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Somalia: Back to The Butcher
Sunday, 02 November 2008 10:23
by Ahmed A/Kadir (Shiine)

Suffering so badly, Somalia is still staggering, struggling to recover from the Kenyan plotted conspiracy, that consented the invasion of the Ethiopian army, that just tangled, terrified, and turned life to a more difficult one, untenably, in Somalia, every tick of the timing clock is taking the lives of too many innocents.

Supplying arms and ammunitions to the warlords, for a long time, Ethiopia was the key player that caused the death of many innocents Somalis, and tightened the hands of the peace loving, survived civilians behind their necks, forcing them to live under the pressure of the brutal, pitiless warlords and their daily inhuman activities, that badly affected the creditability of the Ethiopian government inside Somalia. To put them in a powerful position and legitimize the awful, inhuman crimes that they were committing, the Ethiopian government changed its strategy and decided to use the face of another good standing neighboring country, that immediately called for a reconciliation conference.

In 2004, inside of its own capital Nairobi, it was Kenya that hobbled Somalia, unabashedly allowed the Ethiopian government to slaughter and hide the bloody body in a deep hollow, that no hand can ever reach, that simply revealed the real face of the Kenyan ruling organ, that supported the Ethiopian government to manipulate the entire reconciliation process, gave them a good chance to reward and promote their cruel Somali warlords, and appoint them to become the transitional federal government of Somalia (TFG). To install and superimpose the handmade unacceptable government that they manufactured, the Ethiopian troops used tank rockets and heavy artillery shells to destroy the entire infrastructure of the capital, Mogadishu. They intentionally killed thousands of innocent civilians, wounded much more and displaced almost everyone in that deformed city.

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As they were expecting, they never entertained and enjoyed in committing that war crimes against humanity, instead, they were paying the price, facing a very strong resistance from the freedom fighters, road mines and different styles of gorilla attacks were a big portion of their daily treadmill, that finally pushed them to recognize that they were totally miscalculating. Seeming so stranded, they were desperately looking to find a turning point, that gave them no other option, but to use Kenya again and call for another reconciliation process.

After silently watching the foaming blood of their brothers and sisters to sustain their seats, the money minded, power hunger traitors are coming back to Nairobi, Kenya, where they were manually made, without the will of the people they were representing, now they can be recycled and give them a new shape or they can be easily dismissed, but though the Kenyan government changed its physical appearance, the political system still seems the same, and the new administration never admit their previous past mistakes, and coming back to Kenya, simply means, taking Somalia back to the butcher to slay and kill.
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