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Royal Porton Down
Thursday, 01 February 2007 17:05
by Brian Raynor

Before royalty opens or gives its name to anything, exhaustive checks are made to eliminate any adverse and potentially damaging after effects. They open Bridges, Hospitals, Stadia, all structures that rest comfortably within their ‘common subjects’ psyche. Each event is hugely propagandist for the royals and Monarchy as well as politically motivated, although they would deny it. Royalty is encamped at the centre of British politics, but continues to offend the nation by trading on tyranny and denial, blocking our right to elect a Head-of-State. Royal Porton Down (my title), is a government establishment that was NOT opened by royalty, (although from 1916 to 1929, it temporarily carried the prefix Royal). No spin doctors, No fanfares, No hype, No Royal propaganda!

Nevertheless, it is one of Her Majesty's research centres where civil servants and scientists work who swear an oath-of-allegiance to Britain's unelected Monarch. It may be argued that Porton Down exists to produce "anti-dotes" for use against the proliferation of chemicals and biological "poisons" being produced around the world, but why produce the poisons in the first place?  Dangerous substances have been manufactured there; perhaps Ricin was one of them. If this is the case, who were the unfortunate person(s) or nations earmarked to receive them? Our "Holier-Than-Thou" attitude regarding OUR possession is sanitised for public consumption. How different when an undesirable country has control of them!! All hell breaks loose.  

The illustrations and motive behind this cartoon go some way to debunking Britain’s sanctimonious attitude. Unfortunately the hypocrisy displayed here is still rife in the British establishment and at the very heart of Monarchy. While the Royals are safe in their reinforced bunkers and able to cope effectively with any eventuality thrown at them, one message within the cartoon is loud and clear for the rest of us.

Take cover under the stairs or wherever you can folk’s, our deadly concoctions are returning home with a vengeance
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