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Preventing Voter Fraud: Hey, buddy, y'all got a photo ID?
Saturday, 17 January 2009 07:36
by Peter Stern

A large chunk of lawmakers again are trying to push through legislation to force voters to show a photo ID as a means to protect us from voter fraud. Exactly how this defends against voter fraud remains unclear.

Too many people are making this a racial issue, which it should NOT be, e.g., how many illegal Mexicans do you know who are showing up at the voting booths to create voter fraud? What exactly would they have to gain?

Most of the Mexicans I know just want to be left alone so they can work and make a life here for themselves and their families. Before you fall-off your horse, I'm not saying the illegal immigration issue is not a major problem, but we need to resolve illegal immigration on another front by enforcing our immigration policy and laws.

Sorry, folks, voter fraud will NOT be stopped when people are required to show photo ID's. That's about as absurd as making a fire in your fireplace on Christmas Eve so that Santa can stay warm when he climbs down your chimney. No pun intended, but it's a smoke-screen issue.

Look, the voting process is easy and fine the way it is. If you are registered to vote, you have a voter registration card you show at the polls so you may vote. If you lost it or forgot the card, you show a picture ID so you may vote.

If elected officials truly want to curb election fraud they should focus more on the electronic voting machine systems, paper trails and vote collection processing throughout Texas. More uniform voting procedures are needed throughout our counties. Many electronic voting machines are corrupted or have systems issues and are made by manufacturers like Diebold, who actually provided large financial contributions during Bush's two campaigns for President. Conflict of interest, anyone? In addition, every district has some voter fraud issues whether premeditated or not. Mistakes happen all the time. Some issues are fraudulent, some accidental.

In addition, if you want people to vote why maintain a system that makes them wait on lines for several hours as has occurred in several voting districts in past years. If we want to enable people to vote easily and without any corruption or contamination in the system, then let's do intelligent things to make it work better.

Once again, people are being misled by lackluster decision-making and/or special interest needs.

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