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Henry Rollins- "Freedom is under attack"
Saturday, 14 October 2006 14:13

by Richard Kastelein

A paranoid passenger seated next to former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins got nervous on a flight to Brisbane when he saw the rocker reading “Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia”, a book about Islamic fundamentalists. The passenger contacted the authorities after the plane landed and Henry faced the rubber glove snapping... thanks to the Australian government. For a book.

“Days later I received an e-mail from a woman who I guess figured out who I was and found me,” Rollins stated. “I had been named a ‘person of interest.’ Basically, they get calls like this every five minutes, and I’m probably on the ‘who cares’ list, in that they’ll probably let me into the country again. But the fact that this guy could be that ignorant and call me in on this for a book . . . I was angry. Because of the fact that the guy wouldn’t confront me. I like confrontation. If I’ve offended you, let me know. Don’t call it in and not leave your name. I just think it’s pretty weak.”



Henry Rollins
Freedom is under attack

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Where did the video go on walmart?
I was showing my tribal elder woman....one of the last true traditionals in a major area here surrounded by 4 ojibwe reserves....some of your videos....anyway, I wanted to show her your messege on the walmart n the gov n that n it was removed! WFT?! the gov is still trying to silence you? anyway....I need a way to show her that....you're awsome n so are your gifts! I'd love to partner up with you! oh....my name is Ogiicheduekwe means woman warrior n my english name is Theresa Brill....no I ain't scared to leave my name I stand by what comes from me messeges or what have you! Truth is truth....it is awsome no matter how horrific or great it is....it is so powerful ain't it! smilies/wink.gif
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