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Another Litvinenko Cluedo
Wednesday, 20 December 2006 01:31
by Copydude

profplumAn interesting walk-on part in the Litvinenko drama is that of Andrei Sidelnikov.

So far, he has made few column inches. In the great murder mystery, he is only reported for having had a sandwich in Oxford Street with Litvinenko and later testing negative for Polonium.

But Andrei is one guy you could perhaps genuinely describe as a fierce critic. Sidelnikov is the leader of Pora! (Translation - It’s time). Pora is a youth movement modelled on the Ukrainian Pora which helped to facilitate the Orange Revolution. Russian Pora’s slogan is ‘Russia without Putin’. Well, that’s fairly clear.

Pora is a marketing clone of the Serbian youth movement that rallied (on NATO’s behalf) against Milosevich. It’s another clone of the (CIA funded) Georgian youth movement that aided the Velvet Revolution. Oh, and Andrei is also a former representative and spokesperson for Boris Berezovsky. (No surprise there.)

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As you can imagine, revolutions today, popular or otherwise, don’t happen without large wads of money. Hey, the Russian revolution itself was funded by the Kaiser, who slipped Lenin a massive war chest.

More recently, the re-election of unpopular Boris Yeltsin was enabled by US ‘democracy assistance’ NGOs. Quote:

The United States helped bankroll Yeltsin with $14 billion in loans. German Chancellor Helmut Kohl committed an additional $2.7 billion, most of which was fully unconditional (thereby permitting its use for massive vote-buying), and French Prime Minister Alain Juppé added $392 million to the kitty, “paid entirely into Russian state coffers.”

Thanks to American ‘democracy assistance’ programs, millions of Russians were plunged into abject poverty, unpaid wages, homelessness and ultimately they all lost their savings in the crash of ‘98. Kinda hard to ‘envy them their freedoms’. But that’s democracy folks.

I mention all this because Putin is probably not cracking down on ‘democracy’ - whatever that is. After all, the ‘democratic’ US cheered when Boris Yeltsin turned the tanks on the popularly-elected government of the day. No, Putin’s crackdown is on US ‘democracy assistance‘ and its greenback coloured revolutions. Which are, at the end of the day, just another euphemism for regime change. In which Litvinenko and Sidelinko certainly had a role.

Last week saw the ‘March of The Dissenters‘ in Moscow. A couple of thousand demonstrators. 8,000 police. Meanwhile, popular but politically-challenged Gary Kasparov’s offices were raided. I read the accounts and the comments of many gobsmacked Russian bloggers. ‘Over reaction’ and ‘Looks like the Kremlin is panicking’ were typical responses. It was dumb PR from Putin, to say the least. But those plotting regime change are deadly serious and have serious money to put behind it. The Berezovsky, the Chechen terrorists and the Yukos mobsters aren’t given cosy homes in London and Israel for no reason.

And maybe even Putin is no longer sure where the next threat is coming from. Was it really a coincidence that Politkovskaya’s murder blitzed his Euro summit in such a timely fashion? Are Eduard Limonov’s National Bolsheviks really a harmless bunch of egg-throwing satirists?

I think Julia Latynina had the best comment on the whole Litvinenko business and the attendant conspiracy theories. The article was titled ‘Tougher To Call Than In The Old Days‘. As she writes, ‘when Trotsky was killed with an ice-pick, no one imagined anyone would do that to make Stalin look bad’.

But in these days of false flags, black ops, destabilisation and regime change, nothing is what it seems. And maybe the Russian bloggers are right. Even Putin is getting spooked by the whole game.


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