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See the Truth - Solidarity Tours to Venezuela
Monday, 22 January 2007 12:30

As part of building solidarity the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign are organising additional Solidarity Tours over the summer. With dates in both June and July, book your place now.



You will meet leaders in the revolution among people in the barrios, small towns, missions and in government. You will be introduced to "real Venezuelans" who are empowered - people who govern themselves through participatory democracy, unlike anywhere in the world. You will have the opportunity to dine on authentic Venezuelan cuisine, enjoy comfortable lodging all in the surrounds of spectacular mountain scenery and stunning cityscapes. 



For many, these tours offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela during an unprecedented time in human history.



Since 2003 Venezuela has ...


  • Introduced free health and education for all


  • Discounted foods and medicines for Venezuelans


  • Provided discounted heating oil


  • Eliminated Illiteracy


  • Redistributed land to 100,000s


  • Increased Indigenous Food Production for Self-Sufficiency


The Bolivarian Revolution within Venezuela has emerged from enormous struggles over recent years and has built the engines of social justice and economic equality for all the people of Venezuela.
As part of this work, they have welcomed expressions of international solidarity and encourage people from other countries to visit Venezuela and learn first-hand about their struggles and successes.



Normally, visitors from Britain face language difficulties in Spanish-speaking Venezuela. Our interpreters speak superb English and Spanish.



Full details of the delegation and meeting arrangements confirmed on booking but can include:



  • Contact with trade unionists and other activists


  • Witnessing the social missions in action


  • Barrio Adentro  - Health


  • Mission Ribas/Sucre/Robinson – Education


  • Mission Mercal – food, soup kitchens


  • Mission Identity


  • Other Missions such as Negra Hipólita designed to rehabilitate street people and children into society.


The tour includes:


  • Hotel and Breakfast


  • Transportation


  • Interpreters


  • Literature and Film Documentaries


  • Free time for sight-seeing


Contact Venezuela Solidarity Campaign at www.venezuelasolidarity.org.uk



VSC tours consist of activities over 5 – 6 days within a 10 day period.



Tour Dates
8th June - 17th June 
7th July - 6th August.




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