007 Print format
Send by email

By: Gloria La Riva - CounterPunch

Q: José, what is your role in the case of Luis Posada Carriles?

A: I am the attorney for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with respect to its petition for the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles from the United States to Caracas.

Q: There is a hearing in El Paso tomorrow about Posada. Can you tell us what it is regarding?

A: Posada Carriles is charged by the federal government for lying, not for terrorism. The U.S. government is accusing Posada of immigration fraud.

On Tuesday, there is a bond hearing to determine if Posada Carriles will await his trial-to take place in May-in the streets of Miami or in a New Mexico jail where he is currently. There is a woman who has put up a commercial property which she has in Miami, with a value of two million dollars. The judge will determine whether Posada, 1.) is a person who would try to flee, and 2.) whether Posada is a danger to the community.

That is the only thing that will be decided Tuesday, Apr. 3. The trial on whether he lied or not in his naturalization petition, will take place in May.

But it is obvious throughout all of Posada Carriles' history, that he is a person who has a propensity to escape or flee. He is already a fugitive from justice. He escaped from a prison in Venezuela while facing 73 homicide charges against him. There is now an order for his arrest in Venezuela, for those 73 murder charges and he is a fugitive from justice.

In spite of the extradition petition that the Venezuelan government presented in June 2005, almost two years ago, in spite of the fact that he is a fugitive in Venezuela after escaping from a Venezuelan prison in 1985-with the help of his accomplices in Miami, in spite of the 73 counts of first-degree murder for the 73 people who were on board the Cubana Airlines passenger plane, despite all this, the United States:

First, refused to charge Luis Posada Carriles with being a terrorist.

Second, it has not attended to the extradition petition that Venezuela has presented.

Third, the government issued a simple immigration violation charge against him, accusing him of having entered the country illegally through the border with Mexico.

And upon the conclusion of that immigration violation procedure, they have charged him with lying. It is a felony to lie to a U.S. official, and Posada Carriles did it when he alleged that he was a U.S. citizen and lied about how he entered. He said that he had entered without documentation through the border when in reality he entered Miami in 2005 on a boat named Santrina.

This is an individual who has a history of violence against defenseless civilians. He is accused of bombing a plane with 73 passengers. He is accused of murdering dozens of political prisoners in cold blood in Venezuela in the 1970s, when he was head of special operations in the intelligence services of Venezuela, called the DISIP. He is a person who collaborated with the bloodiest forces in Central America, specifically the paramilitaries in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

This man was key in the operation, the scandal later called Iran-Contra, which gave arms and technical assistance to the Nicaraguan contras, who committed so many human rights violations.

Posada was convicted in a trial in Panama for conspiring to bomb an auditorium with C-4 explosives in the University of Panama, which would have been full of Panamanian students listening to a speech that the Cuban President Fidel Castro was going to give.

This is an individual with a long history of terrorism. He is known as the Osama Bin Laden of Latin America. I cannot imagine that a U.S. judge would determine that he is not a danger to the community and release him.

But everything is possible in the United States. There is that danger.

Q: Why do you think the government is not extraditing or trying Posada Carriles for the plane bombing? The Homeland Security prosecutors did not even mention that crime of Posada when the immigration hearings for Posada were held in June and August 2005 in El Paso, Texas.

A: During the whole immigration proceedings against Posada, it was obvious that the United States had an interest in appearing to do something with respect to Posada while in reality doing the minimum possible.

I believe there is an understanding, not written, but an understanding between the government and Posada, that he will be treated well by the United States while he is in U.S. territory, in exchange for Posada not saying all that he could about the U.S. intelligence services. Keep in mind that Posada, by his own admission, is an individual who worked with the CIA since at least 1962.

He was sent by the CIA to Venezuela in the 1970s to lead an anti-subversive operation there, and to capture and torture individuals who were seeking social change in Venezuela in the 1970s. He is a man who has worked closely with the U.S. intelligence services since he began his career.

Therefore, it does not surprise me that the United States is doing the minimum to maintain Posada in prison, because it is not politically wise for them to free him, but they will not extradite nor try him for murder.

That is why, you see, they first initiate immigration charges, and later they begin a criminal process, but they limit the accusation as to whether Posada lied, not whether he is a terrorist.

He has a great deal of information that would be a very delicate matter for the United States if he were to talk.

Q: Can you tell us something about Posada's attacks against Cuba, carried out by mercenaries in the 1990s, and the current investigation being carried out in New Jersey over those crimes?

A: In the 1990s, Cuba experienced a very difficult economic situation, that was the special period when the socialist camp collapsed and the countries that traded with Cuba underwent drastic political changes. They stopped trade relations, and the Cuban people endured hardship because they had no resources. There was no oil, no fuel, and many times no food.

Cuba opened up to tourism as never before since the triumph of the Cuban revolution on Jan. 1, 1959. They opened up hotels and tourists began to come to Havana and other cities in Cuba.

At the same time this was happening, various groups of Cuban origin in the United States decided to unleash a wave of violence against the tourist sector in Cuba. Terrorism is always against defenseless civilians but it has a political goal. The political goal in this case was to terrorize the tourists who wanted to travel to Cuba.

At that time, in 1997, Posada was in Central America, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. He moved from one country to another with false passports. Posada was the mastermind behind that wave of terror.

Interestingly, it has been discovered that the organizations of Cuban origin in the United States, specifically in New Jersey and Miami, sent money to Posada by cable while he was in Guatemala.

With that money, Posada hired Guatemalan and Salvadoran mercenaries to take explosives to Cuba, where they were detonated in the best and most luxurious hotels and Cuban cabarets.

If you follow the money, you see that those New Jersey and Miami organizations send money to Posada, Posada hires those people from Central America, they go to Cuba and explode bombs.

After all those bombings, it seems that Posada wanted them to send him more money for the successful campaign he was carrying out. He was very upset about this and gave an interview in 1998 to two New York Times journalists, Larry Rohter and Ann Louise Bardach. He told him he was the mastermind of that wave of terror. He also told them he was receiving money from certain organizations in the United States.

The New York Times published the story. Now the FBI along with a New Jersey prosecutor, have opened a grand jury investigation to examine the evidence that exists, which could possibly result in prosecutions of Posada and others, for that wave of terrorist attacks that killed an Italian in Cuba, named Fabio Di Celmo. The grand jury still has not concluded. We don't know if they will indict or not.

The United States is full of contradictions. Although I believe the White House is trying to help its favorite terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, at the same time I am convinced that there are honest prosecutors who work in the Department of Justice and who take seriously the fact that that department is named Justice. I believe there are those who want to carry out an investigation of this type.

However, the final decision as to what will happen will be made in the White House, as well as in the immigration case. The Homeland Security prosecutors were not able to act on their own, they had to follow specific instructions from the White House.

The murder of Fabio Di Celmo was a horrifying crime. He was a man who was having a drink in a hotel bar. He was on vacation when the bomb exploded that killed him. That crime cannot go unpunished. Posada Carriles must be tried not only for the plane bombing but also for the murder of Fabio Di Celmo. I would be very pleased if he were tried for that crime as well.

Q: The terrorist Santiago Alvarez brought Posada into Miami secretly on his boat Santrina in March 2005. Afterwards, Alvarez was arrested for an arms cache that he had in Miami. What is your opinion of the government's treatment of Santiago Alvarez? In spite of being an accomplice of Posada, now the government is reducing his already light sentence for illegal possession of weapons.

It is strange. Santiago Alvarez was the financial backer of Posada Carriles, the man who paid for his trips and sent him money. This is an individual who has been indicted and convicted for having an illegal weapons cache in a house in southern Florida.

He is in prison now but he has not been charged for bringing Posada illegally into the United States. What you say is true. They are charging Posada for immigration fraud, alleging that he came on the Santrina, with Santiago Alvarez and Mitat.

So then, why are they not charging Santiago Alvarez and Osvaldo Mitat for bringing Posada to the United States? The law prohibits anyone from helping another person enter the country illegally. It is a serious crime, a felony. But if the person you are helping is not simply an undocumented person who comes to the United States to be with his family or to harvest artichokes in California, but instead is a terrorist, the sanctions are more severe and Alvarez could be imprisoned for decades.

But for that kind of a trial to happen Posada would have to be declared a terrorist. I am sure that if Luis Posada Carriles' name were Mohammed, Alvarez would be facing much more serious charges than he is now.

Another thing that occurs to me is the huge armament that Santiago Alvarez had in southern Florida, machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades. Why is no one asking what they were going to do with all those weapons? Was there a terrorist operation being planned in the United States? Against the United States, Cuba or Venezuela? It seems to me that it is something that should be investigated and the press should ask the U.S. authorities if they have investigated this.

It is too much of a coincidence that Posada arrived in the United States at a time when the person who brought him has an enormous arsenal hidden in a Miami warehouse. Miami is a city where they just accused a group of individuals of being terrorists, because they supposedly planned to blow up a building in Chicago. These individuals didn't even have a fake pistol. They had not one weapon or bullet and they are accused of terrorism.

But here we have a man with a long history of terrorism, who is aided by other individuals, friends and accomplices who are also involved in terrorism, and nobody asks what actions these terrorists were going to carry out.

Q: It is evident, with all that is happening in Miami, how the Miami terrorists operate with total impunity, while the Cuban Five anti-terrorists have been unjustly imprisoned for over eight years in United States prisons. They are effectively kidnapped by Washington for having struggled against Miami terrorism.

A: The case of the Five is one of the most unjust cases in the history of United States jurisprudence. The Five did not come to the United States, as the prosecutor on three different occasions stated in the trial, "to destroy the United States." There is not any evidence showing that.

Quite the contrary. The evidence shows that those individuals came to this country to penetrate organizations of Cuban origin that carry out terrorist actions against the island of Cuba, from U.S. territory.

The Five had to come to the United States, because the U.S. government, instead of investigating, arresting and prosecuting the terrorists who were carrying out hostile actions against Cuban civilians for decades, instead of doing that, the U.S. organized the terrorists, trained them, encouraged and supported them during all these decades.

Therefore, facing this situation, in order to defend their civilian population-a civilian population that has suffered more than 3,000 murders since the Cuban revolution began in 1959-Cuba sent these individuals to obtain information, not information of the United States, not classified U.S. government information, but information on the Miami terrorist organizations who were carrying out this wave of terrorist acts.

After obtaining much of this necessary information, Cuba sent a messenger to President Clinton about the information obtained by these five anti-terrorists and delivered to him a hand-written letter by President Fidel Castro. The letter was given to President Clinton by a unusual messenger, Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Laureate in Literature.

García Márquez has related how he felt carrying this letter, because he didn't want to leave the Hotel Washington for fear that someone might rob the letter. García Márquez gave the letter to Clinton's assistant, Max McCarty, who commented to the Colombian writer the following: "The United States and Cuba have a common enemy and that enemy is terrorism. We can fight together against terrorism."

Cuba handed over documentation and waited and waited and waited for the FBI to act and capture those terrorists. But instead of capturing the terrorists, the FBI, through its Miami director, Héctor Pesquera, arrested the men who had infiltrated those organizations. In other words, the FBI instead of using the information that Cuba gave it to arrest the terrorists, it used that information to investigate and find out who those individuals were that Cuba had penetrated into the organizations.

After the FBI found out, it arrested the Five individuals, who were convicted and received prison sentences of four life terms and many years.

They were convicted without one single classified document in their possession, with no evidence whatsoever that they had participated in violence, much less homicide. And they were tried in Miami, in an atmosphere highly contaminated by the hatred in Miami against Cuba. Miami is a city where the very U.S. government has not wanted to see its Cuba-related cases to be tried in Miami, knowing that such a trial could not be fair in Miami.

But that is precisely where these courageous five men were tried. They were tried in Miami and, of course, convicted, as would be expected. This injustice cannot be tolerated. The Cuban Five must be freed and it is Posada and the other terrorists living freely in the United States who should be prosecuted.

Q: You were in Venezuela recently. Can you tell us if the government is doing anything to back up its extradition petition?

A: Venezuela presented to the United States in June 2005, two volumes totaling almost 2,000 pages of documents in support of its extradition petition. There are more than enough documents for the United States to extradite Posada or to try him in the United States. The United States government has plenty of documentation, including the documents declassified by the U.S. government itself and cited by the CIA. These are not only in U.S. possession, they are easily available on the Internet. The National Security Archives, a non-governmental organization run by the George Washington University, has published dozens of documents declassified by the U.S. government, very telling about the terrorist activities of Luis Posada Carriles and his participation in the plane bombing.

There are other documents in Venezuela about Posada's terrorist history. Posada did not become a terrorist with the plane bombing of Oct. 6, 1976. He has been a terrorist since he left Cuba. He has a long history in the Venezuelan archives. There is documentation about Posada Carriles when he was head of special operations in DISIP. He was in charge of anti-subversive operations in Venezuela. Just in Caracas alone, he captured several prominent individuals who were part of the Venezuelan social movement, whom he interrogated, tortured and murdered. They were very meticulous about documenting their crimes. Whoever reads "The Path of the Warrior," Posada's autobiography, will be able to verify some of those crimes.

Q: In June 2006 during the first hearing for Posada in El Paso, Posada's attorney Eduardo Soto told the press that Posada had been a CIA agent until the mid-1990s. Does this statement hold any significance?

A: I have never seen any proof that Posada has renounced his work with the CIA.

The people who collaborate with the CIA are not necessarily employees of the CIA. Working with the CIA is not like working in a factory, where you punch your timecard in at 8:00 am and when you leave at 5:00 pm you punch out to prove you worked the whole day.

There are undoubtedly workers who work in Langley on a daily basis, who receive their salary in checks that carry the CIA label. But the majority of individuals who work with the CIA on a clandestine basis are not conventional salaried employees. What they do is provide information or they carry out operations that are directed or inspired by the CIA. I do not think there is any evidence that Posada has renounced these activities.

What's more, if we talk about 1976 and the plane bombing, for example, Posada sent his right-hand man-a Venezuelan named Hernán Ricardo who was his subordinate in the DISIP-to plant the bomb. Ricardo recruited his associate, Freddy Lugo, also Venezuelan. These two men were the direct perpetrators of the bombing. When they were captured in Trinidad, they confessed to the police chief, Dennis Ramdwar, a police commissioner, that: 1.) They were from DISIP, and 2.) they were CIA, that their explosives-training was done by the CIA and that they received CIA training on how to plant the bombs.

Ricardo said, "my boss is Luis Posada Carriles." There is an expression in Spanish, to describe something very obvious: "It didn't fall far from the tree." I think that type of confession shows that Posada Carriles and Hernán Ricardo are individuals who in 1976 were trained in the use of explosives and were inspired by the CIA to carry out terrorist acts . There is absolutely no doubt of that.

Another curious thing. In Venezuela where I was recently, I saw the little phone and address directory that Ricardo had when he was captured in Trinidad after having placed the bomb.

In the first page of that book is the first and last name of the U.S. diplomat at the U.S. embassy in Caracas, Joseph Leo. Now, I am not saying that Joseph Leo is a CIA, but nobody can deny that that man was a functionary of the U.S. embassy.

I ask myself, what is a terrorist-who just finished placing a bomb, killing 73 passengers-doing with a phone directory that has the name and telephone number of a U.S. diplomat based in the embassy in Venezuela?

Q: By international law, the U.S. authorities still have an obligation to try Posada. What can be done to win justice?

A: Venezuela's extradition request is based on three different legal instruments. The first, of course, is the extradition treaty between Venezuela and the United States, signed in 1922. We also rely on another legal instrument, the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civilian Aviation, ratified in Montreal in 1971. And the third, the International Convention for the Repression of Terrorist Attacks Committed with Bombs, ratified in 2001, which is retroactive.

Article 7 of the Montreal Convention says, "The Contracting State in the territory of which the alleged offender is found" -in other words, the United States- "shall, if it does not extradite him, be obliged, without exception whatsoever and whether or not the offence was committed in its territory, to submit the case to its competent authorities for the purpose of prosecution."

Now, what does that mean? It means if Posada is in the United States and if he committed a crime in Venezuela or elsewhere, and if the United States does not want to extradite him to Venezuela, he has to be tried in the United States, no exceptions.

Article 8 of the International Convention for the Repression of Terrorist Acts Committed with Bombs says the same.

If he is not extradited to Venezuela, the United States has a legal obligation to try Luis Posada Carriles in the United States, for the plane bombing, for the 73 cases of homicide. This includes the little girl Harry Paul, one of the few bodies that were recuperated in the sea. Anyone who would see the photos of that child and what the bombing did to her, would not hesitate to demand justice from the White House. That poor child, seated in a seat next to her grandmother and mother, was very close to where the first bomb exploded. Her corpse had no brain, only pieces of her abdomen remained, with no intestines, no heart, nothing.

Q: Many activists were in front of the court during the immigration hearings for Posada last year. We mounted a wall in front of the court to show Posada's victims, which received a lot of press coverage. We reached the public through television to tell the truth about Posada's crimes, something that the prosecutor did not do inside the Court. What would you suggest we do to continue this struggle?

A: Continue with those types of actions. The people have to protest, their voices should be heard. It is important to write letters to the editors, to pressure the media. The news bewilders people with such unimportant stories-whether Britney Spears really shaved her head or if an astronaut put on diapers in order to kill a woman who allegedly took her boyfriend. They treat the people of the U.S. like idiots, in order to avoid covering the true scandals, the real scandal of the U.S. government keeping five anti-terrorist fighters in prison while sheltering the Osama Bin Laden of Latin America for decades.

Gloria La Riva is the coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five.

For more information: www.freethefive.org

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April 09, 2007
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a guest said:

FBI WATCH Making cruelty visible
This thread was created to help you identify new and ongoing criminal activities from FBI agents so you can stop it in its tracks.

We now know FBI agents created the 1st World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and 911.
Why would taxpayer funded FBI agents engage in these activities?

1. With the fall of the the Berlin Wall/Communism there was no longer a mandate for them to spy on Americans. The FBI needed a new boogeyman to justify their spying.

2. In the last ten years FBI agents have been identified as principal architects in the assassination of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King.


4.Ruby Ridge

ad nauseum

We also know other groups of psychopaths were involved including members of the military who supplied the explosives in the Oklahoma City bombing and 911; members of the CIA; politicians; corporate leaders and foreign government/groups.This is just a partial listing. see: http://www.whatreallyhappened....IN/ok8.htm

The San Fransisco Chronicle is part of the disinformation public relations firm for the FBI.
In the following article the FBI spin is we need more agents( one of the original reason FBI b agents helped create 911 et al) to insure their Congressional funding for the next three generations. The FBI organization mantra is adopted from the Native American saying "plan now so what you do effects the 7th generation of FBI agents".
In the article below there is a discussion of FBI agents shifted over to terrorism investigations and taken off investigating white collar crime We now know the FBI
were illegaly investigating 100,000 or more people with their criminal use of NSL
letters instead of investigating legitimate crime.

For more points to ponder and support for the above article please visit the following links.

http://rawstory.com/news/2007/ Senate_subcommittee_to_consider_legislative_response_04

Who is Osama Bin Laden?

FBI Pressures Scientists to Lie!

Blindness & Blowback in the World Trade Center Case.

FBI Bomb Builders Exposed

Save Your Children

Kenya/Tanzania Bombs: Perpetrators Caught?

Profiling Islam as Terrorism

Man charged in bombing of New York skyscraper!

Who did it and why?

Final Examination

Findings of the Muslim Experts

Zionist Propaganda and the World Wide Web

FBI Ignored French Warning

Men Bragged of Attack!

Passengers forced to phone relatives!

FBI Ignored Warnings

Plot in Work 5 Years

3 men in bar talked of impending bloodshed left Quran on barstool!

CNN Transcript September 13th 11:43

F-16 Fighter with Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania
German Police Confirm Iranian Deportee Phoned Warnings!

San Francisco Chronicle
Since 9/11, FBI seeking fewer prosecutions
Ordinary criminal cases way down in 'triage' approach

Paul Shukovsky, Tracy Johnson, Daniel Lathrop, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thousands of white-collar criminals are not being prosecuted in federal court -- and in many cases, not at all -- because of the Bush administration's restructuring of the FBI after the attacks of 9/11.

Five and a half years later, the White House and Justice Department have not replaced at least 2,400 agents shifted to counterterrorism work, leaving far fewer on the trail of identity thieves, con artists and other criminals.

Two successive attorneys general have rejected the FBI's pleas for reinforcements.

An analysis of more than a million cases touched by FBI agents and federal prosecutors before and after 9/11 found the number of criminal cases investigated by the FBI nationally has steadily declined. In 2005, the bureau brought 20,011 cases to federal prosecutors, compared with 30,485 in 2000 -- a 34 percent drop.

White-collar crime investigations by the bureau have plummeted. In 2005, the FBI reported 3,500 cases, compared with 10,411 in 2000. The FBI office covering coastal Northern California referred 124 white-collar crime cases to prosecutors in 2000, but just 70 in 2005, records show.

While other federal agencies have stepped in to cover more of the load in drug enforcement, in most cases local law enforcement agencies haven't been able to take up the slack.

As agents were shifted to counterterrorism after 9/11, FBI Director Robert Mueller was well aware of the consequences. Without more agents, there was no way to maintain the bureau's grip on its traditional list of crimes, particularly time-consuming fraud investigations.

Mueller asked for help from Attorney General John Ashcroft and his successor, Alberto Gonzales, but was rebuffed. "We were told to do more with less," said David Szady, a former FBI assistant director who retired last year as head of counterintelligence.

In 2005, the FBI sent a five-year strategic plan to the Justice Department that Szady called "the director's attempt to get this agency where it needed to be, including a robust criminal footprint. I know for a fact that the Justice Department beat that down."

That September, the Justice Department inspector general's office said 1,143 agents had been transferred from traditional crime programs and 1,279 more on the books as criminal program agents were being used on counterterrorism work. It concluded that the FBI "reduced its investigative efforts related to traditional crimes by more than 2,400 agents."

Over the past eight years, the ranks of FBI agents have increased 14 percent, to 12,575 from about 11,000, but almost all the increase has been for anti-terror duties, records show. Since 2001, the bureau has doubled its staff of intelligence officers, to more than 2,000.

The Justice Department, attorney general's office and White House Office of Management and Budget say traditional criminal enforcement by the FBI hasn't suffered. They say federal agencies work more efficiently to compensate for the emphasis on homeland security.

"The administration strongly disagrees that the FBI has been anything less than effective in the years since 9/11 in combatting domestic crime issues," Office of Management and Budget spokesman Sean Kevelighan said. "We have worked to achieve a balance between the FBI's homeland security and criminal investigative missions."

FBI Assistant Director Chip Burrus said, "We'll just abide by what the president's budget is. We work a lot smarter than we have in the past."

Mueller, Gonzales and Ashcroft declined to be interviewed.

Burrus acknowledged that the bureau has reduced its efforts to fight fraud, likening its current policies -- in which fraud losses below $150,000 have little chance of being addressed -- to "triage." Even cases with losses approaching $500,000 are much less likely to be accepted for investigation than before 9/11, he said.

There is "no question," he said, that America's financial losses from frauds below $150,000 amount to billions a year.

In San Francisco, officials at the U.S attorney's office and the FBI said in interviews Tuesday that they had not seen significant reductions in staffing or caseloads for white-collar crime.

"We continue to have a number of lawyers dedicated to doing white-collar prosecutions, and they're very busy," said Scott Schools, who was appointed interim U.S. attorney in San Francisco last month. Schools pointed to recent investigations into stock options backdating and into corruption by elected officials in the Bay Area.

"Terrorism is our No. 1 priority, but we are still deeply involved in investigating white-collar crimes," said Joseph Schadler, an FBI special agent. "It is not as high a priority as it once was, but I think that's reasonable."

Northern District Federal Public Defender Barry Portman said he has noticed a change "at the bottom. The low-rent cases are not being brought."

For instance, he said, tellers who steal from the banks where they work were prosecuted regularly in federal court until the past few years.

Portman said it was hard to measure the success of the national and local focus on preventing terrorism. Few cases have been brought in the Bay Area, and investigators won't talk about their work.

"The response has been, 'Trust us -- you haven't seen any planes hit towers in the last five years,' " Portman said.

Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., introduced legislation in February that calls for hiring 1,000 agents at a cost of $160 million a year.

"There's no doubt that fighting terrorism should be a top priority for the FBI, but we can't forget about the risk to our neighborhoods from everyday crime," Biden said.

Hard-pressed agents working white-collar crime now routinely urge banks or lawyers representing victims to do most of the investigating themselves. Even then, the FBI won't necessarily pursue criminal charges.

There are many reasons federal agents are better suited than local police to conduct complex fraud investigations.

The FBI has agents around the nation and the world to run down leads. Even if a local detective could get her chief to approve a trip across country, she has no jurisdiction in another state.

If agents need to subpoena business records, they simply call a federal prosecutor, who can get one easily. That's not true in many state jurisdictions, where it can take a couple of days for a prosecutor to prepare documentation and present it to a judge for a subpoena.

Federal agents have access to wiretaps; local officers often do not except in rare circumstances. Locals need a court order for a body wire; feds don't. FBI agents can record telephone calls if one party consents without going to a judge; locals can't.

And federal sentences for white-collar crimes are generally tougher than those meted out in state courts. So not only are fewer criminals convicted, but they also serve less time.

A few years ago, more than 1,000 people across the country invested roughly $70 million in a scam known as Resource Development International, led by two men who set up their headquarters in Tacoma, Wash.

Though victims in Washington urged the FBI to investigate, the two men didn't face federal charges -- or any criminal case -- in Washington.

The district attorney's office in Santa Clara County ended up taking on the case after an elderly victim in the San Jose area came forward. Deputy District Attorney Paul Colin prosecuted the kingpins, John and David Edwards, a father-and-son team who are now serving 27-year sentences in state prison, and two other men who sold the phony investments to people in California.

But scores of others involved in the scam haven't faced charges.

"If the feds had taken this on, it might have been caught sooner, and more of the people who assisted the Edwardses might have been brought to justice," Colin said. "These scams happen every day to the rich and the poor, and they should be a priority of law enforcement -- particularly at the federal level."
April 11, 2007
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