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Is "Capitalism" Collapsing – If So Who Rules?
Thursday, 24 July 2008 12:26
by Michael O’McCarthy

Or is it Socialism for the Rich having a crisis of "greed breakdown." The managers of the US corporate controlled state is rushing once again to do as they have been paid to do: Politicians bailing out greed-ridden elitists who manage the giant corporations of finance. The Republicans and Democrats are now doing for finance, (banks and home mortgage lenders as they have done production, as with Chrysler – one of the heads on the trillion dollar automobile – rubber – petroleum – highway – hospitality – transportation – highway construction – urban planning – a mega-headed serpent corporate combine.) The reality is that this is a statist government under the control of and for the benefit of the rich.

The cowboys of oil (Bush and Cheney) are but puppet-like caricatures of the greed driven CEO class of managers who now comprise a new elite class of rulers in the US with an international familia. They are to economics as Bush is to international relations. They perceive an end result predicated upon their own narrow interests with everyone else taking or getting what is left. That it leaves the world unstable, or in ruins is part of being "in the game."

0ANow in the United States, the pain, horror and guilt, (as in being "guilty") of the Iraq war aside, citizens are beginning to pay the hindmost. What was first apparent was the skyrocketing cost of highway – street driving gas costs. Getting to or from work; picking up kids at school; going shopping, all begin to suddenly cost far more than the average citizen can quickly absorb. Lying just beneath the surface however was the next great gouge in the side of Joe and Joan, Juan and Juanita, Shamika and Ahmed, Chou and Lin: the great American dream of a homestead was exploding like a … bubble bath bubble!

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What else the Wall Street Boys (and Girls given the likes of Martha) don’t know, no matter how smart they pretend to be, is consequences of their "game."

Thus, there are three crucial questions:

  1. Is this "crisis" just a permutation within what once was a capitalist economic order now taking place in what is more accurately labeled Pseudo Capitalism, (to borrow a term from my friend Steve Bindman’s forth coming book, PSEUDO CAPITALISM – Socialism for the Rich and the Coming Crisis?)
  2. And if not – a complete collapse of this mutated form of statist government?
  3. And if the latter, who will rule?
The first two questions require more analysis than this article can provide. But the last question is demanding even if its another form of Pseudo Capitalist crisis that is sledge hammering the average person into poverty and ruin.

Who will rule? Where is a democratic party with a socially oriented central plan to solve this crisis and to bring about long term planning that will make the economy democratic, the only real solution to the theft of the US government and fraudulent corporations that bought our government? Why aren’t the "progressives" of the Left out in the streets leading the charge for a centrally planned economy in the hands of socially democratically oriented politicians? Its time we stop letting the liberal "progressives" play catch-up with Obama. We are way past bemoaning his pro-imperialist foreign policy; his pro-COINTELPRO attitude towards the nation’s spy apparatus; his pathetic take on the healthcare monopoly.

The demand must now be to take to the floor of the Democratic Party convention with a central planning platform, a demand for a democratic controlled economy, with the rollback of Globalization; the reorganization of Fannie Mae that guarantees equitable loans for equitable real estate costs; extend the national Congressional healthcare system to all that want it; guarantee extended Social Security. A smart defense policy will provide the coffers of the "military defense industrial complex" alone to pay for that. We must demand emergency legislation that raises taxes on anyone earning more than $250,000.00 per year and an equitable tax schedule for corporations; end the "voluntary army"; create a national works Corp; extend unemployment until there is full employment for all who can work; strip away subsidies for "choice" schools and fund full edition through college and technical schools. That’s a start!
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walter libby said:

The End of History The End Point and The End Game

With the rise of communist China, the advent of peak oil, and an unresolved and unprecedented economic crisis in the United States, it’s not hard to see that history is at turning point. Peak oil and a foundering economy are threatening challenges. But how should we perceive China? The majority of the world’s biggest multinationals have set up shop in China. The world’s capitalists have given China their blessing. So what’s to fear? Well, communists “openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling class tremble at a Communist revolution.” At the heart of Marxism is historical materialism. Here it is not ideas that determine history, but the inexorable push of economic determinism. So are we witnessing a revolution in China, a revolution in means? Do they intend to overthrow capitalism by beating them at their own game? Until they allow dissent, allow proponents of democracy to have their say, they should be perceived as such a threat.
And if so how do we meet that threat? For us, history is determined by our free will as we put forward the ideas that meet the challenges that a changing world presents. Yet up to this point we seem to be at loss. And neither Obama nor McCain, as they seek the White House, has presented a clear strategy either for economic recovery or ideological victory.
So, given the gravity of these issues it’s best that we consider the worst-case Marxist scenario and then consider the practical idealism that can resolve these challenges.

For full text go to:

August 05, 2008
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