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Letter to BBC on “Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program and the plan by the US military to destroy it”
Monday, 18 August 2008 10:17

by Zahir Ebrahim

To: BBC Radio 4 Document Series

Dateline: Saturday August 16, 2008, 2:28 PST

Subject: Mike Thomson's documentary in the“Uncovering Pakistan” season titled “USA and Pakistan in the 1970s” on “Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program and the plan by the US military to destroy it” being re-broadcast today (August 16, 2008).

There are many omissions and inaccuracies in Mike Thomson's program on Pakistan's bomb. Apart from the fact that the attitude and tenor of the program reflected the "White mans burden" quite clearly – obviously as heard with only “non-white” ears – it lacked information on the shenanigans of the real sponsors of terror in the world regarding the removal of Z. A. Bhutto, and the Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan.

To correct this in a followup program – please refer to the following three references:

1) Profiles of Intelligence by ISI Director Brig Tirmazi. Published 1996. A detailed excerpt from this memoir regarding how Z. A. Bhutto was “judicially assassinated” by the United States in the words of Pakistan's own chief spymaster can be found in my essay discussing who killed Benazir Bhutto: “Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? In her own words!”

2) There is something propagandistic about the continued allegations in the West that A. Q. Khan “stole” the bomb secrets – when a Dutch court presumably exonerated Khan. The court verdict is reproduced in a Khan biography titled Pakistan's Bomb or Islamic Bomb by Zahid Malik. The biographer is editor and owner of the Observer newspaper in Islamabad which is reputed to have been funded by A. Q. Khan. What is the real truth of the matter? Is the court verdict whose photocopy is included in the book a forgery? Or was the court verdict also merely a superpower's “convenience”? If the court verdict is genuine, then didn't BBC just re-slander Khan and Pakistan by continuing to echo the CIA/Pentagon propaganda?

While trying to uncover the real truth of the matter, please also address the details of how Israel got its nuclear weapons through clandestine assist from the French and Israeli covert operations and theft upon the Pentagon by covering J. Pollard et. al., and the Israeli whistleblower Vanunnu who languished in the Israeli jail for 18 years. A contrasting of Pakistan's and Israel's bombs and West's attitudes towards each would make for a far more revealing documentary on nuclear bombs and the West's continued white mans burden. Most listeners of the BBC will surely find such accurate and analytical perspectives [far] more interesting than rehearsal of deliberate propaganda. Perhaps Mike Thomson and the BBC producers are themselves victims of such?

3) Regarding the “surprising” Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan which Mike Thomson suggests magically came to Pakistan's rescue as it serendipitously turned the superpower's relations with Pakistan 180 degrees around, please refer to the interview of Zbigniew Brzezinski from 1998, and the present head of Pentagon Robert Gates's autobiography From the Shadows. A snippet from Brzezinski's interview to “Le Nouvel Observateur” is reproduced below, and it is quoted at length in my essay where you may glean the grotesque reality of the “islamic fundamentalism” and “radical islam” and “islamofascism” that is deliberately distorting the world today: “Saving Pakistan from Synthetic 'Terror Central'” here.

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Question: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs ["From the Shadows"], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?

Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.


Question: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn't believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don't regret anything today?

Brzezinski: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter. We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

When Brzezinski cold-bloodedly confesses to the “secret operation” as Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, then the speech of Jimmy Carter reproduced by Mike Thomson in which Carter two-facedly condemns the Soviet intervention makes this BBC series an undeniable exercise in propaganda that would make Edward Bernays and Goebbells proud! Surely this is only inadvertent? And to forensically link the past to the present, in case you wish to do a documentary on Russian Intervention in Georgia, please see my essay: “Georgia-Russia: It's a Classic Brzezinski Project!”

There are unfortunately no [“secret”] documents available at the present time to validate the informed speculation on the Russian Intervention in Georgia apart from a rational reading of available facts and connecting of the dots based on the hindsight of history and declared doctrines of conquest – just wait another 20 years for memoirs, confessions, and much redacted de-classified documents upon which at least more accurate documentaries can be made. But history has been relegated to mindless rehearsals of spinned documentaries for mass entertainment from its (theoretical) lofty perch as the “responsibility for the future”! I hope the BBC will choose to sit on that perch!

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

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apna desh said:

BBC is the propaganda arm of despicable english race. Boycott London olympics 2012.

31st jan.2007.
What so called democracy really mean for the rapacious anglosaxon race(yes it is a race war by parasitic Anglo-Saxons against the rest of the world)

it is very important to realize and understand the trickery of the english race in manipulating usa to wage wars on behalf of britain which gains most from Iraq war and any war that usa imposes on the third world and even on Europe.

Here are some of the writings done years ago to give a global picture of what is REALLY happening in the world and by WHOSE agency.
The modus operandi of Britain is to make country and regions unstable and install british stooge with explicit instruction to bring the money -looted ones -to Britain from where it is not going to go anywhere else.
Some oligarch Jews (like thee criminal U.K.-based fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky)
were the stooge of British in Russia and they brought so many ill gotten money to uk. So did the Kuwaitis-who brought 4 billions of pounds within a week of first Iraq war problem in august 1990 -so has continued the massive loot of the rest of the world by the English .race through this money protection racket . It is money protection racket in the sense that those eliete’s money is protected only when it is made to be lodged in British London banks. The witness, who appeared on the Rossiya channel with his face hidden and was referred to as Pyotr, accused 61-year-old Berezovsky of killing Alexander Litvinenko because the former security officer knew how the exiled tycoon had obtained political asylum in Britain in 2003. This thief boris berezosvky is a terrorist as well who calls for violet end to Putin-the president who is one of the most loved of his countrymen compared to any in the world.
As someone said “We live in a world where criminals are good guys and patriots are villains: where Berezovsky is a liberal "human rights" activist and Putin is a moral monster.” that putin who is one of the most popular leader of any in the world.
say even if russia destroys usa then if britian or rather england is allowed to exist then the english parastic dog race will ,by very parasitic nature, will try to disrupt russia or other countries' existence. therefore instead of attacking usa or poland it is best policy of russia to attrack and destroy to the whole of england which must be evaporated to a rubble.
IN '88 when Dalai lama, at the height of Tibetan disturbances, visited west, the then british prime minister refused to meet Him. Later on with the demise of Russia and usefulness of China gone and with manipulation to keep power in Hong Kong somehow intact, the same british media and government ,like dog, started barking at China. It is interesting that amnesty international selectively targets those very countries( as it did china after cold war) who are out of favour (because they would not be a british stooge) of the british media and govt. This is not surprising as amnesty international is the creation of british govt, and british media. england with the most appalling record of human rights in last 200 years of her evil rule, needed some organisation to keep the others from charging england off her past and current evil practices. In other words it went for aggressive posture in propaganda war so that others can be demoralized and stopped from pointing out the real evil which is england. That is why amnesty international is one armour of the british lies to exploit the rest of the world. Amnesty international must be ignored and an independent human watchdog (which england will simply ignore) created. One purpose of amnesty international is to create an atmosphere for hatred towards the would be victims of british exploitation so that a victim could be blamed to have deserved the consequences. That is why ,now amnesty international sometimes threatens China, sometimes India and etc.

Mrs Margaret Thatcher, Britain's so called iron Lady, refused to receive the Dalai Lama during his UK visit in the late-1980s for fear of offending his Chinese oppressors. Perhaps the iron in her was wrought iron, much given to bending in the heat.

In fact Britain is running a protection racket in the world through the help of american army-(because Britain is a third rate country with fourth rate army so it cannot do it on its own).
What Britain does is let the other countries be made instable (Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan etc) then let the british stooge be installed there-those people who have no following in own country and with strict instruction to those stooges that they will bring the money to britan,-that is how London has enriched itself in last 15 years after fall of soviet union. Billions of soviet money have flown illegally to London and the british court -kangaroo court if ever there was any -have not let the money go citing “it will harm england’s balance of payment”?
That is why british media gets incensed if the traitors like soviet spies are not left safe in Britain -because then the whole business of protection money racket and money that Britain gets is in jeopardy. That is what explains influx of foreign money to London and how London has overtaken new York in stock market. Forget about service industry -british are the most ill mannered race what service can they provide except protection racket on back of american arms? Britain is looting even usa. Through it is usa which has worked hard (through illegal invasions ) to make other countries unstable so that Britain can get money from protection of stooge elites of those countries..
the modus operandi of Britain is to make country and regions unstable and install british stooge with explicit insturction to bring the money -looted ones -to Britain from where it is not going to go anywhere else.
Some oligarch jews were the stooge of British in Russia and they brought so many ill gotten money to uk. So did the kuwaits-who brought 4 billions of pounds within a week of first Iraq war problem in august 1990 -so has continued the massive loot of the rest of the world by the English race through this money protection racket . it is money protection racket in the sense that those elite’s money is protected only when it is made to be lodged in British London banks.
This is how the british and Americans now conduct their battle for "hearts and minds" – by making local satraps so widely and deeply despised that they are totally dependent on their Washington overlords for their sheer physical survival. The real "benchmark" the Iraqis have to display to the Americans' satisfaction is an infinite capacity for obedience.”

“In the aftermath of President Abraham Lincoln's defeat of the London-backed slave-holders' Confederate insurrection, the London-linked New York faction of U.S. finance unleashed a predatory looting of the physical assets of the territory formerly ruled by the defeated Confederacy. That operation, which was described then as "carpetbagging," is a term that pointed to the style of the personal baggage, in which the travelling, locust-like predators carried their personal effects.”

A very famous news mogul-Mr.R. Hearst (Jewish proprietor of Hearst news group))- had been stopped from running for american presidency in 1916 because he might not have been inclined to rescue england in the 1st world war. Anyway, the southern constituency was pressing hard for america to come to rescue england who was staring defeat and thus loosing the prospect of enslaved nations who would have been feed from defeat of england. America did come to aid of england and it was called end of isolationalism. But this end of isolationalism would be tolerated only when it suits english interest against others and not in case of others like freedom for Irish people in northern Ireland (an occupied part of Ireland).and that British agent Wilson intervened on side of Britain in name of spreading democracy at point of gun! Think of that-Britain was looting two third of the world at the time and killing starving millions of people-and this Wilson comes to Britain rescue in name of protecting democracy! And that is exactly what these bastards mean when they utter democracy-that is a code word for them to attack other countries for furtherance of british interest. Then if two millions Iraqi are killed -starved -it is price worth paying. Somebody can legitimately ask than what to do with 60 millions English people and then it would be worth the price to save the world from English rapacity.
“The First World War was by far the bloodiest conflict in human history up to that time. Schwartz and Skinner noted, “Woodrow Wilson proclaimed a war for democracy against ‘Prussian dictatorship,’ but that was propaganda. Germany had civil rights, an elected parliament, competing parties, universal male suffrage, and an unparalleled system of social democracy.” Germany was far more democratic than either the British or French empire.”

An Anglophile to the core, Wilson didn't care about the fate of the Russians. His concern was in keeping German forces split along two fronts. The payoff worked: Russia's provisional prime minister Aleksandr Kerensky kept the Russians involved in the war.

In 1916, Woodrow Wilson was re-elected to the presidency chiefly on the strength of a slogan: "He kept us out of war." By 1917, the peacenik prez was leading the charge against Germany, jailing antiwar activists, and exhorting Americans to fight a "war to end all wars." In 1940, Franklin Delano Roosevelt told the voters: "I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars." Behind the scenes, however, he was maneuvering to do just that – and by the end of 1941, we were fighting a two-front war, embracing "Uncle" Joe Stalin as a fellow "anti-fascist," and planning the internment of the Japanese-American population.

August 31, 2008
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