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Text Sex and Context: Foleygate in Perspective
Thursday, 12 October 2006 08:09

As'ad AbuKhalil (of Angry Arab fame) plucked out this bit of necessary context for the Foley scandal from a nugget buried deep in a long Newsweek examination of the affair. This is especially pertinent now that the right-wing has decided to divert the outrage of their "base" over the Republican leadership's coddling of a known sexual predator into a good, old-fashioned gay-bashing witch hunt, just like Mother used to make for Uncle Joe McCarthy when he used to come around for dinner with his little friend Roy Cohn:

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Sexual orientation has nothing to do with sexual predation, and to suggest otherwise is to dredge up ugly stereotypes that are factually wrong (according to a 2000 Justice Department study, 97 percent of adults who sexually assault 12- to 17-year-old children are male—and 90 percent of their victims are female).

Of course, those stats are from a study in 2000, during the wild Walpurgisnacht of the Clinton interregnum. No doubt Al Gonzales' Justice shop could whip out some figures in the opposite direction – or else maybe just declare statistics on heterosexual male predation a "state secret." After all, he would doubtless be preserving a large number of our top government leaders from unnecessary distractions as they fight the never-ending war on terror.


Jon Stewart - Daily Show - On Foley 


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